Completed Contract

Hawful ran Placeholder Scenario for Lots of Character, needs TLC played on 2020-04-05 20:20:00-07:00

This Contract took place in NC Reborn on Apr 06, 2020 at 12:20AM

NC Reborn House Rules



Bruck "The Truck" Bruckman - Victory
Played by twolegit

Bruck "The Truck" Bruckman has not yet spent their Gift for this Contract.

Got knocked the bruck out. Also had his arm snapped by elliot.

Terry Buckworth - Victory
Played by ShadyTradesman

Terry saw a demon, ignorantly banished a child ghost, and then unwound by eating a world-class human steak

Elliot Shan - Victory
Played by LiteraryAdventures

"If a demon offered Matt a deal in real life, he would take it." -Bob Dylan