Legacy Power: Carcharodon Biology

"dun dun dun dun dun dun dun"

A 2 Gift Inhuman Physiology Power used by Mako, created by NPboom.


The scuba diver swam away from the crazy man, wondering why they didn't have on scuba gear at this depth, and also why he didn't bother to keep his mouth shut, smiling with a maw of curved, triangular teeth, almost like some of the sharks he once saw when he went into a shark cage to examine some Great whites........ though he wouldn't want to go see one ever again, he could just swim away from the crazy guy swimming towards him, trying to bite him

*2 hours later*

Mako licked his lips, having had a nice meal of the guy who had unfortunately stumbled upon a contract he was doing, where info was to be kept confidential, so he had to dispose of the unfortunate soul, He felt sorry for the poor sap, but Mako hadn't eaten in a while, so he killed 2 birds with one stone........ he just hoped no one could track that guy's "disappearance" back to him, that could complicate things.


This Power is passive and always in effect. Bonuses to Attributes and Abilities take the form of additional dice on the relevant rolls and do not affect Experience costs. As always, bonuses to the same dice pool from multiple sources do not stack, and the largest bonus is used.

Any Enhancements you take must be germane to the specific augmentation you've chosen.


  • Able-bodied (Your body has a beneficial inhuman adaptation. This can provide up to +3 dice to a specific non-Attack Action (swimming, lockpicking, etc))
    • Chosen Action - Gills for breathing underwater

  • Savage Body Part (You have a particularly vicious body part, such as horns or wolverine claws. Brawl attacks with said body part get +1 damage, and Brawn does not act as Armor against them.)
    • Body Part - Curved shark teeth


  • Tamable (You count as a Creature when targeted by Effects. You cannot ignore or decrease the effects of Stress for any Self-Control rolls you make.)


Extra Intellect: 0 ( 0 ) Extra Charisma: 0 ( 0 ) Extra Perception: 0 ( 0 ) Extra Dexterity: 0 ( 0 ) Extra Brawn: 0 ( 0 )

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