Completed Contract

ShadyTradesman ran The Ghost Whisperer

This Contract took place in NC Reborn on Jul 21, 2020 at 8:32PM

NC Reborn House Rules



Benny Scappetti - Victory
Played by BobDylan530

Slayed, quite literally. You don't want Benny sneaking into your camp with those javelins

Read Benny Scappetti's Journal entry for this Contract

Reed Thornwood - Died
Played by BetaCakes

Cause of death: Died on an alien planet far from home and family. More specifically, crushed by some sort of bug transport.

Crushed to death in an ill-fated attempt to ride giant beast. . . while she was unconcious.

"Red" Nikki Pell - Victory
Played by LiteraryAdventures

Carried Reed as far as she could.