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2 years, 4 months ago: Grace Cyanide wrote a Downtime Journal for Time warp


Dear Diary,



My name is Obedience Bratcher, and I am Grace’s best friend. We have shared this body for what we can best estimate to be five years, and they have been, undoubtedly, the best five years of my life and death.


I was born in 1682, in a small village near what I hear has since become Tinton Falls, New Jersey. I lived for eleven years with my mother, my father, and my grandmother. When I died, the Salem Witch Trials had not yet begun… my burning was preemptive, but never heard of. I was still alive when they carried me away, though they never knew that and never will (unless Satan devises such punishment as to bring guilt into their hearts in Hell) and my burial was secret. I did not finally pass until the suffocation came.


After that, I spent the time possessing the seed that grew above my grave, growing with it over the years. It grew as I did; the first while was a fruitless, shambling existence, but as I calmed, the seed and I grew, and when we hit the surface, I began to learn. I forgot my name somewhere in the centuries… it was unimportant, and still is, but remembering has unlocked recollections I suppose are ultimately preferable to have. I was Obedience Bratcher, and then we were the apple tree.


I watched the world change from fields to metal and plastic. I had no mouth nor muscles in the physical world; in my angriest moments I could shake the beautiful boughs of my tree, and once dropped an apple onto the head of a particularly horrible man, but that was the extent of my movement.


Grace Richardson was not my first friend, even after death, but she tells me I was hers. She tells me that before we joined, she hadn’t known a true friendship. I am glad, even though the circumstances that led her to me were not desirable, that we are able to be as we are.


The last name Cyanide was our own creation. It is difficult sometimes to choose which to go by, Richardson or Cyanide- but Cyanide’s resilience is what we need, and so it is what we chose, and so it is what we are. She is… sort of… Grace Richardson, and I am Obedience Bratcher in the same degree, but we are Grace Cyanide.

2 years, 5 months ago: Raul Saturn wrote a Downtime Journal for Monster hunt(s): Vampire

Not even a Name

Guy's real name was Paul. I am unsure if I should be shocked that, in all the months we knew each other, he never told me his real name, but he was always rather withdrawn with me, our interaction limited, something I can only regret now, and names have power. It should only be expected for one as cautious as him to be careful with simply giving it out. I shall plan for such in the future. Clay was disbelieving when I informed him of Paul's death, but quickly turned to ensuring I was unharmed and uninfected after hearing of my encounter.

I am honestly unsure as to what I should do from now on, Clay retains the contacts necessary to learn about targets, but without Paul our means of tracking the creatures are limited at best, and a full third of our number being lost drastically reduces our effectiveness in combat. The only choice we have is to search for more hunters to join us, as well as increasing our own eficacy in combat. Clay is more of the face of our organisation, so it falls to me to improve my skills... and to try and make up for Paul's loss.

I have added to my collection of runes a Rune of Regeneration, the magic coursing through it will significantly enhance my own recovery abilities, and will seal any open wounds or internal damge before it can worsen. In future, it should be possible to increase the runes power to accelerate the healing and allow it to heal greater amounts of damage.

2 years, 5 months ago: Bill Fisher wrote a Downtime Journal for Sanctuary

Farm House Downtime

   It's been two weeks since I was at the farm house. It still doesn't seem real. It's exactly what I was looking for...supernatural creatures were literally attacking us! This is what I was waiting for! Or at least what I thought. The pictures were fuzzy, damn it, if I only had an actual camera! Where was the farm? I look at my file, but this goes beyond anything I have. I don't know if these monsters are coming after me. I think about the  "friends" I made. Damien disappeared...I mean shit, what happened! Prosper was at the hospital, so I'm sure he's ok. How do I deal with my own life?

   The goddamn tabloids keep blowing me up. They want my stories on the supernatural. Why do I still bother writing for them? I was nominated for a fucking Pulitzer! If it wasn't for that brief encounter I would probably be living a great life. Now I sit here waiting for some string to connect what I saw...again.  I contacted some of the shadier people I've met and purchased a gun. I never thought I would need one, but after the farm house I want to be prepared. 

   I sit here wondering what happened to Prosper and Damien. Did they make it out ok? I'll probably not ever know. I won't be left with my pants down again. I have a gun with multiple clips. Hopefully that will get me through my next mess! What did I get myself into?

2 years, 6 months ago: Cyrus Storm wrote a Downtime Journal for Mushroom Hunt

"Meanwhile, Back From The Ranch"

     After returming from dustbowl Neveda, thrilled with his victory, Cyrus felt a surge of power come over him. After some time licking his wounds and reliving his first contract, he thought about how the next contract would be easier, better and bring more power. While setting out to find the next pretty necklace to steal, he began to realize the potential this new found power was giving him. Gaining access to places was becoming easier. Opening doors, locks and even safes was becoming as easy as a wave of his hand. He felt this power growing inside him and invested many hours honing his new found power and bettering his burglary skills. Always and even more so now with his ever growing confidence, he set out on the town to perfect his social skills as well. He practiced working every crowd he could find, he focused on new techniques and learned how to manipulate new and different "types" of people. He had usually stuck to the pretty ladies, but with his new power and confidence he realized that he could pull the strings of many people that he met. Cyrus took this opportunity between contracts to investigate and find new targets in new venues to satisfy his need to be the best jewel thief in the world. But he needed more power. The thirst for it grew strong in his gut. It ravaged his mind daily as he anxiously waited for that next phone call, chance meeting or deliberate contact. He needed that meeting! He desires more power!

2 years, 6 months ago: Cyrus Storm wrote a Contract Journal for Mushroom Hunt

City boy meets the Wild West

     Waking up on a bus in the middle of nowhere watching tumbleweed roll by was not what Cyrus expected when agreeing to take on his first contract. But that in fact was the reality of his situation. He woke up on a bus with two complete strangers pulling into a "one horse town" and no real idea of what he was in for. Fortunately for these three strangers, they found a note detailing the requirements for contract completion and then stepped off the bus. Ruka, the color blind creator took the first step in investigating the town and only proved to Cyrus just how small town and small minded the folks of Rachel are, as everyone was nervous or afraid of Ruka's abnomal physical appearance. The other member of this unlikely trio was even stranger, seemingly not even human at all. Nearly robotic in nature, he was calculating in his approach to the mission and Cyrus could respect that as he himself likes to get totally dialed in when working a job. After a brief investigation of the very small rural town, the group set to task to complete our mission with desires to get home as quickly as we could. Methodically working the problem, the trio found what they had came for and then preceeded to handle the cause and eventually eliminated any further threat to the local populous. Feeling thoroughly confident in the groups victory, they headed to the rendevous point and finalized the contract. Thrilled to be home and yet exhilerated from completing his first contract, Cyrus set out to take on the town and find his next prize.

2 years, 6 months ago: Ardis "Longshot" Hemmingway wrote a Downtime Journal for Werewolf Hunt

The Bodyguard

Beforehand Entry

I will begin to take my jobs on the side, as I will now be 

2 years, 8 months ago: Ayla Stella wrote a Downtime Journal for Scenario for Into the Deep

Ayla first job done and two maids worrys

Ayla is just part ways with knight percival  " good bye ms.knight l wish to see again" with cheerful face harbinger take her back home but she was injured ayla knows maids she try sneak in but she failed somehow with her extremely dexterity she should pass with but reality is hard sometimes specially for human? Like me but "muh" maid rosemary was waiting for me and l take second to look at hour it pass mid night and l was missing for two days she look at me with worry eyes " little moon why where you got to we worry about we know you can defend your self but at least give call" ayla was happy about her Adventure forget to call back ( she can't even if she want world she in almost all technology down she do not know that was bad ayla move) " rose l was doing job that can make my dreams true" rosemary look ayla injure "little ayla did you do something outrageous look at your injuries" ayla look down at herself and say "rose l have to do this l need more power to Prove my worth to world l can do something" rosemary sigh " just please take care of yourself l know this is your time to grow up find your place in this world even if your parents left you and l and lily still love you for whatever you are ayla l will try to not stop but know l will hate myself if you got hurts" moments of silence lily coming "ayla your back" taked min realize ayla is injured " ayla are you ok how hurt you that do not look like normal wounds you did fight something " she look concerned and surprised " tell did you got what your wants" ayla look her in eyes

"NO" lily:"than what you got " Ayla:"chances to see my wildest drams" rosemary" ok little moonlight got rest before that clean blood and  treat your wounds and got some rest" ayla did what she told to do she now sleeping few minutes after ayla fail to sleep 

"so sister will ayla be ok she look very determined to see this to end we should find something about what she did"

" no need lily she if will to tell us she totally do we know her kind personality let" 

both of them say in same time " let fate Guard this child"

The Lights Went Out was created by loroman1211 3 years, 1 month ago

Playgroup Leader

Messed up Future

Full Setting Description

The world was a wonderful place. People were prosperous and times were good. A moon base was almost complete. But then the electricity just stopped working. At first people though it was a solar wind or something like that. But things just kept getting worse. At first it was a great break from everything but then the famine and plagues came. Then the world went to shit. Nothing worked. Fives years later people are barley surviving the werewolves and vampires have now taken over. While mostly in the background as they vie for power. People are starving or toiling to their death. The world mostly looks like the middle ages but cars and skyscrapers everywhere. Misery and death awaits those in the cell. The world was turning and technology was moving at a great clip then the supernaturals came and fucked it up. No one knows why or how but they do blame and hate the supernatural. Vampires rose and werewolves stalk the land. Ghosts are common. The medieval ages have returned.. Technology stopped working. If it has a microchip it wont work. If it needs a power source it won’t work. I.e flashlights, computers don't not work. Guns misfire more often