Dominic West's Questionnaire

1. What town or city do you live in? Why do you live there instead of anywhere else? Describe your home.

Link Answered after Contract 9, A Trip Down Memory Lane

187 White Bear Ave, White Bear Lake, MN 55110. A nice little place. Nicer now that I took the landmines out of the lawn to account for the fact that I was gifted a dog by the good dogtor. My own little slice of heaven. Lake in the backyard to escape the Illuminati when they inevitably try to break down my front door, underground tunnels so that I have a way to bring war to the mole people and a titanium bunker for a basement to keep the cops and the lizard people out. What more could a guy ask for? Though the privacy hedge that borders the property could use some work that's something that'll take someone with a greener thumb than mine, and right now my finances are pretty tied up in investments. 

2. How do you get your money right now? What do you spend it on?

Link Answered after Contract 9, A Trip Down Memory Lane

I earn my money from a number of sources. MLM investments, gold, and stock investments based on projections and my custom-designed stock projection model makes, trafficking and processing drugs for the dark web's latest attempts at bringing back the silk road glory days. 

I spend my money on a lot of things. Mostly in maintaining my connections and ensuring that I have a consistent supply of tin-foil, and ammunition. I go through a lot of money with these new investments I keep pouring into new schemes that come up, all based around destabilizing the illuminati and their many terrible operations though none of them have borne any fruit yet, I just know they will in the coming years. 

3. Describe your Ambition. What are you striving for? How far would you go to achieve this? Would you kill for it? How close to death would you come for it?

Link Answered after Contract 9, A Trip Down Memory Lane

My ambition is pretty simple. I just know that there is darkness out there in the world. People and governments are being controlled by things that they don't even have the capacity to understand the existence of. I am the one who's going to bring that to the light, and in doing so, dismantle the old regime so that a new one that can actually take care of people is put in place. I mean, look at things now. Everything's so fucking terrible man. People starving in the streets and acting like it's just.. normal. They're blind. Though I can blame that on the mind control chemicals they keep putting in the damn water in order to pacify people it's still so frustrating, and as long as I've lived, and the things I've done to find this out? I would do anything shy of killing an innocent kid, or like, committing outright genocide to see that this new world order is made real. 

4. What was the most defining event of your life (before signing The Contract), and how did it change you?

Link Answered after Contract 9, A Trip Down Memory Lane

The most defining moment of my life? 

Well, that isn't too hard to answer. Pretty easy to say it was the explosion I was in over in Afghanistan. The shrapnel, and the proceeding treatment I received by my vaunted government is what opened my eyes to the truth of the world. It must've knocked some shit loose, destroyed some of the nano machines they had been filling my brain with for years or something. Shame it took my buddy Thomas though. He was a damn good man. I know this makes me just one of the lucky ones, but at the same time it's been hard since. Pretty hard to stay blind to the state of the world when the blockers they put in your head stop functioning and you start seeing shit all around you like it's "They Live" but without Keith David there to stand beside you.

That's what got me into the contracts as well, found a little nugget on the internet and dug deeper, and now. I'm finding black tech and modifying my body in ways I never thought were possible and one day. I'll get justice for everyone who died blind.


5. Name and briefly describe three people in your life. One must be the person you are closest to.

Link Answered after Contract 9, A Trip Down Memory Lane

Hmm, three people? I'm a fairly private guy so this isn't easy for me. I know even documenting this is a risk to the safety of myself and others but it needs to be done, I know I'm not always the most *clear*, especially after the Doctor's last treatment and I need to make sure I have tangible physical evidence of what looks like for when I'm not so.


Lanie, the Dogtor: A good dog. Used to be a woman, weird I know, but it's what she wanted and I did my best to enable it. Has terrible taste in friends sometimes, and I think her mothering instincts are about twelve steps too strong but in the line of work I'm in this is a rarity so it's something to be protected. Competent in her way though, so thank god she doesn't need me to helicopter parent, but sometimes I wonder about how she's going to get along with those anchors she tends to drag along behind her. Still, she's as smart as a whip, so she'll figure it out.

Doc Wilkinson: A black market ex-mob doctor, and about the only man I can trust with my medical problems. I traffick cocaine for him and don't ask questions, and in return, he provides me with a stitch or two and all the opiates I can take when I get in a real bad way after a job. Known him since my army days, pity that he went into the dark sector of the world, but I needed the work when I came back from my time in the hospital so I should be grateful more than judgemental. 

Amber Colt: An army intelligence officer who served with me during my white hat days, she works for the city planner bureau and keeps me in touch with the various plans of buildings and such that I use when I'm out and on jobs. We both know well enough how to cover our tracks, and I've yet to even be identified near any of the job sites so things are going smoothly so far. Though it'd be a far cry from dishonest to say that I owe her more than a few drinks for how helpful it's been to have the layouts of these places.  

6. How was your childhood? Who were your parents? What were they like? Did you attend school? If so, did you fit in? If not, why not?

Link Answered after Contract 9, A Trip Down Memory Lane

My childhood wasn't the worst, fairly idyllic by modern standards in fact but I'm not glad to remember it all the same. Looking back always feels wrong, especially with how far I've come, and the fact that most of them are dead or.. so sick that it'd be a mercy if they did die. 

Grew up in Minnesota. Not too far from where I bought my house. Though, who moves out of their hometown these days? Not like I make enough money to go fuck off to one of the big tech centers, as much as I know those fucking clowns at Google could use someone like me. 

Anyways, my parents were Elaine West and Chadwick West. Both people of their means. Mom was an early feminist back in the 70's and campaigning for herself to get into college. Thank god she managed it and got her business admin degree because "Chadwick" I refuse to call him my dad, was an airhead his entire life. Did nothing but subsist off his father's money, and I suppose I was guilty to a degree as well for using it in combination with my vet grants to get into college but it's still beyond reprehensible in my opinion to live as a frat bro until your death. 

As for school? I went, being in better shape at the time and not having the shakes that plague me now I managed to be competent enough at sports while focusing on computers that I didn't come off as a total dweeb. Though people who meet me from then always say that I've changed for the worse, I don't know why, probably an increased dose of whatever chemical is in the chemtrails in their region making them hostile to people who see the truth. 

7. Have you ever been in love? With who? What happened? If not, why not?

Link Answered after Contract 9, A Trip Down Memory Lane

Love? Hah, no. I'm sorry that's not for me. The endless back and forth of romantic involvement has always borderline sickened me. It's not that I hate all people to that degree either. Some folks are lovely, and I enjoy their company very much, but the idea of romance has always felt like oil to my water. They say that you're supposed to get butterflies in your stomach or something and that you'll hear a choir of angels when it true love strikes and I've never felt so much as a flicker. Kids these days would probably say that makes me a prime example of asexuality, but I say that the only thing I've ever loved enough besides my mom to actually call it love would be The Truth, and my campaign to show the world what lies beneath and finally satiate the pain of never knowing is all that's ever mattered to me to that level. Probably all that ever will. 

8. What are your worst fears? Why?

Link Answered after Contract 14, Shadows Under Redwoods

"Fears? Please. It's obvious."

Dominic looks crazed into the camera. He's narrating this towards 

"Fellow conspirators, I am not a fearless man. Far from it. For what rational man can live in a world as consumed by darkness as we are without fear? Conquering fear makes a man strong enough to stand against the shadow government."

He turns the camera to face an absolutely insane conspiracy board, showcasing lizard people, mole people, shadow government, and a picture of Earth shaped like a doughnut while also being flat.

"For the various mysteries of the world contain terrors like none could ever dare to imagine! The horrors of the mole hybrids that lurk beneath Colorado, the Lizard People who have been puppeting our government for decades, and The Illuminati, whose motives remain mysterious even to me! All of this and more fellow conspirators are what are cause for fear! Yet only through Knowledge, beautiful, lovely knowledge do we have a prayer of overcoming this fear, and thus I continue to strive ever forward to uncover their horrid conspiracies and right the wrongs of the world!"


He says working himself into a maddened, frothing rage as he all but spews spittle by the end of his insane rant before falling backward into his chair. The man panted momentarily before he'd reach forward and turn the camera off, ending the broadcast without another word.

9. What is (are) your most prized possession(s)? What makes it (them) so special?

Link Answered after Contract 14, Shadows Under Redwoods

"Today we have a very special showcase for you fellow conspirators. Today we have my life's work, my ultimate project that contains every bit of stolen black market and shadow tech that I've been able to cobble together from my various escapades." 

He would pause for a moment looking furtively from left to right as if concerned that even here in his sanctum that someone may be after him, perhaps even, after his project. After all, why wouldn't they be?

Moving slowly to the cameras right side he'd momentarily go off screen and then after a few beeps and boops of some kind of security software he'd re-emerge. Holding what appeared to all who'd see it to be a normal, if incredibly reinforced, laptop and as Dominic turned it around to the viewer they'd see the many hundreds of simultaneous data feeds streaming across it as he'd say


"Project Ozymandias! Gaze upon my works and despair for this encompasses every bit of black tech. From the bullet curving and mass displacement technology used in the JFK shooting, to the hacking technology they use to take undesirables offline from anywhere in the world, and finally to how they keep track of your homes and where you resist. They are always watching, anywhere, at anytime, and the technology in this laptop represents the why and the how! Why do they do it? To gain more data on how to develop this machine better? How do they do it with devices like this one? So be aware, fellow conspirators, and remember to wear your tinfoil hats until next time." 

He'd reach forward and again, the feed would cut. 

10. What is the biggest problem in your life right now?

Link Answered after Contract 14, Shadows Under Redwoods

"The biggest problem? Illuminator, I don't even know where to start defining that."

He says as he walks over to the insane corkboard conspiracy theory map on his wall and then pushes it to the side, exposing three other conspiracy theory maps. Including pictures of the Earth as a doughnut, the Earth as flat, various photos of lava flows, and grainy images of forests at night with circles drawn around indistinct blobs of light.

"Everything is so incredibly fucked. The whole planet. We have lizard people, mole people, mushroom people, the squirrels plotting to take over, and no one seems to care about any of it!" 

He says, pushing his hair back before he reaches down and takes a drag off a cigarette before collapsing back into his chair.

"But that's my job. It's my job to bring to light the world's evils and ensure those who would make us suffer in the dark die in the light. That is what it means to be an Illuminator, and you are my friend. You could be one of the best." 

11. Describe a typical morning. How do you get ready to face the world?

Link Answered after Contract 14, Shadows Under Redwoods

"Good morning, Illuminators!" 

Dominic shouts as he slides into his computer directly from his bed. The dark web stream on the true nature of the universe slept only as much as he did, after all, and with all the cocaine he did, that wasn't going to be very long on average.

This was how he started his day, broadcasting to the world the latest insane conspiracy theory, then moving into taking his shower, going out and planting various keyloggers, miner malware, and various other scams onto the internet, and then Dominic started his research.

Heading out there, he'd do his best to modify his equipment and monitor his harbinger feed for new dark tech drops that would take the form of his next gift.

Then he'd go into deploying his web spiders, crawling the internet for new faces and information to be compiled into his database as he plans for his next stage of making the world a better place by his methods.