Frazier O’Neal's Questionnaire

1. What town or city do you live in? Why do you live there instead of anywhere else? Describe your home.

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Frazier O’Neal lives in New York, a place known for various landmarks, pizza, a large number of rats and yellow cabs.

He’s lived there most of his life, if not all of it, taken into the care of his Aunt and Uncle as a young boy, eventually making his way into the world of work as a detective through an initial stroke of complete luck, but he’s shown his skills and the job is here to stay.

He takes up residence in his apartment, dingy and not all that grand, pretty small. A bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen-living room and a tiny storage room, but he makes do and he doesn’t ask for more. It’s often littered with empty pizza boxes and whatever other junk he’s recently been eating or drinking. His habits have slowly, slightly, gotten better due to his newfound relationship, so he spends many weekends at his boyfriends home as well as his own apartment.

2. How do you get your money right now? What do you spend it on?

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Frazier works as a detective, this is where he gets his money from, he’s got keen senses, sharp eyes and an amazing nose, alongside his penchant for investigating. Making him perfect for the job, well, almost perfect, if he was less lazy about it. He might not be paid enough, but he does his job (mostly) to the best of his ability.

The cases themselves range in difficulty, due to his supernatural origins he takes on both average day-to-day cases such as muggings, break ins, murders, affair cases and more. But, he also takes on supernatural cases, having been on several by now, a few to name involving dryads killing to protect their home forest and the nature around them and a werewolf almost killing a teenager, that one had quite a few twists!

At least he has Bryce Flannigan, the supernaturally-acclined Dullahan lawyer to take care of the court side of it.

3. Describe your Ambition. What are you striving for? How far would you go to achieve this? Would you kill for it? How close to death would you come for it?

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Frazier is striving for quite a few things all in all, his base goal is to try every hamburger in New york city, maybe even eventually the country. He likes his junk foods, most of them as well, and has mapped out a specific plan on how to slowly make his way through every hamburger and rank them accordingly to texture, taste, smell and overall presentation. He’s working his way through that list! Slowly but surely..

As well as this, Frazier wishes to be able to belong, to a place, to a group, to a something, all his life he’s felt himself a mismatch, perhaps starting from his upbringings by parental-figures who weren’t his own, to his mother not wanting anything to deal with him, to being supernatural but not visibly so, living a somewhat normal life but being quite a bit too odd to get along with others. He’s coped thus far, but he feels it in his soul. He just wishes to belong, but he doesn’t know how far he’d go to achieve this..he’s lazy to begin with, maybe he’d turn away at the first sight of a family or group of friends, afraid he’ll break it apart..

4. What was the most defining event of your life (before signing The Contract), and how did it change you?

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Frazier vaguely remembers his youth, whether he thinks about it often or not.

He remembers his father raising him alone for the first few years of his life, being a small child raised by this hardworking and well-meaning but ultimately unequipped man, despite this Frazier loved him and he loved him in turn. He remembers the date of his death, the accident that supposedly happened, one he thankfully never saw. But he never got to say goodbye.

He remembers the people who came to his door to take him away, how he clutched at his toys and belongings, how he practically affixed himself to the foundations of the house out of fear..


And he remembers calling his mother, begging, only for her to hang up the line.

5. Name and briefly describe three people in your life. One must be the person you are closest to.

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His Uncle-

Likely his first go to choice, the man who raised him. Kindhearted as his father was, and the most understanding of his predicament, from the day he took Frazier into his care he was nothing but kind and patient to the small boy, and is mostly to be recognised as how Frazier’s good sides ended up. He strives to be more like his uncle, or at least he tries to be.

His Aunt-

Also a lovely parental figure, his aunt taught him a lot throughout his childhood and later life, teaching him life skills from cooking to power tools, as well as being a major help when it came to difficult decisions, work and injuries he had to go through and come to grips with when he was younger. He very much respects and loves her, and makes an effort to bring her small gifts whenever he can.



The boss of his job, he didn’t anticipate feeling this way towards any coworkers ever at first, let alone his boss of all people. But it happened regardless. He looks to captain in admiration and far more complicated emotions, he’s always had a small crush on him from the moment he started his work, mostly attraction-based, but it grew the more he got to know him with each case.



6. How was your childhood? Who were your parents? What were they like? Did you attend school? If so, did you fit in? If not, why not?

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The aforementioned events caused his childhood to be turbulent, he had his loving and caring aunt and uncle and they were wonderful to him, but it didn’t quite quell the feeling of being unwanted by his only living parent, and being dealt a bad hand in life with the death of his father.

Frazier attended school, he particularly liked biology and English literature, and was pretty decent at both, but he was mostly liked by teachers rather than students. He was the child who was polite but a little rowdy, always getting into light fights with others or returning from breaks with scratches and cuts from attempting dumb moves or exploring, playing by himself.

He found it difficult to make friends when he was younger, and even in college and university, he struggled, so he’s never really had a solid friendgroup. He’s learnt to spend his time in other ways though.

7. Have you ever been in love? With who? What happened? If not, why not?

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Frazier has been in love many many times, often a little obsessively so, but nothing bordering on creepy, he’s not usually like that. But he is however, a hopeless romantic, either swinging between flirting too hard or not at all and making sure to avoid his crushes. He is bisexual, and learnt this as a teenager, having crushes on both boys and girls in similar classes to him, or even in the neighbourhood. But often not mustering up enough courage to even become friends with them properly.

Other than these, he’s used many dating apps before, meeting up with people that usually just ends up in ghosting or one night stands, he was pretty sure at that point that he was either unlovable or weird, so he pushed the prospect of romance to the side temporarily.

Then, he met captain, who he jokingly calls Captain Captain due to his comedic name and profession as the Captain of the force..and maybe this time the tomance is working out.

8. What are your worst fears? Why?

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Frazier is terrified of a lot, he probably wouldn’t admit any of it though. 
He’s scared of his mother, despite her..not being great, on the occasion she wants him to do something, anything, he feels as though he has to, and often avoids getting on her bad-well, worst side at all costs.

He’s scared of dying alone, unknown and unremarkable, unrembered by anyone but three people who might think of him occasionally. Gone without doing anything of note or improving his life in any major way.

He’s scared of being seen as a complete freak, due to his supernatural conditions, or otherwise. He’s afraid that those or even his natural demeanour may be seen by most as incredibly offputting and weird..he doesn’t want to be seen as an outlier or weirdo.

He’s scared of Germans, for some reason, he’s sort of unsure as to why, maybe it’s the language? He has nothing against them, isn’t xenophobic or racist by any means, being of a mixed background and seeing many cultures himself. He just isn’t a big fan of the place.

He’s scared of dying due to his own causes too quickly, his drug use, his alcohol use, the risks he takes and more.

9. What is (are) your most prized possession(s)? What makes it (them) so special?

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He doesn’t really own anything incredible or interesting, but he keeps a few items he thinks are special and are certainly priceless to him.

A watch his father used to wear all the time, given to him a long time ago, broken and fixed many times, the clock hands have stopped working now, but he wears the watch anyway.

His hat, his uncle bought him the hat to match with his work suit, the same shade and everything. It was a very personal gift, and Frazier appreciated it a lot, he even uses it to store a few things he finds sometimes, a playing card, an expired coupon and a fork to name a few.

His vast collection of forks, he absolutely cannot part with these, being a kleptomaniac he’s stolen quite a few things. The majority of them being forks, not particularly expensive ones either, simpyl steel, wood or plastic. He keeps most of them on his person or in his drawers, or in a box under his bed, some times he can’t bear to look at them. Stealing is still stealing afterall, no matter how little it is.

10. What is the biggest problem in your life right now?

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The biggest problem would be Frazier’s addictions, not just his drug addiction, but the fact he keeps putting himself in danger again and again, he blurs his own moral lines, he steals despite him not wanting to, and more.

He tries his hardest to keep it all a secret from those who he is close to, to varying degrees of success, he doesn’t want to worry them incase the worst happens one day, even if he knows inside that would likely hurt the few he cares about even more.

His family issues have bled into his core, but they are old wounds, and his dealings with his mother and his fathers death has mostly passed, not forever gone or forgotten, but accepted. 

His work in the contracts and his detective work he accepted would come with problems from day one. Murders, criminals, supernatural influences, both jobs cross over into eachother at this point, but he’s equipped to deal with them.

11. Describe a typical morning. How do you get ready to face the world?

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On the occasion he is on his own, Frazier wakes up to a messy bed, a crumpled up notebook of case notes from the night before and an emptt pizzabox. He adds the pizzabox to an ever-growing pile, he’ll take them out somepoint later in the month, maybe in two months. He makes his bed half-heartedly, folding up his blankets and tossing the notebook onto his desk, he then proceeds to get showered, comb out his hair and tie it into his signature long braid and treat any lingering injuries with ointments.

From here, he’ll put on his usual shirt and red tie, his hat and coat and he’ll drive to work, or walk, depending on the time and how he is feeling. Frazier drops off any important information by Captain, and makes himself and his beloved a hot drink, making sure to char for just a minute or two..every time, before waving to him until breaktime.

Sometimes he’ll work alone on paperwork, other days he’ll be out in the field or down at the morgue, occasionally he’ll be calling up clients or dealing with Bryce for the more supernaturally acclined.

12. If you were going somewhere special that you wanted to look your best for, what would you do to prepare? What would you wear? How long would it take you to get ready?

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He’s not invited to many special occasions really, but if he were to be, and one he wanted to be present for, he might do and wear the below.


Firstly, he’d choose to switch it up and wear his very long hair down, letting the loose waves show, he likely wouldn’t curl or straighten it anymore, more likely just brushing it to keep it neat.

Next, for an important occasion, he’d choose either a cleaner or different coloured shirt, tie, coat, something that doesn’t smell of smoke and pizza for once, something that doesn’t have labels and post it notes stuck to it, or the random fork and card he keeps in there…although maybe he’d still keep his original hat on him incase, due to it’s importantance to him.

From here, he’d probably be ready, he isn’t the sort of man to wear anything fancy, but maybe he’d wipe his face down a little extra. Just incase.

13. What will you do for your next birthday?

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Not go to a casino, that’s for sure.

Afterall that’s what he did at the last one, passing invites out to harbringers and contractors to come along, unaware the amount of time they’d all be stuck there unaware a week had gone by, not even to mention the fact the entire place was flooded in the end..

For his next birthday, he’s been thinking up various things he could do however, watch a film or play with the contractors, something interesting and new, not the boring kind.

or maybe go shopping, sounds funny, but he could do with some new things, and hey maybe they’d like to tag along to find some trinkets.

Alternatively, maybe a restaurant would do, people do that for their birthdays, maybe a fancier cheeseburger place..or Italian as usual, maybe he’d even be up for trying something new.

His final idea would just be to invite them all over to his apartment or some other venue, get some music on and simpyl chill.

Whatever he chooses, he hope it’ll be better than the last.


14. What is your greatest regret?

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Trying to make things work as a family with his mother, the amount of calls and time he has put into that that he’ll never get back honestly anger him, she wouldn’t listen, not once..and she still likely wouldn’t today.

He still thinks of her and what could’ve been if she wasn’t so stuck up on bigoted opinions and old social roles, but it is what it is in his mind. If only a recent contract job didn’t lead to a manifestation of her showing, dead, just to fuck with him. In all honesty, it didn’t hurt him too much in the moment, it was wholly unbelievable with the note she had left, but seeing her face spooked him more than it really should’ve, especially considering how little he’s actually seen her overall.

Maybe in another timeline they could’ve been living together happily, a somewhat good family, or maybe in another timeline Frazier wouldn’t have bothered he believes he shouldn’t have.

15. What is the nature of your Gifts? Are they inherent potential? Do harbingers just grant your wishes?

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Frazier’s gifts are a mixed bag, he has a few related to his species as an object shifter, obviously the object shifting as one, but also the ability to heal himself somewhat. As well as this, he has several gifts/abilities due to the fact he is now the host/hivemind of sentient otherworldly ants, having taken part in a past contract (House Infestation) he has gained all sorts of attacks, abilities and more based on the ants he is made up of, his body a hollow ant farm filled with thousands of the tiny creatures.

Other gifts, such as his ability to see microscopic creatures, organisms, fingerprints and more come from a mix of his own potential as a detective, and by work of the harbringers.

Finally, his now current newest gift is absolutely potential within him, due to his gritty experiences of almost dying over and over in car crashes, shootings, monster attacks and explosions.

16. How do you feel about spirituality? Are you religious? What do you believe?

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Frazier is not religious or spiritual at all, and has never particularly been swayed any way by people or his experiences, he wasn’t raised as such and continues not to be. But he is open, and understanding to all who participate in spiritual practices and various religions.

Even the occasional religious or spiritual experience in the contracts and otherwise doesn’t seem to affect him much, the mention of Poseidon, the god-given powers of Billy chance and mentionings of an actual seen god, the existence of servants to any such gods, the existence of ghosts and spirits..none of it has affected him in any other way than ‘that was strange’, he’s a hard man to crack and an even harder one to convince.

His father was not religious, and his mother (assumedly) isn’t, although he isn’t too sure, she is Italian, and they’ve got a lot of churches, so who knows.

17. How do the events of the Contracts conflict with your worldview? How do you react when everything you thought was true is put in doubt?

Link Answered after Contract 9, Contractor Appreciation Day!

Frazier was supernatural from birth, not outwardly so until he was threatened, but still supernatural, so he’s learnt of all the common in’s and out’s of the lives of shapeshifters and object shifters, none of this surprises him. As he grew older, he found spots around the places he lived in that were hotspots for supernatural activity, getting to know undead, magic users of many kinds, werebeasts and more, this wasn’t surprising to him either, as well, if he can turn into objects, they can surely do their own things.

He has however, been surprised by a lot more that the contract jobs have shown him, strange undiscernable creatures and rooms, threatening groups towards the supernatural, other contractors with gifts beyond his understanding. He can wrap his head around them eventually, due to his upbringings and such, but even seeing new things having been in the world of the strange for so long can be odd.