Terry Knight's Questionnaire

1. What town or city do you live in? Why do you live there instead of anywhere else? Describe your home.

Link Answered after Contract 2, Bobasaurus

Terry Is a debt Collector for high-finance debtors, his jobs are usually off the books and take him around the world to engage in aggressive negotiations with the wealthy who don't pay what they owe to their loan sharks and just to society in general... the Job has kept terry busy enough to keep him from staying anywhere long enough to put down roots. Although Terry is comfortable in large cities and can manage rural landscapes, he prefers concrete jungles to suburbs. He enjoys driving and hates sitting still. at home in a corporate conference room or a smoky back ally bar, Terry uses his street smarts to track down dead beat to pay what they owe and a little more for the good of society

2. How do you get your money right now? What do you spend it on?

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Free-lance corporate debt collector, and a minimalist at heart, Terry enjoys traveling light and moving fast and fluidly from one job to the next from one city to the next... he has some friends and associates in many cities but no real close friends or family to call his own. He enjoys brushing elbows in fine restaurants and clubs but spends most of his time in the streets feeling out where the job may take him next and lead him to his next employer... Almost always dressed business casual but can look ready for courts in moments. So he is willing to splurge for comfort in his off-time but doesn't covet physical possesions.

3. Describe your Ambition. What are you striving for? How far would you go to achieve this? Would you kill for it? How close to death would you come for it?

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Terry, though he does work for some of the worst capitalist monsters in the world, only takes contracts to go after Other wealthy that don't pay their debt, to hurt them, kill them, or take his payment... plus interest.. that Terry will then dedicate a lard amount of his spoils to homeless charities... like a modern-day robin hood Terry enjoys his work and love to take out the wealthy. Terry doesn't mind the violence but loves tying people up in legal and illegal blackmail even more... the harder he can screw the wealthy Terry will go out of his way to make the bleed every penny. Terry is egotistical and looks for every advantage he can exploit to give own gain.

4. What was the most defining event of your life (before signing The Contract), and how did it change you?

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Killing my first billionaire... the rush watching that fat bastard smash into the ground at the bottom of his skyscraper when he slipped from a ledge while hiding from me collecting his securities... But, now I still live well off of that job just the knickknacks in the assholes office that fit in my pockets paid for a large donation to the local homeless shelter, and paid for a luxury hotel. European train trip and a steak dinner... Well, I may not be as altruistic as the Nobel thief from the story but there is nothing wrong with living well, as long as it not at society expense.

5. Name and briefly describe three people in your life. One must be the person you are closest to.

Link Answered after Contract 2, Bobasaurus

Bob Francis- a high-end bounty hunter runs the "exchange" a the corporate debt collections system... he Connects high-end clients with collections specialists who don't have a lot of scruples. Bob looks like a day trader with a drinking problem but has his finger on the pulse of finance and has always provided good information and high-end collections.

Cathrine Shy- on-again / off-again love interest she is a flight attendant that Terry just hit it off with... over the last 10 years they enjoyed their time together but don't put a lot of demands on expectations of each other... just enjoy their time together.

Shannon Knight- Estranged sister, a wealthy debutant who uses her connections to get information for the right price for her brother which is usually not as expensive as much as humiliation in her eyes... calling her sadistic is an understatement but also reliable and weirdly loyal in her own way.