Legacy Power: Bullseye

Pop goes the weasel.

A 1 Gift Mark Power used by Raphael Alessi, created by Dragonlizard.


Raphael's most recent gift manifested itself in his stash the same as many of his other gifts. He was preparing his stash for his next job, restocking all of his supplies, and when he put the pack in out came a black onyx ring. When he uses the power the ring does a small faint white pulse, and it leaves behind a small black bullseye that is near impercetible on the target.


Exert your Mind and spend an Action placing your mark on a target within Arm's Reach. As long as the mark is active, you know the direction and distance of the mark. A Mark lasts until destroyed, replaced, or you choose to end it.

You can have 1 marks active at a time.

The mark looks like Small Black Bullseye. It can be intuitively removed if discovered, but removing it will inflict a Severity 1 Injury.


  • Stealthy Mark (Your mark is difficult or impossible to detect through mundane means.)
  • Target Lock (You receive +2 dice to any rolls made against a marked target.)


  • Focus (Using this Effect requires a specific kind of item.)
    • Object - Onyx Ring
  • Unique Focus (This Power takes the form of a specific, unique item, which can be borrowed, lost, or stolen. You must use / wear this item as intended to use this Power.)
    • Focus - Ring


Range: 0 ( Arm's Reach ) Maximum Active: 0 ( 1 )

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