Completed Game

GreenAppll ran Aurora order: Infiltrate and retrieve

This Game took place in Realm of mysteries on Jul 05, 2021 at 3:54PM

Realm of mysteries House Rules

Anything goes but there will always be secrets around. Any power related to gods and demons might have catastrophic effects on the contracts and YOU

Demons in this world, no matter the contract, will at least once a day, try to escape by attacking the PC mind.  Roll mind with 2+ succ for perfect succ. 1 succ to only take 1 mind damage. 0 for 2 mind damage. Botch, takes 3 mind damage and lose demon.

Spirits in this world are special. They are generally corrupt and in very rare exceptions, only then are they nice. When looking upon a spirit. Roll mind. 0 mind means you fall into a nightmare where you fight with the spirit for your body. 4 succ means you have managed to subdue the spirit as your minion. botch means take 2 mind damage and fight with the spirit for your body.

if your power uses something related to a outer god, you may find it weakened as the planet itself restrict godly powers due to reasons. Please subtract 1 succ from the power. If your power manages to resonate with one of the 22 cards, you will instead get +1 succ to the power.

Rituals are extremely powerful in this world. They call upon a beings name to make a deal. The being will generally try to trick you or get a massive advantage. Be wary. 4 succ to trick the being. 2 succ for a even deal. 1 succ, you're in a slight disadvantage. 0 succ means the being will ignore you. botch may gains the beings ire. Discuss with me when a PC botches.

Rampager are creatures thats failed to retain their sanity and fell to corruption. Their only desire is to kill everything alive and consume it. The body is fully healed and the stats are +2 brawn. +2 dex. -3 charisma, -2 int -2 perception. -2 wits. A PC can turn into a rampager if they take +1 more mind damage past incapacitated.

Beyonder Potions is a system that is purely for this world. When you drink a beyonder potion. You will need to roll mind 3 times. If you botch, you will turn into a rampager. These potions will give you a set of abilities that you can use. You will be in "gift debt" which means that you wont be able to drink the next potion without paying off the potion you already drank. You do not need to immediately pay off the potion, you can still use your gift on other powers. Though to get to veteran, you will need to be atleast potion sequence 6 or higher

For occult stuff - Jotun. Ancient Hermes. Hermes. Dragonese. Elvish
For main world - Ancient Feysac and Duntan

Life Sequence Presence Those of higher potion sequence gains an automatic advantage. They apply pressure to those they are in combat with and enemy must roll mind to ignore it else take -1 dice penalty.

Artifacts are dangerous and when holding a artifact kf this world, you will need to roll mind after using it.