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GreenAppll ran Clocking In

This Contract took place in Illuminated Tokyo on Jul 20, 2022 at 12:34AM

Illuminated Tokyo House Rules

Playgroup Rules

  • The Regional Tribunal of this Playgroup is SamrinSamrin, GreenApple, and Nice Ping. They have complete control over the setting and contractors but cannot home any Contractors in Illuminated Tokyo
  • Membership is open-invite, however you must get a Contractor approved in the Illumination discord server under the provided instructions in order to play in Tokyo, if you are porting a contractor from a different region please be sure to check with the GM before hand. 

Rules for Contractors

  • Tokyo Residency - Your Contractor must reside in the Greater Tokyo Area.
  • Anime Aversion - Your Contractor may take light inspiration from Animanga, but may not be a direct rip of such media. 
  • Supernatural Powers:  All non-mastery, non-concealed Gifts must be obviously supernatural when activated or grant a mutation that marks the wielder as supernatural or bizarre if discovered.

Rules for Players / GMs

  • GMing: Contract Writeups must be approved by atleast one member of the Tribunal before they are ran.
  • Canonical Contracts: All Contracts set in Illuminated Tokyo must be canonical and as such can only ever be run once. Certain contracts are exempt from this with a member of the Tribunal's approval.


Arakan Watanabe - Declined Harbinger Invite
Played by jwesley123
Mio Suzuki - Victory
Played by T3K

retconned to save

Ame (Raine) Aoki - Victory
Played by Iamangelofwar

Iamangelofwar has not yet used their Improvement from this Contract.

the one that finished the game

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