Completed Contract

ShadyTradesman ran Stoned in Kampong Som

This Contract took place in NC Reborn on Jun 15, 2020 at 11:17AM

NC Reborn House Rules



Benny Scappetti - Victory
Played by BobDylan530

Benny reintroduces himself as the creepiest fucker most of the group had ever seen.

Read Benny Scappetti's Journal entry for this Contract

Reed Thornwood - Victory
Played by BetaCakes

Reed realizes that she's ended up on the same team as the monsters. She's going to have to do some soul-searching.

Elliot Shan - Victory
Played by LiteraryAdventures

Elliot saves Rueben from ending up face-down in a ditch in Cambodia, then clashes with all the big-bads. Hand fried, but it'll heal.

Reuben Sturgill - Victory
Played by Hawful

Reuben and the Poke make their way to SouthEast Asia and shoot the crap out of a Chinese Casino owner.