Hunters world

A world Where the asteroid never hit earth millions of years ago.

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2 years, 8 months ago: Raul Saturn wrote a Downtime Journal for Ever-present Shadow

First Rune

Records have been consulted, and the resulting power granted at the end of the previous hunt has been used to refine my craftsmanship of a Rune of Holding. This rune will allow for the instantaneous storage and withdrawal of any item within limitations from an arcane subspace, allowing me access to throwing weaponry instantaneously, as well as allowing me to pass through secure checkpoints without issue. Further development possibilities should focus on increasing the number of stored items, as larger weaponry is not necessary at present. In the event that larger weaponry becomes necessary, research into expanding size limitations should still be relegated to a secondary priority, in favour of offensively focused runes. Additional research has shown that advanced storage runes are capable of suspending living creatures in time, including the occupants of entire carriages (note: look into vehicle licenses, advanced storage rune would make transporting an all terrain vehicle easy and convenient, and prevent being stranded in the event of mishaps with other runes, such as Teleportation).

Results of Training following the hunt demonstrated remarkable increase in results, indicative of supernatural tampering. Later downturn suggests further hunts will be necessary to continue improving. Confirm theories next time? Possible hostilities from the intruder are concerning, given their demonstrated ability to walk past all mundane and arcane defences in the training grounds, given the result of the last conflict I witnessed, it would probably be wise to avoid overt displays of aggression. By my Sword, May their blood flow Freely and Endlessly.

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A world filled with giant evolved monsters. Will you be the hunter or the hunted?

Hunters world was created by GreenAppll 2 years, 11 months ago

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13 the Wandering Hunter human
A 1-Victory Newbie Contractor

In a land of giant trees, vast oceans, expansive desert, overreaching hoarfrost regions, Mystical beautiful corals, deadly decaying coves, massive searing volcanoes, Infested with giant insects, snakes, lizard, and dragons. See legends itself being discovered. The flexibility of nature, how vicious mother nature truly is when she takes adaptation to its fullest potential. When evolution is taken to the extremity. Which will decide whether a beast should be killed off or gain superiority in hunting, are you the hunter or the hunted?

House Rules

Contractors from Hunters world Are portable, and may play in Contracts in other Playgroups.
Hunters world grants 6 Experience points to GMs who achieve the Golden Ratio.

If you hunt without a hunter license and are caught, you will be fined.

Drive will be for riding monster and driving boats

Animals will be for taming and befriending monsters

Academic is for human knowledge

science is for knowing the monster body and status and stuff

occult is history of the monster

no computer stats here.

Full Setting Description

Millions of years ago, a astreroid was heading for earth but instead it hit another and stopped eachother from hitting earth. Dinosaurs continued to live on and evolved. Humans eventually split into 2 races, the normal homosapiens and the wyverians, a group of humans where instead of skin they have scales and live for over 3000 years. Humans and wyverians both consider those older than 1500 years as archivers and perservers of old knowledge. The dinosaurs evolved into giant dragons, lizards that consume and devour, Giant pickles, rouge exploding birds, beast that can control the weather itself or influence the very essence that all living things use known as bio-energy. the land itself evolved in interesting ways, a land of giant trees, vast oceans, expansive desert, overreaching hoarfrost regions, Mystical beautiful corals, deadly decaying coves, massive searing volcanoes. The researches from the old worlds has discovered a new land. Search for what is causing this great movement of these mythical dragons and discover just how deadly the land itself can be. See legends itself being discovered.