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2 years, 9 months ago: Jules wrote a Downtime Journal for Submarine Terror

Another day

Today was interesting. I met a wolfman and got out of the submarine. Now on to my next adventure. I have been looking at working with some people to start a fellowing of people in the know. These folks all have specific skills and are able to work together. I need certain capable folks and a good plan. I dont want this to get out so yea. I have heard of a guy Mikey that can creat wonderful paintings pretty easily. He has the know how and the smarts but I need to watch his other habits.


Next there is Bill he can drive anything be it a truck car or tank. He has an odd miltart background and wont talk about why he left so his past remains odd. Lastly and more importantly there is Janus out tech guy he can figure jsut about any system but hes hard to get a hold of as he lives near the artic and does not like people. So I have to approach his carefully. My plan is to get them to work together but each of them have issues and a past so I need ot find some thing that will interest them that is not all about money. I know millions is great but these folks need more motivation that is not material. They are pretty young so they need a reason to work with me. I would like to know what they want and how we can work together. I have a few places that would be a great start but I need to get them working as a team. The first person I will contact is Bill. We need to get around easily.

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