Devious Veteran

leonvanderblight has played 10 Contractors in a total of 110 Contracts, earning 99 Wins, 6 Failures, and 0 Contractor Deaths.

They have survived 13 Contracts where another Contractor died.
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Just Ruler

leonvanderblight has run 56 Contracts and 11 Moves in 2 Playgroups for 128 Contractors and 60 Players. Contractors in their Contracts received 141 Gifts, failed but survived 19 times, and met with 17 unfortunate ends.

They have achieved the Golden Ratio 9 times.
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Amaranth Barclay The Caveman freed from a temporal eddy Paragon of Primal Man

A 16-Victory Seasoned Contractor from Maelstrom

Leon Vanderblight The Kitsune turned Pawn Shop Owner Trickster Spirit

A 23-Victory Professional Contractor from Maelstrom

Dominic West The Crypto-fascist hacker Netrunner

A 14-Victory Seasoned Contractor from Maelstrom

Lucas Arrete The Child of a Thin Blood Nosferatu Vampire Proper Vampire

A 5-Victory Novice Contractor from Maelstrom

Cleatus Abernathy The Reformed Police Officer Daredevil

A 11-Victory Seasoned Contractor from Maelstrom

Tom Snart The Super Cop Paragon of American Justice

A Newbie Contractor from Maelstrom

Gideon Lockhart The Latent Esper Doctor Psychic

A 12-Victory Seasoned Contractor from Project *******

Louis Dupont The Teen Chef Prodigy Chef

A 7-Victory Novice Contractor from Maelstrom

Vergil Arrior The Disaster Survivor Hero

A 9-Victory Novice Contractor from Maelstrom

Wolfgang Buck The Martial Arts Magnate Martial Artist

A 2-Victory Newbie Contractor from Project *******

Beherit The A specter possessing the corpse of a hiker

A Newbie Contractor from Maelstrom

Dr.Indra Sturgis The Junior Researcher at the SCP foundation

A Newbie Contractor from Project *******

Kawano Akihiro The Retired Yankee Boxer

A Newbie Contractor from Maelstrom

Brendaniel Maskowiz The 26 year high school student

A Newbie Contractor from Illuminated Tokyo

Blake Weiss The functioning serial killer

A Newbie Contractor from Reigns of Chaos

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