Legacy Power: Confession

“You can trust me, little one.”

A 1 Gift Investigate Individual Power used by Margaret Maddox, created by ShadyTradesman.


Margaret can get anyone to confess their sins and desires. All she needs to do is ask.


Exert your Mind, choose a Sapient target within Arm's Reach and spend 2 Rounds examining them. At the end of the cast time roll Charisma + Influence Difficulty 6. The quality of the information you receive depends on your Outcome, and the nature of the information depends on the Enhancements you have chosen.

The number of information-revealing Enhancements attached to this power is limited to 2 for Novice characters, 4 for Seasoned characters, and 7 for Veteran characters. You may still take any number of other, non-informational enhancements.


  • Other (You can learn some other piece of information about the target)
    • Type of Information - A hidden guilt

  • Cantrip (Activating this Effect has no Exertion cost, but its Gift Cost can never be increased above 2.)
  • Lucifer (You learn a hidden desire of the target.)


  • Secrets Spoken (The information you gather is made public. The target and those around will know that it has been revealed. Usually this means the target speaks the information aloud, but other flavors are possible.)
    • Method of Reveal - The target speaks it aloud in answer to a question
  • Focused Investigation (You learn only one type of information about the target per use. You cannot investigate the same target more than once per hour.)
  • Conversationalist (You must continuously interact with the individual in question in order to gather any information.)


Cast Time: 2 ( 2 Rounds ) Range: 0 ( Arm's Reach )

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