Completed Contract

Lemmy ran Snow Bunny

This Contract took place in The Contract Play-by-Post on Apr 27, 2022 at 4:06PM


Aria Feist - Victory
Played by ShadowsoftheNight

Going to shoot at the child.

Olivia Linden - Victory
Played by Somnium

Olivia Linden has not yet spent their Gift for this Contract.

Olivia makes a shoo shoo motion at the filing cabinet "No, this is mine for now."

Rose Marantha - Victory
Played by SeedofEntropy

"Should we all get into the room so we can... um... discuss this a little more privately?"

Jessica Thomas - Victory
Played by InLoveWithMysteries

"OW!" as the girl tries to bite Jessica, the goth has had enough of this and throws a fist at the girl's face.

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