Legacy Power: Ghoulish

Edgar pulls away his respirator to reveal a short muzzle containing a twisted amalgam of human teeth & hooked fangs.

A 1 Gift Inhuman Physiology Power created by Strazhari.


Edgar is slowly becoming a Ghoul; his hands have thickened & become tipped with hooked talons suitable for digging up graves & tearing flesh. He has grown a short muzzle choked with a combination of his original teeth & savage fangs. His feet have begun to fuse into hoof-like stumps. Like a rat, if he can get his head through a hole, he can get his entire body through.

At the moment, his Brawl attacks can be Claw & Fang. He no longer counts as Human, having fully become a Ghoul at this juncture.

He must roll Mind to avoid eating or caching human corpses that are 24+ hours old.


This Power is passive and always in effect. Bonuses to Attributes and Abilities take the form of additional dice on the relevant rolls and do not affect Experience costs. As always, bonuses to the same dice pool from multiple sources do not stack, and the largest bonus is used.

Any Enhancements you take must be germane to the specific augmentation you've chosen.


  • Inhuman Anatomy (You no longer count as a human when targeted by Powers or effects. Requires the Tamable, Hackable, or Junk Drawback.)
  • Savage Body Part (You have a particularly vicious body part, such as horns or wolverine claws. Brawl attacks with said body part get +1 damage, and Brawn does not act as Armor against them.)
    • Body Part - Claws/Fangs

  • Squishy (Your body can stretch and compress much more than normal, allowing you to squeeze through cracks and passageways a cat could fit through.)


  • Inhuman Biology (Your biological structure renders traditional medical technology ineffective.)
  • Maddening (Possession of this Gift causes a Trauma that cannot be cured by any means. The chosen Trauma must be particularly dangerous and/or restrictive.)
    • Trauma - Cannabalism - at least 24 hours old


Extra Intellect: 0 ( 0 ) Extra Charisma: 0 ( 0 ) Extra Perception: 0 ( 0 ) Extra Dexterity: 0 ( 0 ) Extra Brawn: 0 ( 0 )

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