Legacy Power: Contour Queen

"Just a touch of shadow."

A 4 Gift Disguise Power used by Paula, created by jwesley123.


Paula has begun to do things that can get her killed by the foundation and she begins to work on hiding her ability. She felt something different as she did.


Exert your mind and spend 30 Minutes applying a disguise. You may alter your physical appearance, not including clothes, to one that has a similar sex, weight, age, race, and height. Lasts one hour or until you choose to end the effect.

A disguise cannot affect your Attributes or other stats.


  • The Man With No Face (Your disguise lasts until you reactivate the Effect)
  • Doppelganger (You may mimic specific individuals.)
  • Hide Other (You may apply a disguise to a willing or incapacitated target.)


  • Mage (Activating this Effect requires two consecutive Actions of Concentration. It involves intricate use of the body and voice. If interrupted during activation, the Effect fails. It is obvious you are preparing to activate an Effect during casting.)
    • Activation Ritual - Paula applies makeup and a wig to the target
  • Focus (Using this Effect requires a specific kind of item.)
    • Object - Makeup Kit


Cast Time: 0 ( 30 Minutes )

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