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Sgt Maj Jason Decker

A 6-Victory Novice Contractor played by Kamulis in Maelstrom

Sgt Maj Jason Decker is a Crypt Keeper who will risk his life to become the ultimate guardian and protect his family and free them from the crypt.

He is 26 years old, lives in Detroit, MI, and often appears as an average built man wearing an unkept suit. Has a guitar slung across his back.

Sgt Maj Jason Decker lives in Maelstrom, a setting where videos of the supernatural go viral every day. His journal has 8 entries.













4 Alertness

0 Animals

3 Athletics

2 Brawl

1 Crafts

1 Culture

1 Drive

5 Firearms

2 Influence

2 Investigation

1 Medicine

2 Melee

1 Occult

1 Performance

0 Science

3 Stealth

3 Survival

2 Technology

3 Thievery

2 Guitar

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Initiative: 0 dice
Movement: 0 feet
Dash: 0 feet
Perception + Alertness: 0 dice


(Sgt Maj Jason Decker is unharmed)

(Tap for Severe Injury reference)

Battle Scars

Penalties from Battle Scars do not stack with Wound Penalty

(Sgt Maj Jason Decker has no Battle Scars)

Body 7


5 Mind





(Sgt Maj Jason Decker has no Traumas)


Whenever , regain one Source. Cooldown: one day


Average Finances
From Assets and Liabilities
You can live stably off your money. You have access to $2,500 (or equivalent currency) per Contract.
Respected Expert: Military
From Assets and Liabilities
You are highly respected and influential within a given field or industry. Just about anyone in _____ will know of you and respect your status and ability within that field. Social rolls made against anyone in your chosen field receive +2 dice.
Point of Contact: "Esme" Garcia
Given by Strazhari
You performed a exceptional job for Esmeredla Garcia. You may have access to her personal contact information. She may assist you if it suits her interests. Your contact is not brainwashed or supernaturally compelled, and they may refuse to do things which are unreasonable or absurd. You may attempt to call in additional favors beyond the first one, but these are not guaranteed, and over-use of your contact may cause you to lose them, as well as create potential Loose Ends.
Stockpile: Military Weaponry
From Assets and Liabilities
You have a stockpile of a specific type of weaponry or hard-to-find items. During a Downtime, you may obtain up to three items from your stockpile.
Alias: Bruce Johnson
Given by dae_kianna
You have an officially established alternate identity. You are a middle-class firearms instructor in MI with no military history. Your alias has all proper legal documentation and will hold up to the highest scrutiny. If it is exposed, you may make a Move to replace it.


From Assets and Liabilities
Beautiful You're quite the specimen! Rolls where your good looks could help are at -2 Difficulty, and social interactions should be role-played accordingly.
Tough You can function under intense pain. Dice penalties from pain are reduced by 2. This includes Body penalty.
From Maelstrom
Curse of the Crypt You have been inflicted with a hex that has fundamentally changed your body for the worst. While inside any Crypt Location (GM approval required from Riley), gain a +1 dice bonus to all rolls. Additionally, if the afflicted does not already have Dark Vision, they will be granted it only while inside a Crypt location. While inside the Crypt, you will look and feel your best- even if you were beaten, forget your makeup, wades through sewage, or worse- you will look amazing to others and will feel like running a marathon. You probably could, too! Additionally, most Crypt creatures will not feel inclined to attack you. However, if the afflicted leaves the Crypt, they will be at a permanent -1 dice penalty to all rolls while outside of a Crypt Locatio . This penalty will stack for every 24 hours outside of the Crypt. At -3 penalty, they will become deaf. At -5, they will become blind. At -7, suffer a heart attack. Every stack beyond that will result in total organ failure (a Sever

Loose Ends

Wanted by the Police

Imminent Dangerous Given by Strazhari
Bruce Johnson has been compromised, with fingerprints & mug shots taken, name on record, & address linked to the death of Dallas Smith - he is wanted Dead or Alive as a dangerous, potentially Supernatural threat


Jason has spent years as an army sniper. His skill with his sniper rifle is unparalleled. When he is "in the zone" he appears to be oblivious to his surroundings.

You gain the following benefits as long as engaged in combat with firearms.

+2 dice to all firearms rolls.

You also gain the following effects:

  • Bullet Parry: You may Defend against any attack in your firearm’s range using your firearm. Defending this way still costs a Reaction.

  • Reminder: Bonus Damage stacks with Weapon Damage, but does not stack with any other Bonus Damage. Instead, the highest Bonus Damage is used.

When Jason activates his dark vision, his eyes turn completely black. It's as if his pupils have enlarged to cover his entire eye.

You gain the following benefits at all times.

Your senses are enhanced in the following way.

  • Sight: You can see perfectly in dark and even pitch-black environments. You suffer no dice penalty due to darkness.

Returning to Project Titan, Jason can now extend his need for basic human needs. Nanites inside his body prolong the cells need for food, water and air.

You gain the following benefits at all times.

You may go five times longer than a normal human without food, water, sleep, and air.

You may Exert your Mind to adapt to your current environment for one hour. While adapted, you do not suffer harm from heat, cold, pressure, or lack of oxygen in that environment, provided that challenge normally exists in that environment.

Utilizing his military contacts, he enlisted in a top-secret experiment named Project Titan. This has allowed him to gain superhuman abilities. The latest addition is a small module inserted in his body that allows him to ignore pain and trauma to his body. When Jason activates this power, it is apparent as you can see the fluid coursing through his veins.

Exert your Mind and spend an Action to activate.

Your Body and Mind Penalties are reduced to 0. Lasts three hours.

Legendary Artifacts

Shadow Killer

Created and held by Sgt Maj Jason Decker.
Currently Lost.
An advanced Sniper Rifle, currently on a keychain

Shadow Killer appears to be a standard army issue sniper rifle.

This Artifact can be used as a heavy sniper rifle. It is roughly the same size as a heavy sniper rifle but can be collapsed into a keychain and concealed. Collapsing or expanding it costs a Quick Action.

Attack by rolling Dexterity + Firearms, Difficulty 6. Successful attacks deal 3 Weapon Damage +1 Bonus Damage. The target's Armor is fully effective against this damage.

You also gain the following effects:

  • Silencer: Shots you fire can be made silent at will.
  • Silent Killer: If your shot would kill or incapacitate your target, they make no sound, even incidentally, for the next Round.

  • If there is not enough free space to expand the object, it cannot be expanded.
  • Reminder: additional Weapon Damage granted by this Effect does not stack with any other bonus to Weapon Damage. Instead the largest bonus is used.
  • Rifles are +1 Difficulty to use in melee range. Sniper Rifles are +3 Difficulty to use without a tripod or in melee range. Setting up a tripod takes an Action.


Max Encumbrance: 0 pounds.

Track your current equipment here. You may start with anything your Contractor would reasonably have access to.

On Person

  • Jeans
  • Button-up shirt
  • Suit
  • Wallet
  • Conceal/Carry Permit
  • Security Services Permits
  • Keys
  • Smartphone
  • Business Phone
  • Survival knife
  • 9mm pistol (silencer) with shoulder holster
  • Military Jacket
  • Re-enforced Clothes (+2 Armor)
  • 4-Way Radio
  • Shadow Killer
  • Noise cancelling earplugs
  • Crimson Gibson Firebird III Guitar
  • Silver Wedding Ring (PITA engraved on it)

Army Duffle Bag

  • Rain jacket
  • Metal water bottle full of water
  • Toiletries kit
  • Ammo
  • 2 frag grenades
  • 2 flashbang grenades
  • US Passport
  • Lockpicks
  • Dr. Melanie Dakkera's business card
  • First Aid kit
  • Dog Whistle

2012 Dark Green Jeep Grand Cherokee

  • Flashlight

Alexandria, VA DSS Office

  • Potato Gun (1 shot pistol)
  • Army Uniform
  • Military ID
  • Business Account: $200k Anonymous Donation
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From Maelstrom
Tigrex Sword
Given by Kamulis
A large claw that's been shaped into a greatsword. Extremely durable, extremely sharp functions akin to a greatsword but at +4 dmg

Contractor Timeline

6 Victories - 4 Failures
Remaining Exp: 1 (Earned: 195 - Spent: 194)
An itemized record of every Contract, Reward, Experience change, Condition, Circumstance, and Move


Sgt Maj Jason Decker has made 2 Moves.
Only GMs who have permission to run Contracts and post World Events in Maelstrom can post Moves for Sgt Maj Jason Decker.


Jason Decker has been an Army man since he was able to enlist at 18. He spent years training to join the Army Rangers. In his years of service, he made quite a name for himself as a sniper. His last count was 17 confirmed kills and achieved the rank of Sergeant Major. His last mission was ambushed by a pack of werewolves. He was the only survivor. No one believed his story, but he was well respected in his field. They tried therapy, but his story never changed. Finally, his commander was forced to declare him a "Section 8" and granted him early retirement with an honorable discharge under the auspice of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Now Jason searches for a way to show everyone that he's not crazy so he can go back to his old life. That doesn't seem to be an option anymore.

Over the last several months he's being doing odd jobs assigned by beings called Harbingers. These jobs have dealt with abnormal situations. Situations that would help him prove that he was not insane, had the jobs themselves not been so. He's met many interesting, and supernatural, allies along the way. Two of these contractors he's formed a close friendship with. These were Abbas Oliver Serna and Dr. Melanie Dakkera. Mel is a frail psychologist who was always looking for a hired bodyguard. This led him to form Decker Security Services. Abbas is an anti-social kindred spirit. The three became fast friends after their initial rocky beginnings. As they joined each other on more and more contracts the trio seemed to bond. Abbas has become Jason's "right hand" in many ways. He's also become Mel's unofficial bodyguard, but he's slowly beginning to feel a need to keep her safe. He feels he has a purpose again. One that doesn't order him to some random country to kill this dictator or that drug lord.

His last contract was just the Trio. Abbas disappeared and he and Mel were mortally wounded. He lay there dying and was offered a deal. It was a shit deal, but he would accept anything to keep his friends safe. He's now the caretaker, the Crypt Keeper, of a haunted museum in Detroit, MI. He calls it "The House of Dolls". Because of this curse, he now has a 3-year-old girl that he's helping care for with Mel. They were exploring the Hall of Doors when they found her, the victim of some type of demon. Now Jason, Mel and little Violet have been trying to live some semblance of a normal life in Detroit.

Assets And Liabilities


-0 Finances: Average
-3 Respected Expert
Field: Military
-3 Beautiful
-6 Tough
-6 Stockpile
Stockpile Type: Military Firearms