Completed Contract

Redchigh ran Avengers Assemble!

This Contract took place in The Contract Play-by-Post on Dec 17, 2022 at 11:49PM


Crane Albright - Loss
Played by GreenAppll

All the hacking. Might as well be Neo

Michael Crowley - Loss
Played by Kamulis

Sadly it never quite came together. Seems like you let the smart and tough guys handle it mostly.

Pavol Zolotov - Loss
Played by MonsterCookie9

Put down two werewolves. Guess locking themselves up every full moon for safety wasn't enough.

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Eros - Loss
Played by Polyhedron20

Lost a hand and in police custody. Internet famous with blurry pics. Still, gets commission for suspecting the right person originally even if they were convinced otherwise. Really if Eros hasn't told Grigore 'my friends know where I am' then the trap would have worked, but grigore isn't stupid. Also glowed on the operating table when morphine was administered...

Isar Awan - Declined Harbinger Invite
Played by CrazyLich79

Timed out :/

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