Legacy Power: Devils grasp


A 2 Gift Unarmed Mastery Power used by Terra Abaddon, created by Rainbowdragon1357.


Terra's interaction with bullets has proven problematic. He has adapted to human weaponry and at the snap of his fingers bullets fizzle into smoke. As well as that Terra also has direct grasp of the soul, giving him the ability to physically interacting with incorporeal entities.


Passive, always in effect. Unarmed attacks will do +0 more damage, and Brawn does not act as Armor against them. The target's other Armor is Fully Effective.

Unlike the Ability Brawl, this Power does not affect small weapons such as knives.


  • Ghost Wrangler (You may grapple incorporeal, liquid, or gaseous entities.)
  • Bullet Parry (You may use a Reaction to Defend against any Melee, thrown, or projectile Attack in range of your Attacks.)


Additional Damage: 0 ( +0 ) Armor Effectiveness: 0 ( Fully Effective )

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