Completed Game

lumiq ran Sanctuary

This Game took place in Corryvreckan on Sep 08, 2021 at 10:22PM

Corryvreckan House Rules

1. No Contractors may be Homed in Corryvreckan.

2. Every Game run in Corryvreckan should have at least one new(-ish) Player. 

3. Approved GMs only.


Duke Hazard - Died
Played by Merfian

Last one standing… followed da bird.

Sasha [NoLastNameGiven] - Died
Played by Lerinyth

Cause of death: Her skull was bashed in by the remnant of Mahila

“I’m not a sociopath, I just don’t have any feelings.”

Mahila - Died
Played by T3K

Quarterstaff! Your body shall nourish nature as you’d have liked.

Elias Blackwood - Died
Played by TheSuperChrisb

TheSuperChrisb has not yet used their Charon Coin from this Game.

Cause of death: A creature beneath a lake. His eyes were exploded, his soul was eaten.

Soul eaten by The Wight.