Legacy Power: Demonic mind manipulation


A 1 Gift Forgery Power used by Terra Abaddon, created by Rainbowdragon1357.


Terra is beginning to learn the demonic tricks of manipulating the human mind through the use of illusion. The extent is limited for now, only unlocking ability to draw the targets mind onto a piece of paper. Assisting in his infiltration abilitys


Exert your Mind and spend a minute disguising an Object within Arm's Reach. Its new appearance can be anything you like, but it must be of a similar size and shape, relatively generic (no specific, original works of art or signed letters), and it must fit within the theme of Documents and forms of identification. The forgery lasts one hour. May have 1 running concurrently. Can be ended early. This Power is not obviously supernatural.

The disguise holds up to almost all non-supernatural scrutiny (exceptions may be made for scientific examination or being held by someone who is a master of items of that type). Supernatural investigation abilities and Powers can detect the object for what it is.

Forgery does not alter the composition, functionality, or weight of any item.


  • Flawless Forgery (Your Artifact may now mimic specific objects, such as a particular work of art, family heirlooms, signed papers, etc. It may function as credentials when checked in computer systems.)
  • Psychic Papers (Instead of altering the item to a chosen appearance, you may verbally introduce the item and allow the observer's mind to fill in the specifics to match your introduction.)
  • Quick (Activating this Effect only takes 1 Action.)


  • Illusive Specialist (Your Artifact may only take on the appearance of a specific category of Objects.)
    • Chosen Category - Paper
  • Jury-rigged (When your Forgery expires, the original item is broken or otherwise rendered useless.)


Range: 0 ( Arm's Reach ) Maximum Active: 0 ( 1 )

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