Monkey Wrench

"Just gotta put some elbow grease in that bad boy, yessir, bit of duct tape & it'll be right back on the road again, you betcha!"

A 1 Gift Repair Power used by Murdock, created by Strazhari.


Given a roll of Duct Tape & a hit of Speed, Murdock can jury rig almost anything to be up & at 'em faster than you can sat Skeech-Mo!


Roll Intellect + Crafts Difficulty 6 to repair a Non-Sapient Object. After (10/Outcome) Rounds work, it is repaired back to a functional state. If you fail the roll, use 1 as your Outcome when determining Cast Time, after which you realize you cannot repair the object. Must have Duct Tape on hand in order to complete your repairs.

Cannot be used on an object larger than an SUV, and more than half of the target object must be present to repair it. Cannot be used on Alien technology.


  • Conditional (This Power is only available when a certain condition is met. This condition must be severe enough that this Gift is unusable the majority of the time.)
    • Condition - High on Speed


Cast Time: 2 ( (10/Outcome) Rounds )

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- Nov. 6, 2021, 3:38 p.m. - Improvement Cost: 1. Parameter Cast Time changed from 1 to 2.

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Nov. 3, 2021, 3:57 p.m. - New Cost: 0. Initial power creation