Completed Game

Strazhari ran Klendathu - Insertion point Alpha

This Game took place in Starship Troopers on Jul 20, 2021 at 9:52PM

Starship Troopers House Rules

Science Fiction: There is absolutely NO Supernatural elements to this setting, & Gifts selected must be Mundane, Cybernetic, Medical Experimentation or Psychic Potential. Any Contractor with a Supernatural background/flavor (even if delusional) will be expulsed immediately.


John Henry - Victory
Played by jwesley123

John Henry has not yet spent their Gift for this Game.

You Hit My Dog!

Barnaby Jones - Victory
Played by Glutant

Barnaby Jones has not yet spent their Gift for this Game.

Got It On Tape!

Sgt Jane Belteen - Died
Played by loroman1211

loroman1211 has not yet used their Charon Coin from this Game.

Kill Me! Killll Meeeeee....