A world Infested by the growths.

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1 year, 10 months ago: Rick Williams wrote a Downtime Journal for Tree of the Shrike

Weekly activitys

This is the time im not staying anymore here i have the power of the Gifts so i should be able to break out.

1-2 weeks

I kinda took notice of the guards schedual and wrote it down. I got kinda close to one of them too and since i was being a model prisonner before and now i kinda chatted him up.I am realy sorry for this Trevor but you are the perfect mark for me to escape. He is about my size and more importably even tho i hate myself for saying this he has family out and would be afraid to die and leave them behind. Ofcourse im not gonna kill the guy but i will thretend him. What i have in mind is im gonna grab him and thretend to kill him if he trys to get away saying that if he does that he will leave behind his wife and widow and his child an orphan. This should work on him to be honest he seem like a caring husband and father. Once im out i will make sure to make some money and reimburse the guy for making him loose his job i heard his wife is running a bisness i will just anonymously donate them there.

3-4 weeks

Trevor is my target if i take his cloths and disguise myself as a prison guard i can probably get quite far. With my power to fade out of existance and hide from blind eye of a normal person i should be able to pass most of the checks then i will wait and use that again while dashing with my insane speed out of here.I dont have much time after that they will eventualy find the guard after some minetes if he doesnt respond to his post after feeding us.I gotta get a head start my driving skills arent the best but it will do i think i can car jack a car and get out of here then once at a city i will switch cars. I realy want to see Mina and Elly but since they are in witness protection i cant realy contract them. Im so sorry for cousing you so much trouble but i cant stay in here forever.

Once im a free man again there is two things i want to do first need to make or find a hideout from the law. Second that fucking bastard that frame me i will make sure he suffers i will defenetly get infos on what happened that night i have the power of gifts myself there has to be gifts that can help me on that depurtment and with each contract i meet new people someone will be able to help me gather evidence and clear my name. Apart from Mina and Elly i dont realy care about the other people opinion of me but i dont want those two to think im the guy they make me out to be. Damn it Mark you left me behind man... we were suppose to be a team... maybe i just let you down. If i had the powers i have now i could have saved you... I realy miss the times when we all were together and laughed while thinking of the future... I will try my best to protect Mina and Elly even from the sidelines i wont let anyone harm them i promise you that.

All i need is a chance and im out of here im gonna keep on with my investigation till i am 100% sure i can escape!

1 year, 10 months ago: Bu Fang wrote a Downtime Journal for Mushroom Hunt

Chefs Journal Addendum 2

Chefs Journal Addendum Chapter 2:

This time, the deal was fufilled through a different method. Instead of previously giving me a isolated area to train in, The person showed me an example, gave me a journal that explained the concept, and left me to my own stuffs. I understood some of the logic but as my way was different, i used Qi instead and focused it into my blade. I started to see and feel the thin veil, the thin strings that held the fabric of space together. I slowly sliced it as if i was skinning a beast and I see a literal tear in space in front of me. My knife seemingly extending through it and slicing another area a bit further out. The inside of the hole seemingly like a fog, its hard to see, and i knew i shouldn't stay there long so i quickly hop through and out the other end. This seem's to eat up my qi by quite a bit though. Having to focus it in my eyes to see the thin veil then in my knife before cutting. Its in effecient but will make do for now. I will still need to continue my cultivation and refine to building foundation. I already started the process past Qi cultivation now.

Making Egg Fried Rice


  • White rice, cooked and chilled (perferablly a day old.)
  • Eggs, lightly beaten
  • Scallions & garlic, finely chopped
  • Light soy sauce
  • Sesame oil
  • Salt & white pepper
  • Neutral cooking oil


  1. Scramble the eggs
  2. add in the garlic with more oil and fry for 30 seconds
  3. Add in rice and fry
  4. Stir fry the two together and add seasoning
  5. Add in cooked protein and veges.
  6. Plate carefully.
2 years, 11 months ago: Mansquito wrote a Downtime Journal for Mushroom Hunt

On the streets of JUSTICE!

As Mansquito returned to his daily routine of patrolling the streets for any signs of crime, his exceptional eyesight and horrific power aiding him in his task, he managed to chance upon a violent assault from a gang of crooks upon a sweet old lady. Outraged by the complete and utter lack of JUSTICE, Mansquito prepared to charge, only to realise the young men all carried guns. The bullet wound in his chest throbbed, reminding the hero of his own mortality, but his very being cried out for him to rectify this situation. Unable to turn from the cry for help, the heros blood pounded furiously through his veins, and he felt power course through his body as he began to swell, his already impressive size being further amplified and his slender limbs suddenly rippling with power. With his newly enhanced physique, Mansquito let out a cry of "FOR GREAT - BZZZZZZZTTTT - JUSTICE!!!" And leapt at the crooked young men, intent on apprehending them. The horrified criminals shrieked in terror at the black-shelled abomination charging towards them, one trying to shoot but failing as the bullets bounced off the thick, chitinous shell of the towering Mansquito. There was no mercy for the miscreant youths as Mansquito crushed them beneath his immense weight, before returning the stolen handbag to the old lady, now collapsed on the street after her horrific ordeal. Satisfied with a job well done, Mansquito returned home, completely ignorant of the wail of sirens far off in the distance, and the muffled screams as onlookers tried not to catch the insectoid behemoths attention.

Darkwood was created by NPboom 2 years, 11 months ago

Playgroup Leader

the trees keep growing and growing and growing and growing and growing

Full Setting Description

the forest stretched out as far as the eye could see, with trees as tall as skyscrapers, and thick as hotels. every night, the few surviving people of the initial growth of the forest band together in villages made of mud, stone and clay. the forest's influence extends beyond plants, and into creatures as well, making bio-aborius monstrosities of your worst nightmare. weird fungus began to grow as well, as some of the residents that touched it became......... different. the only country left standing is in australia, being one of the few places being able to stand up to the monsters that came from. the forest seems to be strongest in poland, as there and anywhere near it, the night brings death, how is not understood, as the only way to survive is in a house with lighting. its best to be in by sundown.