News and Updates


Patch 22.7.1 - Advanced Downtimes, Assets and Liabilities Reimagined

This is a huge update with tons of new content. New systems for structured Downtimes, a major reimagining of Assets and Liabilities, big improvements to the Guide and more!


Patch 22.5.1 - Guide Search, GM notes, Mechanics Adjustments

This is a minor patch that adds a new guidebook search feature and secret GM notes for Contractors, and also adjusts some mechanics related to weapons.


Patch 22.5.0 - Road to Beta 2/3: Gift-Building Evolved

If you haven’t been paying attention, wake up. This one is big.

This patch is the second of three major updates we are releasing leading up to the beta release of The Contract! The next patch will be a massive update to our rulebook.

In this patch, we have completely evolved our Power Builder into a brand new Gift Builder.


Patch 22.1.1 - Contract Classic: Stabilizations

After public playtesting, we have decided to replace the Complications system with a more involved Injury Stabilization system. Complications felt narratively disconnected and slowed down Combat. The new system moves dealing with Injuries after Combat and works better with The Contract’s grittier, more realistic tone.


Patch 22.1.0 - The Road to Beta 1 / 3 - Mechanics

This Patch is the first of three major patches we are making before we transition The Contract from Alpha to Beta! The next two updates will feature an overhaul of the Powers system and a round of Polish on the Player’s Guide (and setting), but this update is all about the game’s core mechanics.

Highlights of this update include the addition of Injury Complications, changes to Experience costs, a new one-shot-protection mechanic for Contractors called Will to Survive, and renaming Worlds to Playgroups.


Support us on Patreon!

We have officially launched a Patreon so that fans of The Contract can support the game’s development!


Patch 0.12.0 - Webhooks and Communities

This small update adds webhooks that allow Worlds to easily add auto-posting bots to their Discord servers as well as a couple small bugfixes.


Patch 0.11.0 - Witless Wednesday!

We made some big changes to Experience and Worlds this update. Oh, and we got rid of Wits.


Patch 0.10.0 - Welcome Wagon and Content Bundle

This update contains a new How to Play guide, Rewards for Scenario writeups, a new Effect, and more!


Patch 0.8.0 - Achievement unlocked: You have entered the Blob Zone

Highlights of this update include a leaderboard, new convenience to the character sheets, some mechanics updates, and a new Effect: Amorphous Transformation.