Pathetic Gaze

"I forgive you."

A 1 Gift Emotion Control Power created by shady.


The creature's claws rip through the poor, defenseless doctor's coat, opening deep gashes in his gut. It bares its fangs to lunge for the killing blow, but the man looks up at his attacker. His eyes filed not with utter terror at his imminent demise, only a look of disappointment and pity. Touched, the monster hesitates. . .

System Active

Spend an Action, Exert your Mind, and choose an emotion and an Animate target within 45 feet. Make a contested roll against the target, rolling Charisma + Influence Difficulty 6 vs their Mind, Difficulty 6 as a Free Action. If you win, the target must do something they otherwise wouldn't have done, inspired by the chosen emotion. The action they take will be in keeping with their character and the way they tend to deal with strong emotions. The emotion shift lasts 1 Minute, and during that time, they are very unlikely to change their mind about their action.

Combat ends the effect, even if the target started it. If attempting to calm during combat, effect ends if target is attacked.

Example emotions (and example potential actions):
Anger (attacking, losing temper)
Pity (adopting a puppy, stopping an attack, killing you painlessly)
Happiness (stopping a despair-driven action)
Jealousy (stealing a gem, buying something)
Anxiety (run, attack brutally)
Sadness (find solitude, openly cry)


  • Triggered (You cannot manually activate this Power. Instead, choose a triggering event, always outside your control, that activates this Power without requiring an Action or Exertion cost from you.)
    • Triggering Event - Someone injures Terry with a Severity 2 or higher Injury


  • Elemental (Instead of choosing an emotion, you may only inspire a single emotion or narrow band of emotions.)
    • Emotion - Remorse for hurting such a pure soul


Range: 1 ( 45 feet ) Duration: 0 ( 1 Minute )

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