Completed Contract

Rainbowdragon1357 ran Serpent in Soho

This Contract took place in The Tattered Curtain on Oct 11, 2021 at 9:45AM

The Tattered Curtain House Rules

1) All Contractors begin with the Condition of Umar's Sight, which gives them the ability to see holes in The Curtain.

2) Native Contractors may not begin with the 'Gifted' asset.  Characters who start with this World as their home are human (or mostly human; some inhuman ancestry is definitely possible).  This means that some character concepts are just not possible with The Tattered Curtain as their starting home.

3) Visiting Contractors with Gifted are allowed, but be warned that the welcome from the locals may not be the friendliest if its easy to tell you aren't from around here, and relocating here comes with a lot of risk.


An NPC ringer - Ringer Failure
Played by lumiq

Also Secrets

An NPC ringer - Ringer Victory
Played by Strazhari


Adam ‘Skids’ Crowley - Victory
Played by RedlanternBlack

Adam ‘Skids’ Crowley has not yet spent their Gift for this Contract.

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