Completed Contract

SeedofEntropy ran Veterans Day

This Contract took place in The Void on Mar 17, 2023 at 9:15PM


Lilith (Lily) Weider - Loss
Played by TheSuperChrisb

Super Snoop!! also "All My Ex's live in Texarkana"

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Grace Cyanide - Loss
Played by lumiq

This worst baby sitting charge ever.

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Bill Fisher - Loss
Played by Kamulis

I'm going with the flow.

Edgar Stokes - Loss
Played by Strazhari

Double Feature!!! Adventures in Babysitting! followed by The Meeping Tank!

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Sara Gause Viper - Died
Played by NPboom

NPboom has not yet used their Charon Coin from this Contract.

Died so yong.

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