Bill Brenner
Formerly known as Mischa

A 10-Victory Seasoned Contractor played by BobDylan530 in Pilos

Bill Brenner is a deep cover ex-Soviet agent who will risk his life to end government and usher in global Anarcho-Communism.

He is 48 years old, and often appears as a slim 5'8" man with pale skin and dark brown hair, wearing a white polo and jeans.

Bill Brenner lives in Pilos, a World much like our own.. for now.

His journal has 1 entry.


2 Brawn

3 Dexterity

4 Perception

4 Charisma

3 Intelligence

4 Wits


3 Athletics

0 Brawl

3 Crafts

1 Drive

0 Firearms

3 Legerdemain

2 Melee

3 Performance

4 Stealth

0 Survival

0 Academics

3 Alertness

0 Animals

3 Influence

4 Investigation

0 Medicine

0 Occult

3 Science

5 Subterfuge

2 Technology

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Initiative: 0 dice
Movement: 0 feet
Dash: 0 feet
Perception + Alertness: 0 dice


(Bill Brenner is unharmed)

Battle Scars

(Bill Brenner has no Battle Scars)

Body 6


8 Mind





(Bill Brenner has no Traumas)

Collective Energy

Assets And Liabilities

+1 Acute Sense: The Difficulty for all Perception rolls utilizing this sense are reduced by 2.
Sharpened Sense: Sight
+1 Citizenship: You are an official citizen of the specified country.
Countries: United States
+1 Polyglot: You are completely fluent in this language, and your proficiency can be useful when deciphering similar languages even if you are not fluent in them.
Language: English
+1 Acute Sense: The Difficulty for all Perception rolls utilizing this sense are reduced by 2.
Sharpened Sense: Hearing
+2 Alias: Your alias holds up under the highest scrutiny. Replacing a compromised Alias takes three downtimes.
Name: Bill Brenner
+4 Jack of All Trades: When making a roll that utilizes a Primary Ability you do not possess, you do not suffer the standard +1 Difficulty penalty, and your dice pool has +1 die.
-1 Dark Secret: Discovery of your secret may cause legal issues, a curse, a new enemy, or generally used to gain leverage over you.
Secret: Child of soviet deep-sleeper agents
-2 Vengeful: You may exert your Mind in order to curb your impulse for revenge, but otherwise you must respond in kind to any action taken against you. This does not have to be disproportionate, and does not apply to extremely trivial slights (unless of course you want it to).


Conditions are GM-assigned status effects.

Examples of Conditions include supernatural curses, enchantments, and diseases. Conditions are created by GMs and World leaders and are not subject to any standardized balance. Therefore, their effects may be altered or ignored outside the World where they were obtained. For example, lycanthropy may be contagious in one World, but not another.


Circumstances describe your Contractor's situation in various Worlds.

Enemies, wealth, notoriety, status, contacts, fame, and imprisonment are all examples of potential Circumstances.



Max Encumbrance: 0 pounds.

On Body:

  • Jeans, black t-shirt, black New Balance running shoes, red hoodie
  • Black Jansport backpack
  • Brown leather wallet
  • iPhone 11 (work phone)
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 (personal phone)
  • Steel folding knife, tucked in shoe
  • Zippo lighter
  • American Spirit cigarettes


  • ID for Bill Brenner
  • $150 cash
  • Debit card, $1275 balance
  • Credit cards, total limit $2000


  • Black balaclava
  • White polo w/ AT&T logo
  • Black yoga pants
  • Trader Joes trail mix
  • Multi-tool
  • Lockpicking tools
  • Basic face make-up kit
  • First aid kit
  • Rope (100ft)
  • Several bottles of vitamin capsules
  • Diary (written in shorthand)


Artifacts are GM-created objects and equipment.

Examples of Artifacts include healing potions, scrolls, sci-fi technology, or any supernatural item that was not created with The Contract's Power system. Artifacts are not subject to standardized balance. Therefore, their effects may be altered or ignored outside the World where they were obtained.


Latest 1 of 1 entries

Agent Re-activated

(The following is an excerpt from the personal journal of Mischa, translated first to Russian from his short-hand, then into English)


I have received orders again; it has been a long time coming. I have toiled long serving the engine of Capital, biding my time, and I am pleased to know my patience was in fact virtuous.

Reactivation was of course unexpected.  The Soviet Union has long since fallen, and had been corrupted long before that.  A true People's Revolution is still very far away.  But there are entities willing to pay handsomely if you'll do their dirty work, so in the absence of revolution I will work to build power.

My orders on this day were to acquire a number of artefacts from a small town in Massachussets.  These included an ancient tome as well as some sort of crystalline focal object.  I couldn't say for certain what is the purpose of these items, but I have ever been obedient and so I completed my task.  It is so easy to deceive Americans, they will gobble up the most outrageous lies without question so long as it conforms to their propagandized worldview.

It appears I will be required to work with other operatives for the forseeable future.  I have not been informed of their loyalties at this time, and cannot trust any of them enough to reveal myself.  Nevertheless, they have their uses.  The Irish lad and his snake proved especially valuable, although I had things well in hand before they rushed in.  I suppose they did save me an hour or two.

Sadly, our mission appears to have pitted us against a group of local vigilantes.  I regret that my work so frequently requires me to take action against the few good souls alive in this hellscape of a country, but the work must be done if revolution is to occur.  I cannot abandon my duty to my weak-minded doubts and morals.  As admirable as these vigilantes were, I was able to easily bypass them and retrieve the musty old tome from a local repository, ensuring my own payment.

It was a joy to work in the field once more.  I eagerly await further orders.


10 Victories - 1 Losses
Remaining: 0 Exp. (Earned: 249 - Spent: 249)

01 May 2020

27 May 2020

13 Jul 2020

  • +4 Exp. from GMing The Crevasse
  • -4: Exp: Legerdemain raised from 2 to 3
  • -6: Exp: Crafts raised from 3 to 4
  • -6: Exp: Collective Energy raised from 1 to 3
  • -14: Exp: Subterfuge raised from 0 to 4
  • +8: Exp: Stealth lowered from 5 to 4
  • +2: Exp: Medicine lowered from 1 to 0
  • -8: Exp: Influence raised from 0 to 3
  • +6: Exp: Crafts lowered from 4 to 3
  • +6: Exp: Alertness lowered from 4 to 3

01 Aug 2020

  • +4: Exp: Influence lowered from 3 to 2
  • -0: Exp: changed Enemy of liability Dangerous Enemy (from "" to "The CIA")
  • -0: Exp: Source renamed to Collective Energy

02 Aug 2020

10 Aug 2020

  • +4 Exp. from winning Delir the squeakuel

03 Dec 2020

04 Dec 2020

  • -2: Exp: Drive raised from 0 to 1
  • -6: Exp: Collective Energy raised from 3 to 4

07 Dec 2020

  • +4 Exp. from GMing Placeholder Scenario for Zombies on a Submarine played on 2020-03-23 08:30:00-07:00
  • +4 Exp. from GMing Scenario for Mr. Freeze
  • +4 Exp. from winning as a ringer in Scenario for I Want you to Kill the Ice Cream Man
  • -8: Exp: Science raised from 0 to 3
  • -4: Exp: Athletics raised from 2 to 3
  • +4 Exp. from winning Scenario for The Tides

18 Jan 2021

  • -4: Exp: Influence raised from 2 to 3

23 Jan 2021

01 Mar 2021

  • +4 Exp. from GMing Scenario for The One-Eyed Man Is King
  • +4 Exp. from GMing Scenario for Monster Hunter: Island
  • -12: Exp: Wits raised from 3 to 4

08 Mar 2021

    The Fundraiser - Loss

    A zombie took a bite of his neck, and he lived to tell the tale!

  • +2 Exp. from losing The Fundraiser

28 Mar 2021

  • -3: Exp: purchased asset Acute Sense (Sight)

10 Apr 2021

  • +4 Exp. from GMing Scenario for A Fairly Good Party
  • +4 Exp. from GMing Scenario for A Fairly Good Party
  • +4 Exp. from GMing Scenario for The Menagerie
  • -12: Exp: Charisma raised from 3 to 4

20 Apr 2021

24 Apr 2021

  • +1 Exp. from writing a journal

25 Apr 2021

08 Jun 2021

21 Jun 2021

  • -9: Exp: removed liability Dangerous Enemy
  • +4 Exp. from GMing The Crevasse

28 Jun 2021

26 Jul 2021

29 Jul 2021

  • -8: Exp: Dexterity raised from 2 to 3

19 Oct 2021

  • +4 Exp. from GMing When You Wish Upon A Star
  • +4 Exp. from GMing Honor The Treaty
  • +4 Exp. from GMing Which Witch is Witch
  • -4: Exp: Technology raised from 0 to 2
  • -8: Exp: Performance raised from 0 to 3

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