A world where humanity dwells in the skies.

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2 years, 6 months ago: Grace Cyanide wrote a Downtime Journal for Scenario for The Broken God


Dear Diary,


Mister Cameron asked me to help him with a fear of open spaces instead of snakes. I don’t understand why he would WANT to be scared of snakes, I like snakes more than I hate open spaces, but I guess it’s his brain, not mine. But guess what guess what guess what? I wanted to fly like Mister Cameron, and you know how when you really think about something, you dream about it? I dreamt I was way up in the clouds with the birds from London, and there was a rainbow, and my friends were there, and Horatio had angel wings, and I was flying, and when I woke up, I was! I was in the air in the hotel room! Mister Cameron was either really sleepy or he was sad about something, but I could tell he was trying to be nice to me about it… I couldn’t sleep after that so I made him some coffee and eggs. The first time I think I put too much coffee powder cause it overflowed but I cleaned it all up and made a better pot. The eggs were okay, I might have gotten a little shell in them but I figured out how to not!


(-There’s a drawing of a pan with cracked eggs next to it. None of the cracks on the eggs line up, even at a cursory glance.-)


Mister Jules said Egypt would be awhile while he figured things out, like who he wanted to bring. I asked him to bring me back to Surrey Hills while we waited, to make sure nobody found my hole in the hill. He put me in a helicopter… on the way there, I had a weird dream about hang gliders.

2 years, 11 months ago: Chamael wrote a Contract Journal for Scenario for The Broken God

The Broken God...

I was so excited- It seemed I was getting the recognition I deserved, as a worldwide destroyer of evil..

We took an airship- wood, steam, and sails.. The others were impressed, but I was.. saddened. Reminded of the wind in my face before.

We were briefed on a plan- a good one. Kudos to the tacticians, the soldiers who gave their lives to transport intel across enemy lines... Pull strings at just the right time, like an elaborate web..

I knew I would have their head, and prepared myself for battle, as we snuck through a tunnel under the castle. The others.. seemed cowardly, hesitant.. The levers were obvious! I purged the tunnel, unbeknownst to us, purging a foul beast up ahead.

Was a shame. It could have been incredible mounted- perhaps a worthy opponent for once, but no, just more disappointment as the smouldering remains bairly twitched as I plunged the sword into its spine.


We timed our travel well, and located him with ease. On the count of three- we unleashed out power on him- and he was put to sleep before we'd made it through the door... I dragged him with us back into the tunnels, dropped him.. and.. 

It didn't feel right. I consulted the book on him to be sure, and he was certainly deserving.. 


The others had lost all of their previous inhibitions, and were ready to dispatch him. I held up my sword, as another leveled a gun at his chest and pulled the trigger.

He was dead before my sword even touched him. The head rolled, expecting his head to sprout crab legs and escape, or grow another one- or .. 

His blood pooled, and I picked up the head, and tucked it in a bag to bring it back. I handed the head over to the revolutionary leader, and went through the pleasantries... 

I then went out on the deck, and stood. Concentrating on the wind, and thinking about how it would be to take flight again.

2 years, 12 months ago: Sara Gause Viper wrote a Downtime Journal for Scenario for The Broken God

The Aftermath

Logbook entry 4269        Yesterday was the first day of Firehazard being open, it went well, except for Simon getting a dart in his shoulder, and Tsu being so drunk that Simon had to use his gun to force off the drunk governor(let’s hope he’s not like that on the job) Kody asked about therapy, finally, after........ Alexis dying, he’s definitely not the same, being more drawn back from Ed and I, sometimes outright ignoring me(though sometimes it was deserved, like when I asked for some vinegar to drink), so I’m glad he’s at least getting some help for Alexis dying, maybe I could even figure out how he died. There was also a nice woman named Mary who for some reason had some beef with Jeremy over getting a hit placed on her(might be worth looking into in case it was for good reason) but after a argument, Mary is actually gonna try to get built a med bat here, and I’ll supply the medical tools and resources. Then there was Cylia, who while acted a little strange at first, after getting to know her, it seems that her planet was torn apart by war, and she was hunted for whatever she was made out of, so I assume her body is not on the periodic table, but she’s a nice person, and while she’s definitely a little unsettling to look at in the eyes, she’s a nice person, I even taught her darts. im working on a few things for the future, to ensure that I'll always have enough power to tackle what ever comes from the Contracts. first things first, i need to ensure my arm doesn't break again, but that was easier said than done. the arm is already reiniforced enough to where adding aything stronger would weigh me down. i looked towards my scaled field to see if that would help with what i was doing. nada, didn't work, not even improved armor, it seems i need some more practice with it. on the other hand, i discover a way to make my arm....... incorpreal. after some experiments, my arm now can phase through walls, and the likely hood of it being broken is now down to not likely ever gonna happen. i also managed to make a sort of concussion bomb, and its definitly effective. and im doing something i should of done long ago, my gas has lagged behind everything else, that needs to end soon.

2 years, 12 months ago: Sara Gause Viper wrote a Contract Journal for Scenario for The Broken God

My rise to Seasoned

logbook entry 4264- well, this was my 10th game, and well, it was interesting to say the least, we had to assiasinate a corrupt politican who was manipulating the trade center or something, and while i was a little concerned about how well it was planned out, a little too well, it suprusingly went off without a hitch. Simon, who came from the circus game, was pretty helpful with detecting things, making sure that we weren't gonna run into any traps, and saw the tunnel buttons, which where for lights, obivious, i know, and cleanse, which i was interested in. i made sure no one was inside before we pressed it, I let Chamael press it, and then everything in the tunnel was burned clean, as if it were recently cleaned. turns out this steampunk world is more advanced then i thought, though they do have flying ships powered only by steam. so while going through the tunnels, i........ found what seemed to be a winged snake, which turned out to have a species name that i can't pronounce, somehow. Chameal then pulled out a book, which has some writing on it about the snake, and he was deeply affected by it. likely something to due with the power he used, but we kept moving on to the secret entrance to the living quarters of our target. Simon opend it, and after nearly giving off our positionsby accident, i decided to use my targeted sleep grenade, and he fell asleep FAST. after draging him out far enough into the tunnel, Simon pulled out his gun, Chameal became a angel of death, and the target was dead 10 times over, with confirmation from the ghost girl that came with us. Chameal brought back the head as proof, we got our payment, and now here i am, now a Seasoned Contractor, walking back home. you know, i wonder what Alexis has been up too since the last time i saw him......












today, i learned that life, is unfair

Aerolyrd was created by Lerinyth 3 years, 1 month ago

Playgroup Leader

A flying steampunk civilization consisting of 7 cities spread throughout the globe.

Full Setting Description



Part 1: The Surface

No one knows much about the before. Before the cities were built. Before their civilization rose into the clouds. All they know is that they must never return to the surface, for fear of their lives. Some of the more adventurous people in society choose to explore the surface through the Aetherrealm, and some are cast down to the surface, in banishment. 
The Surface is a barren wasteland, and it is claimed by many that no life dwells upon it, the husk of the planet once called Earth. There are leftover monuments of the civilizations' past, in the massive, massive constructs that built the cities, made of wood and metal, thousands of feet high, just crumbling over time. The geography consists of dry dirt, sand, rocks, and caves, almost devoid of all plants, animals, water, and life. Almost. The few who have travelled to, and observed the Surface, have noticed strange beasts occasionally travelling across the Surface, going from ravine, to cave, to cavern. 
Nothing is known about these creatures beyond their existence and physical appearance, large pale beasts, with two long limbs which they carry themselves on, almost horizontally. Their faces are almost flat, blind eyes rest on their humanoid foreheads, within their mouths they hold 8 long tentacles, which they use to consume minerals from the soil and environment around them. They have short legs, which they balance on if needed, but otherwise ignore entirely. They are mostly antisocial, but will interact with others, if encountered.  They are called “The Crawlers'' by those who whisper about them, due to the way they move.
This concludes the knowledge that the Aerians have regarding the surface, but it’s far from everything there is to know about the surface, but that’s left for the Contractors to find out over time.


Part 2.1: The Aetherrealm

“The Aetherrealm is the very fabric of reality” to quote Dr Daniel Eckhart, who is viewed as the greatest Aetherrealist of the current generation. The Aetherrealm links to every reality possible, and every reality in existence. There are 4 dimensions of the Aetherrealm, most of them similar yet so

  1. The Central Dimension (aka The Highway of Worlds)
    1. Within the Aetherrealm, these ‘veins’ of flowing energy, through pictures of which a person inside the Aetherrealm can view the outside world which is within that vein. An Aetherrealist can change the part of the world which the image shows at a given time, although they commonly default to the location where the most important historical moment of that period of time takes place. The veins themselves are a literal timeline of what happens. They are always that glowing purple (as is the case with almost everything related to the Aether), and change in size depending on the amount of change happening in the world at that time. They may be large as a field, or small as a plank of wood. Every world’s main timeline is here, and it can be used, in some cases, to hop between universes, times, and worlds.
  2. The Individual Timeline Dimension (aka The Webs of Time)
    1. Every creature with decision making capabilities has an individual timeline within the Aetherrealm, that they may choose to enter, and possibly change. Every time a creature makes a decision, there are pathways equal to the number of decisions by that person, used as outcomes. These pathways are physical and are extremely similar to The Highway of Worlds in nature, however representing the single creature’s lifespan, this is not an infinite dimension, unlike the Highway of Worlds
  3. The Void Dimension (aka The Infinite Abyss)
    1. You shouldn’t be here. Turn back. The Evil Things dwell here. Leave. 
  4. The Spirit Dimension (aka The Necropolis)
    1. A completely flat plane of existence, everything that has ever died lives here. There are many layers of this plane, one for every genus of animal to have ever lived. One can go back thousands of years to the very first humans, the Homo Habilis, or the most recent genus, Aetherrealists, the Homo Aethereum.

Part 2.2: The Aetherrealists

The Aetherrealm is more mysterious than the Surface, in many people's cases. This is mostly due to the fact that only a subsection of humans can control the Aetherrealm, and the force inside of it, known as the Aether. This subspecies makes up about 14.8% of the population, and are known to most as Aetherrealists, but those who study them call them Homo Aetherreum. They are almost entirely identical to humans, aside from a few key biological differences.

  1. They live much longer lives than humans, aging at about ⅓ the speed of a human, after reaching full maturity at age 20 for females, and age 24 for males
  2. They tend to be taller than humans, growing consistently until fully matured, unlike humans, who have occasional growth spurts during puberty. The average female height is 5’10”, and the average male height is 6’4”
  3. They have higher testosterone/estrogen levels, which is a reason behind their long lives and increased heights. This also causes a number of other physical traits:
    1. They have increased metabolism rates, leading to generally being thinner than humans.
    2. They find it easier to gain muscle, and are generally stronger than the average human
    3. They are also, in the majority of cases, more attractive than humans
    4. They have an increased mental resilience, and it is harder for their brains to produce low dopamine levels, leading to decreased depression levels
    5. Their brains are naturally resistant to most conditions, and will stave off most of the effects of these, such as Alzheimers, Amnesia, Dementia, Schizophrenia, etc
  4. They are imbued with energy from the Aetherrealm (called Aether), and have the ability to manipulate the Aetherrealm (see part 2.2, Manipulating the Aether, below)

Part 2.3: Manipulating the Aether

While some who have the ability to use the Aether choose not to use their gift, most of the Aetherrealists study the Aether, and how to use it. Through manipulating the Aether, the Aetherrealists can use specific abilities not generally accessible by normal humans. This is an incomplete list of those abilities currently possessed by users of the Aether.

  1. Teleportation
    1. Single Entity Translocation
      1. A somewhat common ability among highly skilled Aetherrealists
    2. Multiple Entity Translocation
      1. More rare than SET, however Aetherrealists of a similar skill level can use this ability to a greater effect.
    3. Portal Creation
      1. Very few are able to master this technique, and it’s finicky at best, sometimes producing results that are less than desirable.
  2. Aether Electricity Creation
    1. Combat Use
      1. Works to an effect directly correlating to the user’s ability.
    2. Fuel Use
      1. Sometimes referred to as wiretaps, Aetherrealists can use this ability to great effect to generate electricity at little cost to the user. Amount generated correlated to wielder’s proficiency
  3. Transmogrification
    1. Use on Self
    2. Use on Others
      1. Used occasionally in medical fields to stabilize injuries, and by lawkeepers to restrain people
  4. Substance Fabrication
    1. Simple or complex depending on the user’s proficiency level, it’s pretty self-explanatory
  5. Time Modification
    1. Travelling Forwards
    2. Travelling Backwards
    3. Freezing Time
  6. The ‘Aetherform’
  7. Aetherrealm Travel
  8. Aetherbeast Summoning



360 days in the year- the collapse caused the earth to accelerate about x1.08 from base Earth- slight but noticeable to outsiders, given a long enough stay within the world.
90 seconds per minute, 50 minutes per hour, 18 hours per day, 10 days a week, 4 weeks a month, 9 months per year, with perfectly balanced day-night cycles, always.
This is slightly faster than our earth, we have 86400 second days, Aerolyrd has 81000 second days. This is 29160000 second years for Aerolyrd, while we have 31540000 second years, a decrease of x0.922 the time units in Aerolyrd relative to Earth.

Timeline example, 1879 (year of collapse)
Primember 1/1/1879-1/40/1879
Secember 2/1/1879-2/40/1879
Terember 3/1/1879-3/40/1879
Quartember 4/1/1879-4/40/1879
Quintember 5/1/1879-5/40/1879
Sextember 6/1/1879-6/40/1879
September 7/1/1879-7/40/1879
October 8/1/1879-8/40/1879
November 9/1/1879-9/40/1879



Cities basics

Providence is the Royal City of Aerolyrd. It contains the upper echelon of society, and of course, the "Castle in the Sky'' as one might put it. A grand building stands deserted, as the person next-in-line for king has been lost, died, or never was claimed by the royal family.

Wyndelyn, the trade hub of Aerolyrd. This is where most businesspersons go to set up shop, and as such is generally the - commercial capital of Aerolyrd. Some of the most impoverished citizens also live here, packed in the inside of the city's mechanical underground. 

Mekhania. It is where artists, musicians, actors, and architects set up and do their businesses. 

Einclad consists of schools, museums, and colleges. It is also where most inventors, geniuses, and industrial leaders reside.

Redhavyn consists of residential areas, small businesses, and manufacturing districts. It is most known for the food, as the smaller hole-in-the-wall restaurants somehow do it better than multi-city businesses. 

Aermourne. Factories are commonplace, as are the lower tier of society made to work in these factories. Unfortunately, Aermourne has the highest crime rate in all of Aerolyrd. Gang life here is common, and rival factions battle each other unseen in the underbelly of the city for control.

Gildenport. This is the natural capital, full of fields and forests, lakes and rivers, and cliffs and caves. It is loosely developed, with less industrial areas, more agricultural places and animal farms.


Part 3: The Bestiary

The power of the Aether has both killed off animals and created new ones. The collapse of humanity in the year 1879 caused the death of most species, limiting the animals that humanity has access to, which imbued with the Aether, and most of them almost tamed by humanity. This is a complete log of all animals that remain.


  • Cats (Relatively standard black cats. Can communicate with each other, and can, with difficulty, be taught English)
  • Lycans (Loosely related to dogs, specifically German shepherds, although longer and more expressive ears, and higher levels of intelligence.)
  • Trotters (Horses, though they’re much more ferocious in the wild, and are omnivores)
  • Heebys (Rats. Self explanatory.)
  • Jeebys (Most comparable to weasels. Long animals with slick fur, beady eyes, and strong jaws, more likely to be invasive to buildings than rats. Good night vision)

-wild carnivore
-wild carnivore
-wild carnivore
-wild carnivore
-wild omnivore
-wild omnivore
-wild herbivore
-wild herbivore
-wild herbivore
-wild herbivore
-wild herbivore
-food herbivore
-food herbivore
-food omnivore
-food carnivore

Reptiles/ Amphibians
-wingsnake carnivore
-snake carnivore
-snake herbivore
-lizard carnivore
-lizard omnivore
-turtle herbivore


-pest omnivore
-predatory carnivore
-migratory carnivore
-migratory omnivore
-food omnivore
-food carnivore
-domestic omnivore
-domestic omnivore

-preyfish/food omnivore
-preyfish/food herbivore
-preyfish/food herbivore
-predatory carnivore
-predatory carnivore
-domesticated omnivore

-pest prey
-pest prey
-domesticated hunter
-domesticated prey
-wild prey
-wild prey
-wild hunter
-wild hunter


Religion and the Collapse-

Goddess Providence and her 6 Sages were each responsible for the creation of a single city, Wyndel, Mekkhan, Einclar, Redhi, Aer, and Gilda. Each are the goddess of their respective city’s culture, Wyndel the Goddess of Bartering and Charisma, Mekkhan the goddess of Art and Creativity, Einclar the goddess of Knowledge and Learning, Redhi the goddess of the Home and Safety, Aer the goddess of Nature and Animals. They descended upon the pre-collapse humanity and gave them the secrets of the Aether, which caused approximately 98.5% of humanity to be wiped out completely, as within 3 months Earth was reduced to a wasteland because of the Aetheric energy wiping out everything incompatible, however the Goddesses created the cities and all surviving humans and animals were moved to the cities. This is why we worship them. Each city worships their patron goddesses in their capital buildings by attending mass on the 9th day of each week.