Legacy Power: Blade of Cleansing Fire

Martin couldn't keep this up much longer. He rounded another corner to the left then the right, then into an alley, but still he could hear the beasts catching up to him. Their sputtering gurgling screeches sounded too close. He knew if he looked back for even a second they would be on him, but that instinctual curiosity got the better of him.

Martin began to turn his head while charging the alley. Because of this he didn't notice the being moving towards him; Martin only saw the devout in passing. A streak of white cloth, with a thin red veil in front of it's face. Martin saw a sword being drawn and a gout of flame erupt as he met the diseased wretches head on.

The cleansing had begun, the fires would burn bright that night.

A -1 Gift Melee Mastery Power used by Anton Faracov, created by Hawful.


When the Spirit Warden dons his ceremonial veil in preparation for battle a blazing orange flame engulfs erupts from any blade he is holding. All will be cleansed before the might of the Warden.


Passive, always in effect. Attacks with melee weapons will do 2 more damage and pierce 2 armor. Movement is not subtracted from the dice pool.


  • Fancy Footwork (You may move your full Dash distance and attack in the same Round without penalty. You may also split your movement before and after your attack.)


  • Focus (Using this Effect requires a specific kind of item.)
    • Object - The Spirit Warden must be wearing their ceremonial red veil for the Spirit of Flame to move freely within them.
  • Supernatural (This Power causes a mutation (passive) or an effect (active) that marks it or its owner as a supernatural being.)
    • Effect - When the Spirit Warden attacks his blade is literally engulfed in flames.


Additional Damage: 1 ( +1 ) Armor Effectiveness: 1 ( Reduced to 1/2, rounded up )

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