Completed Contract

Redchigh ran Scenario for The Finger Biters

This Contract took place in Xenos on Apr 20, 2021 at 6:28AM


Gov. Tsu-Wang - Declined Harbinger Invite
Bill Brenner - Victory
Played by BobDylan530

Ran 15 km, stole a truck, ran tech support irl basically

Alexandra Lee - Victory
Played by coco

That fingers gonna look and feel funny for a while .. but at least your brain survived

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Jeremy Wesley - Victory
Played by jwesley123

Stabbed a priest, and talked a ally into giving up a finger. Never give up! Never surrender!

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Lady Elizabeth Finnegan - Victory
Played by Lerinyth

Lady Elizabeth Finnegan has not yet spent their Gift for this Contract.

Destroyed abominations with that big beautiful sword

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