Legacy Power: Hypnosis

"Sam used Hypnosis! The opponent was put to sleep!"

A 1 Gift Sleep Power used by Sam Yukimura, created by T3K.


Hypnosis, in the world of Pokemon, is a move that sends the target to sleep. However, Snom is not normally meant to learn this move! As such, it is limited in its use and can only be used once per day. Regardless, Hypnosis is still very powerful and can lead to some great preparation... and great follow-ups.


Choose an Animate target within 30 feet, Exert your Mind, and roll Perception + Influence Difficulty 7 as a Committed Action. The target may contest with Mind, Difficulty 6 as a Free Action. If you are successful, the target grows drowsy for 3 Rounds and then falls asleep for Outcome x 3 hours. Unconscious or incapacitated targets cannot contest.

While drowsy, the target's Penalty is increased by 3 for all Actions.

The target falls into a deep sleep, but they may still be awoken by sudden loud noises, being jarred or splashed with water, taking damage, or similar rousing events. They will also awaken before dying of hunger, thirst, or suffocation.


  • Dream Sculptor (You may determine the dreams of any sleeping being within range. By Concentrating, you may appear in their dreams and communicate with them.)


  • Once per Day (You may only use this Effect once per day.)
  • Conditional (This Effect is only available when a certain condition is met. This condition must be severe enough that this Gift is unusable the majority of the time.)
    • Condition - Eye-contact upon activation
  • Dream Conduit (The target’s dreams involve you. They reveal you to be the source of the sleep as well as some secret about yourself. The target is aware that the secret is true, even if the rest of the dream may be written off.)


range: 1 ( 30 feet ) Duration: 2 ( Outcome x 3 hours ) Time to Fall Asleep: 2 ( 3 Rounds )

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