Completed Contract

Serpentail ran Ferrous wheel

This Contract took place in Reigns of Chaos on May 29, 2022 at 9:55PM

Reigns of Chaos House Rules

Deal with it: All gifts awarded in Reigns of Chaos must be generated randomly. Immediately after earning a gift in Reigns of Chaos the creation must be randomly generated on a live stream. You must take the gift as it was generated you may not change it's enhancements or drawbacks nor it's randomly generated parameters. You may ignore gift cost as well as Veteran and Seasoned locking in Reigns of Chaos.


A Little bit of Spice: You must fill out the non-randomized options for your power. This includes Activation Roll, Defensive Roll, Gift Name, Item Name, Visual Description, and enhancement/drawback parameters if relevant. These options must all make some amount of sense together. Post-customization powers must be posted in the_slots for approval. This is your chance to make the gift yours!


Interdimensional Weirdos: Due to the unique nature of gifts, contractors from Reigns of Chaos may not play games in other worlds and contractors from other worlds may not play games here.
Anarchical Rule: Anyone may host a game in Reigns of Chaos. Get out there and deal with these weirdos!
You Haven't Earned That: Contractors may not start with the gifted asset nor with a Charon coin. The only way to earn your first gift is to undertake a contract
Specific Cases:
  • Cantrip no longer level caps you gifts. If you get an 8 cost cantrip rejoice!
  • If you roll a power with no effect you must generate a different power to use. (For example an investigate power with no informational enhancement.)
  • Mythic attributes do not require you to purchase a five in their relevant stat.


An NPC ringer - Ringer Victory
Played by SamrinSamrin

Rooting Tooting Shootin

John Jones - Died
Played by NPboom

NPboom has not yet used their Charon Coin from this Contract.

Took to much punch

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