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8 months ago: Grace Cyanide wrote a Downtime Journal for Game on

Mister Antiquarian’s Idea

(-Each bullet point, is, of course, a star.-)


  • A place or item that’s been a Portal once  before     (The door for here??)
  • Invocation to a deity who can open portals  (Janus? Legba?)
  • Handful of grave dirt (need a jar)
  • Human fat candle (need to know how to make candles)
  • A suitable sacrifice to the Lords of the Underworld ( pomegranates research)
  • Coin stolen via murder (fresh? blood money)
8 months ago: Grace Cyanide wrote a Downtime Journal for Game on

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,


I’ve been trying to think about how to start this for awhile. I guess this you’re gonna go in someone’s collection one day, and that’s weird to think about, but I like it more than you getting buried with me or something. You’re promised to Mister Antiquarian (he won’t tell me his real name, but I told him it’s okay because he makes really good hot cocoa).


Yeah, that sounds right. Hello, future person, my name is you know my name already. And if you’re this far, you know a LOT. The version I’m copying after I write this down is gonna have explanations for some things, but this one  in my hands right now is gonna stay the same. I wonder if it’s gonna have the same cover… hold on.

He says I’m gonna put it in a ledger, but I can draw a unicorn on it! Which is like a no This is confusing.


I don’t even know where I was before this. I know right now I’m in a place that doesn’t matter in terms of time and space, so I don’t think I need to explain it, but before that I was in Mister Jules’ mansion which he sold, but it wasn’t “his” anymore, so I guess a world really close to his?  Still, I don’t know why the box was there if that’s not where I left it. Someone stole the van and there was a bunch of cough medicine I still haven’t figured out. So I looked for it, and ended up here, in the Red Door, which is run by the Antiquarian who’s an old nice guy and is helping me put the Greek spirits where they go. It’s not even locked back in the box!


Mister Antiquarian helped Mister Chamael on the job with the stupid fox faerie. The bottle I drew came from him, the one that turned tears into holy water. And I guess I never asked how Mister Chamael kept his head when he lost it… now I know.

He told me it’s a charm from the Green Knight, who got it from the Queen of Light and Darkness, and it allows you to replace your severed head once. It’s perfect. I hope that means something perfect for us.



I haven’t read my old entires in awhile… my handwriting was so messy…


I threw my books at them. Those were good books, fairy tales. I believed in them, and it seems silly now, but you never know what’ll show up I guess.


Oh, Mister Connor… I wonder where he is?

And Mister Doc.


Oh that drawing of Horatio is  bad. Sorry Horatio.

(-There is a new drawing of him, which is not much better-)


I’m so proud of Sally for talking more with than she used to.  She says she misses Miss Widow- so do I- but that she does like being able to talk whenever about whatever.


Ugh… Mister Abu.


I should write all of my bullet points as stars.


Oh, and Miss Mildred, and Mister Arthur, and Mister D.


And I want taiyaki now.



Obedience wants to say something:


Hello, future person. I hope that your acquisition of this journal or its copy has found you well, and in a true way. I would like to say that… I am glad for interesting history, regardless of its dangers.


(-The drawing at the bottom has been scratched out and redrawn many times, but appears to be the head and shoulders of an elderly man with spectacles. There is a teacup of what can be assumed to be hot cocoa next to his face.-)

11 months, 1 week ago: Edgar Stokes wrote a Downtime Journal for Game on

Wheeling & Dealing

So here we are, in my own little corner of the world, when I got to thinking.

After Slick used his Portal shenanigans, I know that things can be done with the whole "Other Worlds Than These" biz. If I were to guess, I'd say I've been in at least Five "Twilight Zones" so far. Crisis of Infinite Earths & all that jazz.

Time travel too, since I grew up in the 80's & am pretty sure I'm only 36 - meep - though that last bit is hard to nail down, with my good looks & all.

So, why rock the boat? This place is as good as any other place - alien whatevers ain't a problem for us, am I right?

Well, hold on to your underpants, True Believers: Ol' Uncle Edgar is about to get seriously weird.

Way I see it, people - Hell, let's be honest - Things like me are few & far between. Even if they have sharp bits, or howl at the moon or whatever; they're gonna get rubbed out by all the hairless mutant monkeys. I'm repeating myself here, I know somewhere on this damn thing I already talked about it, but stick with me alright?

I figured when I moved the Family to this shithole as opposed to that other shithole, I was on the right track. For them, I was too - but not for the little bastards I left behind on that boat, or that gal who turned into some kinda werewolf on the camera a few years back - reckon she has been dissected already. So staying in the safe, suburb world may be best for the ones I done brought over, but isn't really working for my plans. Man has gotta work, they say.

This Ghoul plans to save the ones that need saving. Come what may. Yeah, like Ghoul Jesus or whatever.

Also, as I am as honest as they come: I'm fucking bored of this place. If I have to sit in on one more jawing session with Slick & Beardy McBeardface, there's gonna be blood, meep.

So, I put the word out, & the same Observer guy who sent me on to these places showed eventually - get this: no deals, no frills. Me & mine, the whole damn warren - poof!

Back to the place I am originally from.

He was glad to do it. Even relieved to do it. Makes me wonder what is going on over there that they want Edgar Stokes out of the picture...but it ain't my problem anymore, is it?

11 months, 2 weeks ago: Preston Vincent Astor III wrote a Contract Journal for Game on


What is real?

E P S I L O n   T E A m   T R i O 
P R O V E N   g h o u L   T e A M 
S I M p S O n s   O R   S A u D I 
I V E   S a v E   N a I L i v I C 
L A G   o R   m y   M O n S T e R
O T E c o m y   H E A R   I n T O 
N E M E S E S   O   o m I c R o N 



E P S I L O n   T E A m   T R i O 
P R O V E N   g h o u L   T e A M 
S I M p S O n s   O R   S A u D I 
I V E   S a v E   N a I L i v I C 
L A G   o R   m y   M O n S T e R
O T E c o m y   H E A R   I n T O 
N E M E S E S   O   o m I c R o N 







1 year, 7 months ago: Bill Brenner wrote a Contract Journal for Placeholder Scenario for House Warming played on 2020-04-30 20:38:00-07:00

Agent Re-activated

(The following is an excerpt from the personal journal of Mischa, translated first to Russian from his short-hand, then into English)


I have received orders again; it has been a long time coming. I have toiled long serving the engine of Capital, biding my time, and I am pleased to know my patience was in fact virtuous.

Reactivation was of course unexpected.  The Soviet Union has long since fallen, and had been corrupted long before that.  A true People's Revolution is still very far away.  But there are entities willing to pay handsomely if you'll do their dirty work, so in the absence of revolution I will work to build power.

My orders on this day were to acquire a number of artefacts from a small town in Massachussets.  These included an ancient tome as well as some sort of crystalline focal object.  I couldn't say for certain what is the purpose of these items, but I have ever been obedient and so I completed my task.  It is so easy to deceive Americans, they will gobble up the most outrageous lies without question so long as it conforms to their propagandized worldview.

It appears I will be required to work with other operatives for the forseeable future.  I have not been informed of their loyalties at this time, and cannot trust any of them enough to reveal myself.  Nevertheless, they have their uses.  The Irish lad and his snake proved especially valuable, although I had things well in hand before they rushed in.  I suppose they did save me an hour or two.

Sadly, our mission appears to have pitted us against a group of local vigilantes.  I regret that my work so frequently requires me to take action against the few good souls alive in this hellscape of a country, but the work must be done if revolution is to occur.  I cannot abandon my duty to my weak-minded doubts and morals.  As admirable as these vigilantes were, I was able to easily bypass them and retrieve the musty old tome from a local repository, ensuring my own payment.

It was a joy to work in the field once more.  I eagerly await further orders.

1 year, 7 months ago: Braf Johnson wrote a Contract Journal for Scenario for To catch a predator



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###*They named that time The Illumination, and it was by the flash of a camera phone.* The year was 2004. Until that point the Earth was as we had always known her. We filled her cruel vastness with legends, superstitions, and rumors. Out there, somewhere in the shadows, there be dragons. Warlocks, monsters, and gods lurked on the edges of the collective consciousness, always a possibility but never more than rumors supported by a convenient lack of evidence. That evidence came as humanity filled its pockets with technology equipped to capture and transmit. An iPhone found on High School senior Nate Klienman’s mangled corpse held a video of his girlfriend’s bone-snapping transformation into a monstrous wolf creature. A brazilian widow documented a series of conversations with the misty figure of her late husband. A was caught in fishing nets and put on display in a Chinese aquarium. Each week brought a new revelation that we were not alone. Superstitions reversed their slow death overnight. Salem held their first witch trial in a century. The jury rendered a verdict of “guilty on all charges,” sentenced Maxibelle Horux to death, and subsequently suffered an outbreak of rabies that claimed half their lives. A fearful, populist movement arose to rid humanity of the creatures lurking in its ranks. Many are forcibly subjected to a bizarre tests of their humanity. As you can imagine, the results of such tests are often open to interpretation, and a mob’s justice is swift. But where some see monsters, some see sentience, and others see opportunity. If a vampire can sustain themselves on cloned blood and work the graveyard shift, why not legalize and tax? These days it is difficult to find a politician or aristocrat unaccompanied by some sort of odd-looking individual whose job is listed as "advisor" or "protection." Entertainment magazines publish revelations every week about which celebrities shed their human skins at home. Charlatans of all stripes, from palmistry mediums to televangelists, have flourished despite the risks. The treatment of the paranormal varies from place to place, person to person. Yet the paranormal is not merely relegated to a persecuted class. Long have cabals, cults, and secret societies thrived in the shadows. Their roots run deeply through humanity’s oldest systems of power. Machinations are challenged, and sleeping dangers awaken. The world is changing, forcing long-dormant powers into desperate action. And it is in the midst of this great period of change that The Powers That Be have once again turned their attention to the blue marble. For the first time in two hundred years, Harbingers approach worthy individuals with an offer they cannot refuse. The Games have returned, and a new generation of Contractors are being forged. Gods save us.

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