Legacy Power: Octo lifter

The Octodragon lift

A 2 Gift Mythic Brawn Power used by Gov. Tsu-Wang, created by Tranks_300.


Lift with the strength of an octopus! Are they strong?


Passive, always in effect. Your Brawn rating is increased by 1. You may Exert your Mind to automatically gain an Outcome of 5 on any roll that uses Brawn (Cannot be used on combat rolls or Power activations).

A given Contractor may have a maximum of one Mythic attribute. This Power can only be taken by Contractors who have purchased the fifth level of Brawn.


  • Heavy Hitter (Successful attacks made with Brawn will either knock your target back Outcome x 5 feet, or knock them down to the ground. Choose which effect the attack will have prior to rolling for it.)
  • Champion of the Caber Toss (You may lift an additional 2000 pounds per point of Brawn beyond 5, and you may throw items up to this weight to a distance of your throwing roll’s Outcome x10 feet.)


  • Maddening (Possession of this Gift causes a Trauma that cannot be cured by any means. The chosen Trauma must be likely to come up on a Contract.)
    • Trauma - Must roll mind when harming an aquatic creature


Extra Brawn: 0 ( 1 )

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