Legacy Power: Mind Blown

"Nobody be no fuckin hero and nobody gets hurt okay!"

Jimmy swung his pistol back and fourth across the crowd of bank patrons, daring them to step forward.

One did.

This goofy mother fucker was dressed in all white, and had some sort of red veil on his face.

He looked ridiculous.

"Back with the crowd buddy, or I'll sit you down on the floor right there in a second"

The man continued to walk forward.

"I'll do it mother fucker, I'll shoot you dead where you stand" Jimmy raised the gun up as the man continued forward, Jimmy's hand itched onto the triggering, thirsting for that pull, that release. Then, a voice cut through the room. A voice from behind the veil.

"All you would do to me, you've already done to yourself."

Jimmy felt himself blink. He felt his arms lower. His shoulders relax. He felt the gun being gently removed from his hands.

He felt all of this, but couldn't muster his body to fight back. Was he really this shaken up by some weirdo yuppy mumbling some nonsense? Was he really taken away by some kind of undergrad psychology bullshit?

Jimmy felt rage rush back in to him and raised his head to scream and fight that mother fucker who put him in that weird trance, but as he lifted his gaze he saw the police rushing in. How long had he been standing there? Who the fuck was that guy?

A 0 Gift Stun Power used by Anton Faracov, created by Hawful.


The Shaman can bring to light truths that would bring a common mind to it's knees. By merely uttering a statement of fact about the intricacies of our world a person will be stopped in their tracks if they can't wrap their head around it. Forced to pull that knew truth into the shape of their own perception of reality.

This can be quite tough for some, and laughably easy for others. Unlikely to work on awakened beings.


Spend a willpower and roll a contested Wits + Occult check. On a success the player stuns the target for Successes * 3 rounds. On a failure the target is unaffected and probably thinks the player is an idiot.


  • Resistable (The target may contest this Power as a free Action by rolling either Mind or Body, Difficulty 7)


Range: 0 ( Arm's Reach )

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