Commensalistic Assistance You are my eyes and ears

You possess supernaturally heightened senses.
Used by Valentine, Created by Oyasumi.

Darlin' slithers their way into the senses of Valentine, replacing them with more vile looking organs of pinks and blacks. Valentine's senses have been heightened to superhuman levels due to these new enhancements and giving them an edge over their future endeavors.

You gain the following benefits at all times.

Your senses are enhanced in the following way.

  • Smell: Your nose is highly sensitive and can differentiate between scents the way a dog can, as well as recognize things you have smelled before.
  • Hearing: You may hear sounds of sub- and hyper-sonic frequencies, allowing you to hear tiny things (mice, insects, etc) better, and pick up on the vibrations of massive things (earthquakes, atmospheric disruptions, etc) long before others.

Community Power Gifts

- {Chitari is talking} (Chitari is thinking) /Sara is thinking/ :Narrator is narrating: -

: Sara sat in her Goddess's mindscape, anxiously thinking through what actions she could take next, how she could get a grip on herself, a way to keep on going....... :

{....You've been like that for 3 hours now, Viper}

"I know, it's just....... I have no home, no one to go to within 10.... even 100 miles..... and then I have to watch my back for shapeshifting aliens, keep low so that the police don't lock me up, and complete contracts without..... the forest thing happening again...and- "

: Sara ranted to Chitari about any problem she could think of, venting out enough issues and trauma to keep a therapist busy for years on end :

(She really has gone through a lot, especially with the eye demon...... one of my best followers, and she's breaking down from all this......change...)

: at the thought of the word, Chitari remembered her previous follower, worshipping her and her ideals of cleverness, quick thinking, and the ability to adapt to change.
she gave her most loyal followers the name of Prophet and blessed them with a sliver of her essence. :

{Sara, do you think things are changing too quickly for you to keep up?}

"YES, I.... the moment things seem to have calmed down, some supernatural phenomenon or Contractor does something or vanishes into the Aether, missing for weeks or months, and trying to keep a home for even 4 months isn't possible, I've had to do so much in order to keep myself fed, healthy, and SAFE, and it seems to only get wo-"

{Do you want to be the one changing things instead?}

/Sara's downward spiral of a rant was paused by her Goddess's out of nowhere question. being able to make a change for once sounded amazing, but...../
"is that even possible? No Offense Chitari, but even with your help, It- I...... what can fix me"

{I can't fix you, but I can help you adapt}

Spend an hour to activate. Select a Living target within arm's reach. The target can easily Resist.

You may add one augmentation to your target. Each augmentation counts as a Battle Scar and can have exactly one of the following Effects:

  • Specialized: You receive +2 dice to a particular non-combat Action.
  • Environmental Adaptation: You do not suffer harm from heat, cold, pressure, or lack of oxygen in a particular environment, provided that challenge normally exists in that environment.
  • Implanted Tool: You have access to the functionality of some common Device at all times. The selected Device can be no larger than a motorcycle helmet.
  • Armor: You have 2 Armor at all times. As always, Armor from multiple sources does not stack.
  • Pouch: Part of your body functions as a hidden pocket. It can hold no more than a briefcase (15 liters).
  • Zippy: Your Free Movement is increased by 10 feet.

You may cure any Battle Scars you have created with this Effect with a Free Action on your initiative. They are healed over the course of the next hour.

Anyone who witnesses you during this Effect's activation will almost certainly be disturbed to see grotesque venomous creatures like snakes and scorpions swirling around Sara with exposed organs and bones, melting and molding Sara's body.

This Gift's level is capped at 2 Gifts and cannot be increased further.

Your alteration "heals" over the course of the next month, after which it is fully cured.

You may only target yourself.

  • Even with Willful End, Full Polymorphs take a day to revert.
  • When narrating disturbing content, be cognizant of your group's tone and accommodating to those who would like to "fast forward" through the description.
  • Remember: A Contractor’s Body rating is reduced by 1 for each Battle Scar after their fourth.
  • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

Because this power is dependent on Bob's belief in his acting, certain conditions can limit this power. Bob has to be able to act out his trick (potentially requiring rolls, especially for complicated tricks.) I myself have to be able to logically explain how his trick works. He can not simply lift something at a distance. He has to mime out a pole, or rope slung over something above. A glass of water would be beyond his abilities to simply lift at a distance.

Due to the fact that this is all based on belief, shattering that belief by playing along with it actually has an effect. If Bob is floating with an illusionary balloon, and someone targets the balloon, it will pop, ending the effect. Cutting a rope he is pulling will end the effect. kicking out the chair he's sitting on will end the effect.

His miming it an act, and hence sometimes takes time to do. Using his "Fishing pole" to pull an item to him in combat would take at least a round to set up, as he would have to mime out pulling out the fishing pole, setting up the cast in a way that shows it's a fishing pole, and then making the actual cast. GM's should keep this in mind, and are free to debate the length of time it would take to act something out like this. Bob does not simply pull something out of his pocket, he must make an act that lets people know exactly what it is he just pulled out of his pocket for it to have any effect. Picking up a "rock" off the ground and lobbing it at someone, probably doesn't need a lot of set up.

You gain the following benefits as long as Must Mime out the actions to explain the effect.

You can interact with things that are within 75 feet without needing to physically touch them or be near them. Any rolls made for Actions taken in this way use a Mental Strength of 4 in place of your Brawn rating, a Mental Agility of 1 in place of your Dexterity, and otherwise use your own Attributes and Abilities.

Telekinetic actions have the following restrictions and behaviors:

  • Line of Sight: You must be able to visually observe anything you interact with, and any actions that you are taking will end if their target moves out of sight.
  • Unarmed Combat: You can use this Effect to deal damage through unarmed attacks, grapples, and thrown objects. Attacks deal +1 Damage. Unarmed Mastery does not apply.
  • Weapons: You cannot wield weapons effectively in combat.
  • Fine Tools: You are otherwise limited to actions that a normal human could do with their bare hands.
  • Maintaining Focus: You must maintain Concentration while taking Actions in this way. If you are Injured or interrupted, you must roll Mind at Difficulty 9 to maintain Concentration. If you fail, you cannot engage in telekinetic actions for the next 6 - Intellect rounds.
  • Levitation: If you are strong enough to lift yourself, you may levitate up to within 75 feet away from the ground. Movement is limited to 5 feet per Round.
  • Multiple Items: You can only interact with one thing or take one Action at a time.

  • Any telekinetic actions which interact with Animate targets may require contested rolls at GMs discretion.

You gain the following benefits as long as only applies to reaching around corners and bends.

You are permanently and visibly transformed: ________. You are considered to be a Sapient, Living being when targeted. Your Dexterity is increased by 1.

Your appendages can reach an additional 30 feet.

You can squeeze through any cracks and passageways a cat would be able to.

  • You may stretch or retract your limbs once per Round on your Initiative.
  • Attribute bonuses from multiple sources do not stack. Instead the highest bonus is used.

You gain the following benefits at all times.

You are permanently and visibly transformed: a black shadowy smokey humanoid with a crooked smile and cruel eyes. You are considered to be a Sapient, Non-Living being when targeted. Your Intellect is increased by 1.

No single organ in your body is critical for life. If any of your body parts are separated from your body, you may take Actions with the severed part for three hours. You may reattach severed body parts by spending an Action and Exerting your Mind.

Your Injuries no longer degrade with time.

You may make a +2 Weapon Damage Soul Siphon (Rifle) attack without additional equipment.

Whenever you enter Combat, roll Self-Control. If you fail, you cannot choose which targets to attack and cannot stop fighting until there are no targets remaining.

You cannot be mistaken for a normal human. You cannot always use standard human clothes, equipment, vehicles, and facilities, and when you can, you suffer an increased Difficulty.

The Severity of any Injury caused by light is increased by 2.

  • Detached parts move at 5 feet per Round. You may activate awareness Effects through detached sensory organs. This does not grant extra Actions.
  • The increase in Injury Severity stacks with any similar effects, such as the Silver Bullets drawback on Regeneration.
  • Attribute bonuses from multiple sources do not stack. Instead the highest bonus is used.

You gain the following benefits at all times.

Your senses are enhanced in the following way.

  • Hearing: You automatically know the origin location of any sound you hear, and you can tell which Action caused the sound.

Stock Power Gifts

Exert your Mind and spend an Action. Select a Animate target within 20 feet. You must actively and obviously use a watch or clock to activate this Effect. Roll Intellect + Science at Difficulty 7.

If you succeed, the target will suffer a dice penalty equal to the Outcome for the next 2 Rounds. Dice pools may be reduced all the way down to 0 by this penalty. This breaks Concentration.

You may activate this Effect as a Reaction to contest any Action a valid target is taking, reducing their Outcome by your own. Your command has no impact beyond disrupting their Action.

  • This Penalty is not removed if a character Exerts their Mind to ignore penalty.
  • If a character has a dice pool reduced to 0, they cannot attempt that action.
  • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.
  • Your target must be within line of sight, or within range of another sense if more fitting for the Gift's flavor.

Exert your Mind and spend a minute. Select a Sapient target within 20 feet. You may select a target at any range if you use up fresh tracks of the target. At the end of your investigation, roll Perception + Survival at Difficulty 6.

You learn all the following information about your target:

  • You may follow the target's trail, no matter where or how they have traveled, so long as the trail is less than a day old.

The quality and specificity of information gained depends on your Outcome.

Any information you gather is revealed by illuminating the trail in a glowing light and made publicly available.

  • Tracker You are not made instantly aware of where they have been in the past 24 hours; you must follow their trail. You may "happen upon" any trail they have made in the past 24 hours.
  • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.
  • Your target must be within line of sight, or within range of another sense if more fitting for the Gift's flavor.

Exert your Mind and spend an Action. You must actively and obviously use a broom to activate this Effect. This Effect remains active for two hours.

As long as you are conscious, you are immune to falling Damage. Additionally, you may glide as you fall, traveling 35 feet horizontally for every 10 feet you fall. While gliding, you fall at a minimum speed of 10 feet per Round.

You may ascend into the air and fly using your mind. Your Free Movement is Mind x5 feet/Round, including vertically. You cannot Dash. When sprinting, roll Mind and add your rating in Mind plus 1 to the outcome, multiply by 5 to find your sprint speed. Your encumbrance limit is 10 lbs per point of Mind.

You are subject to the following effects while gliding or flying:

  • Earthbound: You cannot fly or glide in an atmosphere thin enough to be unbreathable.
  • Weight-Limited: This Effect is suppressed any time you are over-encumbered.

  • Any penalties to dice or movement, including from Encumbrance, are applied as normal. If your movement is reduced to 0 due to encumbrance, you will begin to sink down to the ground.
  • You may activate this Effect while in midair, allowing you to slow and survive any free fall.

Spend an Action or Reaction. Select a Creature target within 20 feet. The target may Resist.

You possess your target and have control over their actions for the next hour. Your original body will be left behind, unconscious, in its same location. You may perceive through your original body's senses, at a -2 penalty to all Actions while doing so. If your original body is touched, you get a Perception check to notice. You may spend an Action to end the possession early.

Stats: Any Actions you take will use the possessed creature’s Brawn, Dexterity, and Perception, but use your own Charisma, Intellect, and Abilities.

Gifts: You do not have access to any Gifts while you are possessing your target.

Death: If the host suffers an Injury, or is destroyed or incapacitated, you are evicted back into your own body. If the possession ends and your original body was killed or destroyed, you will die.

Eviction: You cannot force your host to take Actions which would violate their instinct for self-preservation (which includes engaging in Combat for any purpose other than self-defense or natural hunting); any attempt to do so will sever the connection and send you back into your own body. If you are forced out of the target's body prematurely, you must make a Trauma roll.

This Gift's Cost is capped at 2 and cannot be increased further.

  • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.
  • Your target must be within line of sight, or within range of another sense if more fitting for the Gift's flavor.

Exert your Mind and spend an Action.

You may move easily and without a roll in any of the following situations. Lasts 2 hours.

  • Spider Climber: You are able to climb on and cling to any surface without regard for the ordinary rules of gravity. You climb at your normal movespeed.