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Kimyōna hana (Yokota Setsuko)
I may not understand why I'm here early.. But I will do my best to prepare..

A 7-Victory Novice Contractor played by Redchigh in Maelstrom

Kimyōna hana (Yokota Setsuko) is a parasite-dominated little girl who will risk their life to become the ultimate herald of earths domination and blend in with these humans, and eventually assist her kin.

They are 11 years old, live in a cult's prison, and often appears as A middle school girl with pigtails, a pink t-shirt, shorts, and an uncannily cold expression behind her eyes.

Kimyōna hana (Yokota Setsuko) lives in Maelstrom, a setting where videos of the supernatural go viral every day. Their journal has 1 entry.













4 Alertness

0 Animals

3 Athletics

2 Brawl

0 Crafts

1 Culture

0 Drive

0 Firearms

4 Influence

2 Investigation

0 Medicine

0 Melee

1 Occult

1 Performance

2 Science

3 Stealth

0 Survival

2 Technology

2 Thievery

3 Extraterrestrial Cultures and Identification

4 Tentacle Control

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Initiative: 0 dice
Movement: 0 feet
Dash: 0 feet
Perception + Alertness: 0 dice


(Kimyōna hana (Yokota Setsuko) is unharmed)

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Battle Scars

Dice penalties from Battle Scars do not stack with Stress

(Kimyōna hana (Yokota Setsuko) has no Battle Scars)

Body 6


6 Mind



Near-Death Experience


  • Phobia of medical labs and dissection equipment When you encounter the subject of your phobia, you must roll Self-Control to avoid entering a fight-or-flight response. If you fail, you may Exert your Mind to face your fear.

  • Electrolytes and proteins

    Whenever , regain one Source. Cooldown: one day


    Polyglot: English, French, Itׁׅᥣׁׅ֪ (Intergalactic Trade Language- A language developed as a hybrid of many alien races, used when other species need to have limited communication. )
    From Assets and Liabilities
    You can speak, read, and write in the chosen languages. You may be given a roll to decipher some amount of meaning from a related language at GMs discretion.
    Illuminated: Debated
    Given by Strazhari
    There is some publicly-accessible evidence of your supernatural nature. Rumors of your capabilities circulate online, and some people believe them. You find it easier to get publicity, often to a fault. You may be stalked by internet sleuths, and your actions, contacts, and public appearances are highly scrutinized.


    From Assets and Liabilities
    Contortionist You are unusually flexible, and may squeeze through small spaces with ease. Reduce the Difficulty of any roll to escape a grapple or Dexterity roll involving flexibility by 2.
    Pathetic You are so pathetic, no one takes you seriously as a threat. Opponents must succeed a Difficulty 7 Mind roll in order to attack you instead of other opponents in combat. Only works if your Brawn rating is 1.
    Light Sleeper You are able to function with less sleep than most people. You need only four hours of sleep per night, and any supernatural attempts to put you to sleep are rolled at +1 Difficulty.
    Trained Reflexes Your life has been filled with tight situations and violent encounters, so when the fighting starts, you act quickly. You get +3 dice to all Initiative rolls.
    Nightmares: Being captured by the humans and studied. Your sleep is plagued with horrible nightmares. At the start of each Contract and each time you fall asleep, make a Self-Control roll. If you fail, you take one Mind damage.
    From Maelstrom
    Supersize Me! The restless Spirits of Heavenly Burger have not forgotten you, and do not forgive. . . Any time you enter a fast food restaurant, you will suffer some kind of (relatively) harmless poltergeist activity. This may affect you directly or someone in your vicinity as desired by the GM.

    Loose Ends

    Imprisoned: Sin Eater Cult

    Moderate Deadly Given by leonvanderblight
    Setsuko has been imprisoned by a cult of sin eaters on a far away island, they will allow her to leave on contracts but she has been infested with a cthonic brain worm that requires that she collect information on her fellow contractors and their locations. If she does not comply, or attempts to reveal it's existence to anyone else for any reason the worm detonates, it also detonates under other conditions.


    Contractor Timeline

    7 Victories - 2 Failures
    Remaining Exp: 5 (Earned: 202 - Spent: 197)
    An itemized record of every Contract, Reward, Experience change, Condition, Circumstance, and Move


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    Kimyōna hana (Yokota Setsuko) has made 1 Move.
    Only GMs who have permission to run Contracts and post World Events in Maelstrom can post Moves for Kimyōna hana (Yokota Setsuko).


    ([The long dark had ended. Stasis, for the long journey.

    I was blind, sickeningly warm, and the oxygen rippled at my carapace, seeping through painfully.

    A voice, some native species seems has triggered my conscious. It's speaking.]) "Nani?"

    ([It was close. I could feel it's electromagnetic signals controlling it's movements. This was my moment. I willed myself to hatch.])

    The smoldering meteoric orb twitched in the grass, mere inches away from Setsuko. Her mother was on a bench nearby, watching her play.

    The strange ball vents, hissing slightly as pressure equalizes and it's shell begins to crack, protruding a small, flexible, shiny black stem with what looked like a bud in the end.

    "Chinhana?" Setsuko asked no one.
    "Yes, aren't the flowers pretty dear?" Her mother answers from her spot by the fountain, a mere 20 feet away but without looking up from her book.

    The flower-like head pointed slightly towards Setsuko, before opening- a striking pattern of blues and greens, contrasted with an unnatural shiny black- as dark as the corners of the universe. She reached out with the innocence of a child, and a faint 'pop' is heard as the flower shoots it's payload to her nearby flesh.

    She screams playfully, knocking the black slime off of herself, suddenly disappointed as the 'flower' seems to wilt to dust in front of her eyes.

    ([I have acquired a host. It is only a matter of time until I locate her neurological center and take control. I discover musculature, digestive organs, air sacs for breathing the oxygenated environment. I fight, searching. A newborn, I can only survive so long in suboptimal conditions. I follow the electrical signals to the highest nerve cluster. Suddenly I am awash in images. I am on a metal seating tube with a much larger specimen- in fact, many larger specimens. Most make this host uneasy. She does not.. 'know' them. Why did I have to get such a small one?

    I pull myself away from the sensory overload, and examine the brain I have now located. I poke and prod, delicately anchoring onto the blood vessels for sustenance. I opt to ignore the frontal lobe for now- my natural anaesthetic nearly guarantees my host isn't aware- and I need to know more before I assert control.

    I read her memories in an instant. Her behaviors, her history, her world. Day to day li- Damn! Why'd I have to get a.. 'child'?! What are the chances... ])

    Assets And Liabilities


    -9 Trained Reflexes
    -3 Pathetic
    -3 Contortionist
    -3 Polyglot
    Language: English, French, Itׁׅᥣׁׅ֪ (Intergalactic Trade Language- A language developed as a hybrid of many alien races, used when other species need to have limited communication. )
    -6 Light Sleeper


    +3 Nightmares
    Subject: Being captured by the humans and studied.
    +3 Dark Secret
    Secret: A infectious parasite that the young girl stumbled across in the park has overrun her consciousness and replaced her brain