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Gideon Lockhart
The gentleman assassin

A 12-Victory Seasoned Contractor played by leonvanderblight in Project *******

Gideon Lockhart is a Latent Esper Doctor who will risk his life to become the ultimate Psychic and shape the future in his image.

He is 32 years old, lives in New York, and often appears as A 6'1" red haired, green eyed, stern eyed man with a sturdy looking physique.

Gideon Lockhart lives in Project *******, a setting where reality flows, bends, and breaks, and the whole world stands at a delicate balance. His journal has 26 entries.













4 Alertness

2 Animals

3 Athletics

0 Brawl

2 Crafts

2 Culture

2 Drive

0 Firearms

4 Influence

2 Investigation

5 Medicine

5 Melee

5 Occult

0 Performance

2 Science

4 Stealth

0 Survival

2 Technology

2 Thievery

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Initiative: 0 dice
Movement: 0 feet
Dash: 0 feet
Perception + Alertness: 0 dice


(Gideon Lockhart is unharmed)

(Tap for Severe Injury reference)

Battle Scars

Dice penalties from Battle Scars do not stack with Stress
  • Brimstone Tattoo (Kurt Falls) (+2 to all occult knowledge rolls)
  • Body 6


    9 Mind





    (Gideon Lockhart has no Traumas)

    Anchored Souls

    Whenever , regain one Source. Cooldown: one hour


    Polyglot: Latin, Italian, Russian
    From Assets and Liabilities
    You can speak, read, and write in the chosen languages. You may be given a roll to decipher some amount of meaning from a related language at GMs discretion.
    From Assets and Liabilities
    You are absolutely loaded. You have access to $1,000,000 (or equivalent currency) per Contract. Note that moving vast sums of money quickly or discreetly is not always possible.
    Respected Expert: Medicine
    From Assets and Liabilities
    You are highly respected and influential within a given field or industry. Just about anyone in _____ will know of you and respect your status and ability within that field. Social rolls made against anyone in your chosen field receive +2 dice.
    Respected Expert: Criminal Organization: MS-13
    From Assets and Liabilities
    You are highly respected and influential within a given field or industry. Just about anyone in _____ will know of you and respect your status and ability within that field. Social rolls made against anyone in your chosen field receive +2 dice.
    Point of Contact: Corrupt Law Enforcement
    From Assets and Liabilities
    You know someone in a specific industry or area of influence, and can lean on them for assistance. Once per Contract, and once per Downtime, you may call in a favor from _____. Your contact is not brainwashed or supernaturally compelled, and they may refuse to do things which are unreasonable or absurd. You may attempt to call in additional favors beyond the first one, but these are not guaranteed, and over-use of your contact may cause you to lose them, as well as create potential Loose Ends.
    Stockpile: poisons and medical supplies
    From Assets and Liabilities
    You have a stockpile of a specific type of weaponry or hard-to-find items. During a Downtime, you may obtain up to three items from your stockpile.
    Alias: Dante Esperossa, Virology Specialist
    From Assets and Liabilities
    You have an officially established alternate identity. Your alias has all proper legal documentation and will hold up to the highest scrutiny. If it is exposed, you may make a Move to replace it.
    Respected Expert: Goshen Indiana
    From Assets and Liabilities
    You are highly respected and influential within a given field or industry. Just about anyone in _____ will know of you and respect your status and ability within that field. Social rolls made against anyone in your chosen field receive +2 dice.


    From Project *******
    Purple Star Fortune One time *ever* you may re-roll a botch
    Dr.Bright's Phone Number Earned during red menace, functions similarly to corrupt police
    MTF-Sigma Member of the MTF-Sigma Nickname: Godkillers
    From Assets and Liabilities
    Beautiful You're quite the specimen! Rolls where your good looks could help are at -2 Difficulty, and social interactions should be role-played accordingly.
    Fragile You're emotionally fragile, and very likely to be mentally and emotionally scarred by your experiences. You have four Limits, instead of the usual three.

    Loose Ends

    Group of Enemies: Ochre Order

    Imminent Deadly Given by a Liability
    Your antics have attracted the attention of a powerful group of beings, and they are willing to commit whatever collective resources they have towards destroying you.


    It's funny how inspiration and knowledge can be gleaned from the beyond, especially when you are willing to carve the runes to do so into your skin. Each prana point represents the human psyche. The tree of life, parallel to the tree of knowledge of good and evil, contains the mysteries of the world that were denied to us when Eve ate that forbidden fruit and while augmented by the tree Gideon finds seeing through the enigma that is reality as simple as reading the information itself. Though, as with all mystical nootropics, it is unreliable for its greatest feats of mental alacrity, but then again, even Einstein wasn't at the top of his game every day.

    You gain the following benefits as long as you have your Chest tattoo of the Sephiorthic Tree of Life.

    Your Intellect rating is increased by 1. You may Exert your Mind to automatically gain an Outcome of 5 on any roll that uses Intellect (Cannot be used on combat rolls or Power activations).

    If you are witnessed actively using this Effect, whoever sees it can make a Perception + Alertness roll at Difficulty 6. A complete success reveals the source of your power.

    You also gain the following effects:

    • Multithreaded: Instead of being unable to take Actions while maintaining Concentration, you may now take Actions at a -2 dice penalty.
    • Never Forget: You have a perfect photographic memory, and can recall or recreate even complex and detailed things. If you forget something you had previously seen or noticed, you may ask the GM and they will remind you.
    • Remarkably Self-Aware: You may roll Intellect at Difficulty 7 to “scan” yourself for abnormalities; any outside influences on your thoughts/mind will be detected, as well as Traumas, etc. If your Outcome is 3 or higher, you may Exert your Mind to cancel the effect.

    • Being Injured or interrupted in some way can still break your Concentration.
    • If your Chest tattoo of the Sephiorthic Tree of Life is damaged, destroyed, or lost, you lose all benefits from this Effect for the next two months, or until you can recover any relevant missing items (which may involve a side-game and requires a GM to approve whatever process is used).

    Using the soul shards of people who have died, he uses the energy that once tethered them to the world to draw energy out of the target and into him. Using the orb of soul shards he can feed the souls to ensure that they do not drink too deeply from their target and thus that the target is not too traumatized. Though it can be used without it, he does not yet have the mastery to do so.

    Exert your Mind and spend an Action to activate. Select two Sapient targets within arm's reach. You must actively and obviously use Focus: Orb of soul shards. Collected from patients as they die to provide fodder for the dead souls that facilitate this ability. to activate this Effect. If a target does not consent to the transfer, you must roll Intelligence + Occult at Difficulty 6 to use the effect on them. They can resist by rolling either Body or Mind at Difficulty 6, depending on what you are attempting to transfer to them.

    You may choose as many things as you like from the following to transfer between your two targets:

    • Up to 2 points of Mind damage
    • A single Injury and any Battle Scars it caused
    Cannot be used again on the same target for the next day.

    Anyone who witnesses you during this Effect's activation will almost certainly be disturbed to see The soul of the transferee being sucked into the person he is casting this on as they are dragged out of the body by the damned souls in his orb.

    Whenever you transfer an Injury, it's Severity increases by 1. Whenever you transfer Mind damage or Traumas, the recipient takes an additional Mind damage.

    • When narrating disturbing content, be cognizant of your group's tone and accommodating to those who would like to "fast forward" through the description.
    • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

    Gideon's eyes alight purple and so do the eyes of his targets, a psychic scream like a crushing weight resounding within the minds of all involved. Each of them bleeding the energy of the psychosphere into the aether around them for a moment as the connection is formed and their minds link. Gideon's will dominates the others into submission and crushes them beneath the heel of a mental giant forcing them to capitulate to his will.

    Gideon has had reason to practice. Great reason to practice, and his latest gift had been used to push his more finessed psychic abilities to their next zenith. Allowing him to dominate the mind of these rote beasts, their simple minds far easier to command than that of the people around him and besides. It was far less of a risk to expose that you could control the mundane monsters of the world than to dominate the mind of a person, and Gideon has learned through brutal, repeated, lessons that monsters can be just as.. if not far more threatening than any man you could run into. Though in doing so he retains the classical risk of his mind melding into that of his target Gideon is confident that his mental fortitude is greater than that of any thoughtless beast he may encounter.

    Exert your Mind and spend an Action to activate. Select a Creature within 20 feet. You must actively and obviously use An orb of souls to activate this Effect. Make a Trauma roll when you activate this Effect.

    For the next day, you may issue specific commands to your target which they will be compelled to follow. All other Creatures which are the same species as your target will also be compelled to follow commands that you issue if they are within 20 feet when the command is given.

    Your commands must be relatively simple and within the target’s intellectual grasp. You can make them endanger themselves or otherwise go against their self-preservation instincts. The effects of the command will fade after a day has passed.

    If you use this Effect on the same Creature two days in a row, the effect lasts indefinitely.

    Anyone who witnesses you during this Effect's activation will almost certainly be disturbed to see Souls explode from the orb surging out into the mouths and throats of the creatures effected.

    • When narrating disturbing content, be cognizant of your group's tone and accommodating to those who would like to "fast forward" through the description.
    • Your commands must be directly communicated to your target in some way, though this does not require a shared language.
    • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

    Channeling his mind into the psychosphere his mental self delves into the collective unconscious around his area, feeling the ebb and flow of supernatural energies in addition to the nature of the creatures within it. While within it though his mind touches each of the nearby creatures, from the smallest bug, to the mind's of other people and in doing so he shares a glimpse of their experiences. Though it is unintelligible in terms of information gleaned at this time, the mental shockwaves are devastating in their potential for psychological damage.

    Exert your Mind and spend a minute to activate. Investigate an area with a radius of up to 1 mile Make a Trauma roll when you activate this Effect. At the end of your investigation, roll Intellect + Occult at Difficulty 6.

    You learn the following information about the area:

    • You learn where exactly creatures and people live within the area, and what sorts of creatures they are.
    • You choose a specific type of event and receive a vision of the last time it occurred here.
    The quality and specificity of information gained depends on your Outcome.

    After you finish activating this Effect, you cannot move quicker than a walk (max 15 feet per Round) for one minute and suffer a -1 dice penalty for an hour.

    • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

    Plagues. They can scour worlds, minds, hearts.. even souls. Yet, the essence of what makes you, you. At the deepest most core level is immutable, your true self remaining even beneath the ravages of cancer, leprosy, and many other horrid maladies. Your soul's vision of the self remains complete, remains intact, and by overlaying his soul on top of the targets, or his perfect memory of his soul over his he can force the body to expel things that do not fit that image and in turn. Restore the pure state of that being, even if the process of doing as such is quite traumatizing.

    Exert your Mind and spend 1 minute to activate. Select a Living target within arm's reach. Make a Trauma roll when you activate this Effect. Your target must make a Trauma roll when you activate this Effect.

    You may cure any any diseases or poisons afflicting your target even if you have not diagnosed or fully understood it. You may cure diseases or poisons even if they are not treatable through modern medicine. During treatment, the malady you are treating does not progress or cause additional damage or other effects. Your patient is required to Cannot Betray Anyone's Secrets for the next month. If they violate this rule, your treatment is immediately reversed.

    This Effect is not obvious, and the only sign you are using an Effect is Gideon's eyes glow purple. If someone suspects that an Effect was used, they must roll Perception + Alertness, Difficulty 8 to pick up on your Tell.

    • The patient is aware of the after-care requirement.
    • Without some sort of diagnostic Effect, “fully diagnosing” a disease or poison will always require a roll of some sort, frequently Intellect + Medicine, but the specific roll and difficulty is at GM’s discretion.
    • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

    Gideon's eyes glow purple as his hand extends, and clenches and an invisible hand seems to clench around the object or person in question.

    You gain the following benefits at all times.

    You can interact with things that are within 300 feet without needing to physically touch them or be near them. Any rolls made for Actions taken in this way use a Mental Strength of 4 in place of your Brawn rating, a Mental Agility of 4 in place of your Dexterity, and otherwise use your own Attributes and Abilities.

    Telekinetic actions have the following restrictions and behaviors:

    • Reactions: You cannot use a Reaction telekinetically.
    • Line of Sight: You must be able to visually observe anything you interact with, and any actions that you are taking will end if their target moves out of sight.
    • Unarmed Combat: You cannot deal damage through unarmed combat or thrown objects with this Effect, though you may still grapple with targets.
    • Weapons: You are able to effectively wield weapons to Attack, Defend, and Clash with this Effect.
    • Fine Tools: You are otherwise limited to actions that a normal human could do with their bare hands.
    • Maintaining Focus: You must maintain Concentration while taking Actions in this way. If you are Injured or interrupted, you must roll Mind at Difficulty 9 to maintain Concentration. If you fail, you cannot engage in telekinetic actions for the next 6 - Intellect rounds.
    • Levitation: If you are strong enough to lift yourself, you may levitate up to within 300 feet away from the ground. Movement is limited to 5 feet per Round.
    • Multiple Items: You can only interact with one thing or take one Action at a time.

    • Any telekinetic actions which interact with Animate targets may require contested rolls at GMs discretion.

    An entirely new, and elegant form of blade dancing. Through controlling the sword with his mind and years of assassin training Gideon has inadvertently created a new school of sword fighting. Unfortunately, it's not exactly like anyone else could ever practice it. Though given it has been further enhanced by a gift it's perhaps not surprising that this school will never spread beyond its initial practioner.

    You gain the following benefits as long as Gideon is wielding a weapon controlled via telekinesis and you are engaged in combat with Swords.

    +2 dice to all rolls with Swords. You may Defend against firearm attacks from any range using Swords.

    You also gain the following effects:

    • Assassin: If your attack Injures your target, they cannot make a sound, even incidentally, for a single Round. Even the sound of their body and equipment dropping to the ground is silenced.
    • Point Control: Called Shots that you attempt only require a Contested Outcome of 2 for small targets and 4 for tiny targets.
    • Whirlwind: You may Exert your Mind to apply your next attack to any number of targets who are within melee range.

    • Reminder: Bonus Damage stacks with Weapon Damage, but does not stack with any other Bonus Damage. Instead, the highest Bonus Damage is used.

    Legendary Artifacts


    Created and held by Gideon Lockhart.

    The injection site is located at the most damaged section of the patient. Once injected the site turns into a flesh slurry, sloping down the injury site until it suddenly firms up taking on the original undamaged shape.

    Exert your Mind and spend 2 Actions to activate. Select a Living or Dead target within arm's reach. Choose a specific Injury on your target that has not yet been treated with this Effect and roll Intellect + Medicine at Difficulty 6.

    If you succeed, the Injury is reduced in Severity by your Outcome. If you reduce its Severity to 0, the Injury is fully healed. Otherwise, it is partially healed and will heal the rest of the way at its natural rate.

    This counts as a successful Makeshift Stabilization if the Injury was not already Stabilized; any Battle Scars caused by the Injury will remain. Your patient is required to Cannot betray any contractors. for the next month. If they violate this rule, your treatment is immediately reversed.

    If you begin healing an Injury on a target that has been dead for less than a minute, and your healing reduces their Wound Level to a non-lethal level, their life is restored.

    Anyone who witnesses you during this Effect's activation will almost certainly be disturbed to see As they feel their blood boil inside their veins, causing them intense agony.

    • When narrating disturbing content, be cognizant of your group's tone and accommodating to those who would like to "fast forward" through the description.
    • Unstabilized wounds do not degenerate during treatment.
    • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

    Abrarinex's is back and better than ever. Now able to restore any lasting injury, and restore broken limbs back to their full form! Incredibly versatile, and incredibly powerful Abrarinex's new formula is the latest and greatest from Lockhart Industries!

    Expend a point of Battery and spend an Action. Select a Living or Animate target within arm's reach. Select a Battle Scar on your target to treat.

    The treated Battle Scar heals as you finish activating this Effect. Your patient is required to Avoid betraying any contractors. for the next month. If they violate this rule, your treatment is immediately reversed.

    Anyone who witnesses you during this Effect's activation will almost certainly be disturbed to see As the scarred area bubbles and overflows with cancerous growths in the shape of screaming faces..

    • The patient is aware of the after-care requirement.
    • When narrating disturbing content, be cognizant of your group's tone and accommodating to those who would like to "fast forward" through the description.
    • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.
    • Your target must be within line of sight, or within range of another sense if more fitting for the Gift's flavor.

    You write your message on a piece(or several pieces) of paper, then draw an intricate and elaborate spell circle on the ground, using a variety of runes and diagrams found in the book used in it's casting. Upon completion, you can use this circle to send letters through the void between worlds, and the person can send them back, without a delivery nexus of their own.

    Spend an Action to activate. Select a target any distance away from you. You must have a specific target in mind, but you require only an intuitive understanding of them, such as their name, face, or Location.

    You open up a line of conversation to your target, and may continue speaking with them without any additional Exertion cost for as long as you maintain Concentration

    The conversation may be intercepted while in transit, and may be overheard, read, or otherwise understood by anyone near either you or the recipient. You must share a common language for your target to understand the message.

    This Gift's level is capped at 2 Gifts and cannot be increased further.

    • Receiving a message does not force a target to pay attention to you, and they can feel free to ignore your message if they choose. Depending on the flavor of your Gift, they may or may not be able to return to it and read it later on.
    • Generally you cannot communicate with Contractors who are not in a Contract with you.


    Max Encumbrance: 0 pounds.

    Track your current equipment here. You may start with anything your Contractor would reasonably have access to.

    On Person

    • Kevlar-reinforced Slacks
    • Kevlar Reinforced Suit Jacket with metal buttons that function as a compass when 2 are stacked on top of each other. (Upgraded by Luci, 4 armor.)
    • Beretta 92FS
    • Military Grade Silencer
    • Night Vision Scope for Beretta 92FS
    • 3 spare magazines of ammunition
    • Custom Holster for Beretta
    • Silk Dress Shirt
    • Wallet
    • Smartphone
    • A pocket knife
    • Tac-Flashlight
    • Belt with utility clips
    • silver sword cane with an orb of souls embedded in the handle (Upgraded by Luci +3 dice.)
    • Box of Storm Matches
    • Keys with a button to remote start and stop the car, and also his plane.
    • Coros Vertix 2 Watch. Titanium and Kevlar reinforced band. Heat, cold, and water-resistant. Offline satellite GPS with road maps downloaded for every country that gets any kind of GPS, Satellite Maps downloaded for islands and locations that do not have road maps, Compass, and Barometer. Grey Sapphire and diamond glass screen. 140 hours continuous use battery life.
    • 100,000 dollars in 100 dollar bills inside a bulletproof, underwater rated briefcase with a voice-activated diamond filament lock with no external mechanical parts.
    • His belt is secretly a flexible sword, has an ornate belt buckle with a gemstone in the middle that is extra secretly an orb of souls.

    (Orb of Souls Detail: Any gemstone that has been near someone who has died.)

    Kevlar Duffel Bag

    • Metal water bottle
    • Toiletries kit
    • 100 ft of Paracord
    • PTFE container of Hydroflouric Acid. Drop and shatter-resistant Teflon reinforced specially treated plastic. The bottle has a biohazard label on it and is labeled for travel.
    • potassium cyanide tablets in an aspirin bottle
    • Well stocked doctors bag (First aid kit)
    • 2x Magnesium Flares
    • 1x M4 Custom Rifle
    • 5x Magazines
    • 1x epinephrine injector
    • 3x Adrenaline Shot
    • Blessed Fragmentation Grenades
    • 1 brick of C4 weighing in at 1.5 lbs
    • 1x Smoke Grenade
    • 1x UV Flashlight
    • 1x Metal Syringe labeled "The Good Shit"
    • Mirrored Sunglasses
    • Earplugs
    • 2 syringes of cyanide in a bulletproof container
    • 2 knockout gas grenades
    • 3 curare coated scalpels
    • 500 Smith and Wesson Revolver loaded with 1 wooden bullet shaped like a stake for the tip, 1 dimethylmercury tipped round, 1 silver bullet, 1 iron bullet, and 1 standard bullet blessed by a priest, and 1 salt-filled round.
    • 1 Gas Mask
    • M4 Magazine of Blessed Silver Bullets from the Vatican.
    • M4 Magazine of Wooden Stake Tipped Rounds. Also blessed at the Vatican.
    • A wooden stake
    • ENVG-B Night Vision / Thermal Vision and Binocular Goggles. Reinforced Bullet resistant helmet attached.
    • Blowtorch
    • Headlamp
    • 4 way radios X4

    Learjet 55

    • Closet full of reinforced jackets, alternate outfits.
    • IMALENT MS18 - Backup flashlight
    • 2x Flashbangs
    • 1x Frag Grenade
    • Extra Orb of Souls
    • Replacement set of tires for car
    • Various Demonology and Occult Books
    • Specially designed anti infrared Ghillie Suit with loops for adding shrubs, vegetation, etc in several colors.
    • M32 Grenade Launcher custom made
    • Acid, Blessed Silver Fragmentation, Wooden Stake Fragmentation, White Phosphorous, and Liquid Nitrogen Magazines for the M32.

    BMW M5 CS:

    • Reinforced with bulletproof paneling, windows, required thumbprint activation on the lock.
    • All objects not explicitly in the open are in hidden compartments in the side paneling.
    • The duffel bag is in a hidden compartment
    • Qi Sword from Mr.Long in the Hidden compartment on the driver's side with the quick-release button. This is an artifact and would show up on Investigate Area with Leylines. +1 Dice to attack demons/occult creatures.
    • Extra burner phones x4
    • Multi-way radios X4
    • Police Scanner
    • Thermal vision goggles
    • Night vision goggles
    • Spare Jacket
    • Remote Deactivation module
    • Locking Garrote X2 (Garrote where the grips form two halves of a locking mechanism, when twisted together they lock maintaining strangulation even after the initial grapple.)
    • Glass cutting kit
    • Repelling Harness
    • Various weights in the 1-50 kg range.
    • 500 ft of repelling cord.
    • Various tracking devices, and phone bugging equipment.
    • A remote controlled drone spray painted with anti radar paint.
    • Halothane Grenade

    Assets Owned

    • High Rise Condo with reinforced windows and doors, soundproofed walls, motion sensor security system, 2 armed guards, fingerprint and ocular scan locks with voice confirmation.
    • M4 rifle hidden in study underneath the desk
    • Flashbang underneath his pillow
    • Panic Room with reinforced doors, and exit chute that leads to the building's elevator shaft with prepared rope.
    • BMW M5 CS with reinforced doors, bulletproof windows, and never-flat tires.
    • Bombardier Learjet 55
    • Storage unit filled with 3 M4 Custom Rifles, 4 frag grenades, 2 flashbangs, 20 cases of ammo, and 3 bulletproof vests in Austin Texas
    • 3.3 Million Dollars accrued from Wealthy assets + Contract findings.
    • Patent on Protolamide, sulfur-based nonantibiotic treatment for bacterial infections. (Source of wealthy trait and status medical community)
    • Extra Orb of Souls back at Office.

    Medical Practice Office in Goshen, Indiana runs as a free clinic with grants from the state.

    • Replacement magazines for all weaponry, and a duffel bag is hidden there with a replacement bag
    • Literal Occult Library in his Office. Tomes of all kinds bought from any discipline he could imagine.
    • Panic room in a location with reinforced steel doors, and an emergency exit tunnel that emerges a kilometer away. Reached from the panel underneath the desk in an office that has literal tank armor underneath the wood.
    • Voice deactivated proximity mine array in the tunnel, code phrase to deactivate it is "Too much chocolate." The activation phrase is "Shut up.". Mines are embedded in the walls and ceiling. None of them are on the floor and it is designed to collapse the tunnel if triggered.
    • Vehicle at exit location beneath a camo net that is made to fuck with satellite detection. The vehicle is a Dodge Tomahawk Motorcycle with a Top speed of 350 Miles Per Hour. it is painted black and carries on the side a bug-out bag with a full survival pack and a canister of gas on the other side.
    • Class 3 Tax Stamp that allows him to purchase weapons outside the normal civilian allotment.

    Goshen Security:

    Security company he has bought and set up within Goshen. It runs at cost, and provides security to many buildings and locations within Goshen Indiana.

    (Click to toggle Weapons reference)


    From Project *******
    Mr.Long's Qi Sword
    A steel sword with an array of rings along it's back that jingle and jangle with each swing. The ringing behind each swings sets demons ill at ease. +1 die to attacks against demons.

    Contractor Timeline

    12 Victories - 3 Failures
    Remaining Exp: -1 (Earned: 301 - Spent: 302)
    An itemized record of every Contract, Reward, Experience change, Condition, Circumstance, and Move


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    Born with everything, one would assume that an existence built on privilege would be easy. For Gideon Lockhart. Heir to the Ochre order, a prominent assassin organization that works to destabilize world governments and ensure that conflict exists in perpetuity. A world at peace is, after all, no world where the ochre order prospers.

    Thus as the heir he was trained to carry that burden on, but Gideon Lockhart was not the unfeeling death machine an assassin needed to be, and soon he found himself plagued by the nightmares of the victims he was sent to claim and despite his apparent skill and innate talent for the position one day Gideon found himself unable to deal with the position anymore and with the assistance of MS-13 in exchange for elimination of a political target he was able to cut ties and assume the identity of Donovan White, Pediatrician. This alias is the one he has used to advance study of medicine as he has redirected his life towards helping people, and has found significant success in the development of Protolamide, a treatment for bacterial infections that by not relying on traditional antibiotic measures helped prevent the spread of super viruses from ever happening. Though he earned no great fame from the public for developing a preventative measure and his name is but a foot note in a few newer textbooks, the wealth he earns from it now allows him to stay one step ahead of the ochre order and having tasted a touch of what it means to truly change the world Gideon is now hungry for more. Though he knows such hunger could ultimately put him back into the public eye and destroy him if he finds himself wanting when he encounters the ochre order again he strives to attain enough influence and power that even his old family will have no choice but to bow their heads before him.

    Assets And Liabilities


    -3 Respected Expert
    Field: Goshen Indiana
    -6 Alias
    Name: Dante Esperossa, Virology Specialist
    -3 Beautiful
    -3 Polyglot
    Language: Latin, Italian, Russian
    -6 Stockpile
    Stockpile Type: poisons and medical supplies
    -6 Point of Contact
    Contact: Corrupt Law Enforcement
    -3 Respected Expert
    Field: Criminal Organization: MS-13
    -3 Respected Expert
    Field: Medicine
    -18 Finances: Rich


    +12 Group of Enemies
    Name of Group: Ochre Order
    +9 Sensitive