Legacy Power: The Spook

*bones crack and pop out of place* “Hey Mister, look what we can do!”

A 2 Gift Advanced Movement Power used by Grace Cyanide, created by lumiq.


(TBD?) Names are powerful things. When the girls learned Obedience’s name, it was like a lock clicking open… alongside the traumatic memories came potential energy, an embrace of the unnatural and a further understanding of what it means to be a ghost.

Driven up the wall or climbing to explore, Grace’s joints pop out of place and extend for easier movement. Obedience’s strength and uncanny power pulls their forms along in an almost spiderlike fashion, accompanied by either her grim determination or excited giggling respectively.


Spend an Action and Exert your Mind to activate. You may move as if you were in normal conditions while you are Surface crawling (walls, ceilings); lasts one hour. You move at half of your normal speed while moving in this manner.

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