Shoot It Open "For the next movie Myth, Tori, Carey, and Brad will have to really aim up!""This is a classic myth and it involves a guy that's trying to get through a door, but the doors locked, so he pulls out a handgun, and shoots the lock, and... Presto! He's inside."

The power to lock, unlock, or open things.
Used by Braf Johnson, Created by shady.

You can shoot the lock on a door with a gun, causing it to break and fall cleanly out the other side, without any shrapnel flying about. The door may now be opened, and cannot be re-locked unless a new lock is installed.

Spend an Action to activate. Select a Doors within 20 feet. Cannot be used on Alien technology.

You may lock, unlock, and/or open your target.

This Gift's level is capped at 2 Gifts and cannot be increased further.

  • Any door or restraint that is fastened or shut with a mechanism may be considered locked, at the GM's discretion. Can be used on control panels or other electronic locks, but not computer security systems.
  • If you operate a locking mechanism through this Effect which has some other secondary effect (such as the ignition on a car causing the car to start) you may cause that effect as well.

Community Power Gifts

A small creature to begin with, Guido has uncanny ability to end up underfoot, under tables, or similar - easily running through crowds of startled people, between a forest of table legs, or through low underbrush without difficulty.

You gain the following benefits at all times.

You may move easily and without a roll in any of the following situations.

  • Path Finder: You are adept at making your way through crowds, underbrush, and other dense, congested environments. While doing so, you move at full speed.

Working with a zero-point reactor, John now can move through the fourth dimension, making it hard to see him unless he forces himself into the proper 3 dimensions. it takes about a minute to slip back into the 4th dimension

You gain the following benefits at all times.

You and any clothes or equipment you are wearing are partially obscured from sight. All attempts to detect you using sight are rolled at a -3 dice penalty.

Entering Combat or being Injured will end the Effect. When the Effect ends, it is disabled for 1 minute.

  • GMs should use their discretion when determining the exact impacts of this Effect, particularly in conjunction with environmental factors. Standing still against a complex background may render you impossible to detect, and footprints in snow may make it easy. A chance to detect you is not guaranteed.

Given a roll of Duct Tape & a hit of Speed, Murdock can jury rig almost anything to be up & at 'em faster than you can sat Skeech-Mo!

Spend 10 Rounds to activate. Select a Object within arm's reach that is no larger than an SUV. Cannot be used on Alien technology. This Effect cannot be used unless High on Speed. You must use up Duct Tape in order to activate this Effect. More than half the target object must be present in order to begin repairs. Roll Intellect + Crafts at Difficulty 6.

If you succeed, your target is repaired back to a functional state. If you fail, you spend the full time working before realizing you cannot repair the target. If your target only requires fuel or power and is otherwise in working order, this Effect costs no Exertion, and the target is fueled/powered for the next 24 hours.

  • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

After taking on multiple spirts, another reaper, and a physical manifestation of fear and nightmares, Penny’s/Valerie’s mental defenses have proven strong, but only barely strong enough to survive. So now she prepares her thoughts, fortifying them, and laying traps. She will show her enemies that there are consequences for intruding on the head of a reaper.

You gain the following benefits at all times.

You get +1 dice to any Mind resistance rolls you make. You also gain the following effects:

  • Instant Karma: If the Outcome of your Mind resistance roll is greater than the attacker’s Outcome, you may reflect the attack back at them, or to another valid target within an appropriate distance.

  • These bonuses apply only to Mind rolls made to resist Effects and other supernatural phenomena. They do not apply to Trauma rolls or self-control rolls.

If not already, the sidearm becomes a solid black, blending into the silence as it's parts silently slide in fluid motion

You gain the following benefits as long as engaged in combat with Side arm.

Your attacks with Side arm deal +3 Bonus Damage. Armor is fully effective against this damage.

Possession of this Power grants the following Battle Scar: Your hands are charred black, and stained red as if soaked in blood.

You also gain the following effects:

  • Quick Fingers: Drawing your weapon is a Free Action as long as it is on your person. You may reload as a Free Action.
  • Silencer: Shots you fire can be made silent at will.
  • Silent Killer: If your shot would kill or incapacitate your target, they make no sound, even incidentally, for the next Round.

  • Reminder: Bonus Damage stacks with Weapon Damage, but does not stack with any other Bonus Damage. Instead, the highest Bonus Damage is used.

Stock Power Gifts

Regardless of donor blood type, body type, gender, or similar, the doctor may perform a transplant to replace a damaged body part in a matter of hours. The replacement organs and limbs must be recently deceased or preserved.

Exert your Mind and spend ten minutes to activate. Select a Living target within arm's reach. You must use up a donor organ which matches the missing or damaged parts in order to activate this Effect. Select a Battle Scar on your target to treat.

The treated Battle Scar will heal over the course of the next week.

Doc puts his hands on you and begins to mutter to himself in french. The effect is instant and horrible. You begin to remember all of the sins of your past, all the ways that you've wronged those who loved you. All of the terrible, evil things you've done on these contracts in order to survive. Doc seems to be in the grips of similar memories, tears running down his chin and dripping onto his hands that are pressed tightly against you. At the point where your mind feels like it's about to break, it's over. Just as quickly as it began. You feel your wounds begin to close.

Exert your Mind and spend 1 minute to activate. Select a Living target within arm's reach. Make a Trauma roll when you activate this Effect. Your target must make a Trauma roll when you activate this Effect. Choose a specific Injury on your target that has not yet been treated with this Effect and roll Charisma + Medicine at Difficulty 6.

If you succeed, the Injury is reduced in Severity by your Outcome. If you reduce its Severity to 0, the Injury is fully healed. Otherwise, it is partially healed and will heal the rest of the way at its natural rate.

This counts as a successful Makeshift Stabilization if the Injury was not already Stabilized; any Battle Scars caused by the Injury will remain.

  • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

Most severe injuries occur far from a facility that could treat them, and in the fetid muck of the battlefield even minor wounds may be a death sentence. Luckily the soldier is well-trained in the use of their standard-issue medical kit. They may stabilize even the most severe injuries with a little gauze and some no-anesthetic stitching. Furthermore, the treated wounds of their comrades never get infected.

You gain the following benefits at all times. You must actively and obviously be using a standard issue military medical kit to gain the benefits of this Effect.

All Stabilizations you attempt are considered Proper Stabilizations.

You also gain the following effects:

  • Gifted: You get +3 dice on any rolls related to medical care as long as you are performing treatment near the site of a battle.
  • Sterile: Sanitary conditions no longer matter during medical care. Your patients will never suffer an infection or toxic shock during treatment, even if you are performing surgery in a sewer. You may preserve harvested body parts indefinitely.

  • All stabilizations being proper stabilizations applies to stabilizations from other Effects such as Heal Wound.

The bad reputation of the Evil Eye proceeds all Witches for good reason. It is a terrible curse that can cause any number of awful diseases or maladies. After making eye contract with their victim, the Witch's eyes sink into dark vortices of malicious, roiling blood. They return to normal a moment later, leaving the target to wonder if they were merely seeing things as a cough heralds their oncoming illness.

Exert your Mind and spend an Action to activate. Select a Living target within arm’s reach. Roll Perception + Occult at Difficulty 6. Your target may resist by rolling Body at Difficulty 7.

If you succeed, the target is afflicted with a Condition that causes one of the following symptoms:

  • Poisoned: The target gains a Severity-1 Injury which ignores Armor and doesn’t heal naturally. For every day that passes, they receive a new identical Injury. If this new Injury would kill them, they roll 1d10 at Difficulty 6. Success cures the condition; otherwise, they will die.
Symptoms begin to appear immediately, and will remain and continue to worsen until the affliction is cured. The affliction is not contagious and will not spread to others.

The affliction is not treatable by modern medicine. It may be diagnosed by rolling Intellect + Occult at Difficulty 6, and can be cured by dripping virgin blood into your eyes.

  • Successfully diagnosing an affliction also includes information about the treatment method.
  • The chosen method of treatment must be something that you could obtain in a small town given an afternoon.
  • Curing an affliction removes the Condition, but does not automatically heal any Injuries, Battle Scars, or Traumas which may have been caused by that condition.

The cop keeps his gun trained on The Witch and nods to her cart. "Open it. Slowly"

Her wrinkled fingers pry open the door. Dozens of miniature glass bottles, each one unique in shape and color, tinkle against each other.

"I can be useful, you know," she croaks, lifting a cloudy pink flask no larger than her finger. "Are you looking for love? One sip of this will send even the most stone-hearted prospect into a fit of passion."

The officer snatches the vial and regards the faintly-glowing fluid swirling within. "Another charlatan," he grunts, tossing it over his shoulder. He grabs the old woman's waterskin and takes a swig. "Plain water's worth more than your lies you dirty--"

He freezes and blinks at the Witch. Where before he saw a vile con artist, now he sees an old woman finding her way though a harsh world. Was his own mother so different? He lowers his gun. "Don't let me catch you tricking folks around here again."

The Witch smiles and snaps her cart closed. "With pleasure."

Spend an Action to activate. Select a Living target within 45 feet as well as a specific emotion. You must actively and obviously use your potion brewing set to activate this Effect. Roll Charisma + Alertness at Difficulty 6. Affected targets can resist by rolling Mind at Difficulty 6.

If you succeed, for the next minute, your target will do things they otherwise wouldn’t have done, inspired by the chosen emotion. They will not necessarily display their emotions in an obvious way.

Actions they take will be in keeping with their character and the way they tend to deal with strong emotions. They will be unlikely to change their mind about any actions taken or decisions made until after the Effect ends.

Both attacking someone and being attacked will end the Effect.

This Gift's level is capped at 2 Gifts and cannot be increased further.

  • If you succeed, the target MUST take at least one Action they otherwise would not have. Hey, GM who is reading this, I'm talking to you. You have to enforce this. Remember: Gifts must feel powerful.