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Earth Unveiled House Rules

A full list of rulings, errata, and further nuance, can be found on-server.


Earth Unveiled is a "High Power High Speed" variant of The Contract RPG.
Contractors have the potential to be much more powerful, much earlier on, and generally are able to begin making Moves towards their Ambition and/or challenging the Status Quo, much much sooner then they normally would.


We do not have a citizenship requirement!


Games are a "Bracket Up": (Seasoned Games are "Solo", Professional Games are True-Solo.)

You start with a free Gift.

Anything (Gift-Related) that requires "Seasoned" status, no longer does, anything that requires "Veteran" status now instead requires Professional.


Welcome to Earth Unveiled!

While you are making your Contractor, abide by these terms.


Contractor Criteria

1) No Rips

Can't be anyone who exists as a real person, or otherwise in fiction: the exception is caricatures, "impostor" concepts, and similar... if you aren't sure, ask.

2) No Stock Powers

If you aren't going to put the effort in to write your own Gifts, then we aren't going to put the effort in to run games for you or otherwise approve your sheet.

3) No Copy-Characters

You cannot play the same Contractor you play in a different playgroup here, or the other way around... nor can you 1:1 existing characters... Contractors are usaully distinct enough that even if two contractors share a similar concept, they are different.

4) Cool Characters Only

No "Crashdummy" Contractors, no low-effort garbage, there are no "Feeling it out" characters... if your character isn't cool, is lame, and cannot stand on their own two feet as a believable character by their first game... they shouldn't be a Contractor. Flesh it out!

5) Take Criticism

Be ready to take criticism on your Contractor, we don't care if your OC "wouldn't have an Ambition" or "does things just cause"..., be ready to take criticism, and be ready to make changes if and when nessecary.

6) Everything must mean something.

You must be able to explain everything on your sheet... it must all add up: nothing can be there "just cause" or for non-narrative reasons.

7) Make it make sense.

It must all connect in some reasonable or logical or flavorful way... Do not use randomized concepts.


Going Forward....



Or more accurately what is their occupation? This helps define what their abilities, attributes, assets & alike are.

Supernatural Paradigm

What kind of -mancer are they? How do their gifts characterize them? Are they a Super? are they an Esper? a Fairy? a Psychic? Or are they a Vampire or Werewolf?


What do YOU want to do in the world, how do you want to change it, how do you want to challenge the status quo? However you answer this... should be what a character's Ambition is. YOU, have to want to do it, to play it.


On any given day (or Contract) what do they typically look like? include ethnicity / race, clothing, what they carry, etc... define them!


Dice Scaling.

When determining how "skilled" your Contractor is in a given field, the following metric is used.

0-2 Dice = "Minimum"

2-4 Dice = "Hobbyist

4-6 Dice = "Employable

6-8 Dice = "Professional

8-10 Dice = "Elite

10-12 Dice = "World-class

12-14 Dice = "Legendary

14-16 Dice = "Inhuman"


In terms of Ability Ratings

0 - No Compotence

1 - Basic Compotence

2 - Minimal Formal Training

3 - Novice / Hobbyist

4 - Baseline Professional

5 - Leading Professional

6 - World-Class Training

(6 is unobtainable Pre-Seasoned)


How much should I have?

For newer players, spread your skills out! Do not hyper-specialize.

Generally, you want 8 Dice in 1-2 fields you are "Specialized" in.

You want 6 Dice in 2-3 fields you are "Skilled" in.

You want 6-8 Dice to "Self-Defense".

Concepts may vary... but the above is a rule of thumb.


Assets & Liabilities

You are limited to 39 points of EXP from Liabilities: new players are recommended to take even less! The exception is liabilities "core" to a supernatural concept.

See in the Expanded System on-server for custom Assets, how to do them, and clarifications on existing ones.

Animal Liability is banned.



You start with a free Gift.

Anything (Gift-Related) that requires "Seasoned" status, no longer does, anything that requires "Veteran" status now instead requires Professional.

You may Spend Improvements to a max of (Wins * 2) + 1)

Meaning your total Gift value can only be...

0 Win = 3 (Gifted, Charon Coin, Houserules)

1 Win = 4

2 Wins = 5

3 Wins = 7

4 Wins = 9

5 Wins = 11

6 Wins = 13

7 Wins = 15

8- So on.

(You may not spend Improvements on taking entirely new Gifts, this requires Gift Credits, which are earned from winning Contracts (or charoincoin,gifted,houserule)





A rework allows you to change and/or modify your character's sheet and such, so long as it stays true to the "core". You must get permission and/or notify of such in your character-sheet's thread on-server.

You get to rework your character prior to your first Novice Contract. (4)

You get your second rework at Seasoned. (10 wins)

You get your third rework at Professional. (17 wins)


Homerule Giftless

We use a special version of the "Giftless" Liability (30 EXP)

"Giftless (30) : Due to a preexisting seal, limiter, curse, or condition, you have been deprived of your latent Gifts. (You may not start play with any Gifts: you may spend these Gifts when this Liability is bought off.)


"Buying Off Liabilities / Buying Assets"

Spending EXP to buy off a Liability may only be done as apart of Rework processes at GM Discretion.

Spending EXP to purchase an Asset may be done as apart of of Rework processes at GM discretion: you must get GM permission past that. 


Does the Government know? Are you a public or private paranormal?

Answer this, and questions like this, during character-creation in either your Biography or Questionnaire by Novice: have it fleshed out!



0-3 Newbie (You, probably!) - You are transported to and from Contracts; you may access Seasoned Effects, Enhancements, and Parameters from the get-go, as well as a free Gift. Contracts and their mandatory obstacles must be solvable by a group of skilled and/or suited individuals such as Police, Mercenaries, or Monster Hunters.

3-6 Low Novice / "Newbie Novice" - Must now transport self to and from Contracts; unlock Source Regen, and you may do a Novice Rework to keep until 10 wins at Seasoned. Contracts and their mandatory obstacles must be solvable by a group of highly skilled and/or suited individuals such as Federal Agents, Marines, or similar.

6-9 High Novice - Contracts strictly limited to three people now; Contracts and their mandatory obstacles should be solvable by Superagents, The Boys from hit-show The Boys, Special Forces, and similar.

9-12 Low Seasoned - Contracts are now solo by default; you must be able to "call" other Contractors into the Contract and provide your own rewards / promises to them. Only YOU receive a Gift Point for the Contract. At 10 wins you unlock a new Source Recharge condition, and your Seasoned Rework you'll keep until Professional (17 wins). Contracts no longer required to be solvable by mundane of highly skilled folk and their mandatory obstacles may not have built-in solutions any more.

12-15 Seasoned - Contracts still solo by default and use the above rules ^.

16-24 Professional - Contracts are now strictly and systematically solo; once you hit 17 Wins (Professional) you may, for each win, spend a singular Gift Point to obtain a Veteran Parameter, Enhancement, or Effect; starting with your first at 17 wins. Your Source Regen drops to an hour; and you unlock your Professional Rework that you will keep for the rest of your career. 

25 & 25+ Veteran - You may retire and immortalize your PC into a Harbinger if they have not yet completed their Ambition at your leisure; once they become a Harbinger they may have no direct effect on the world except through the Contracts and the Contractors they call into the Cosmic Conspiracy. 


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