Completed Contract

CreepKit ran Witch Coven

This Contract took place in GA5-1921 on Mar 29, 2024 at 12:36AM

GA5-1921 House Rules

  • Under Contract: Gifts may only be acquired by Contractors by signing contracts with Djinn or Handlers and completing Contracts. Otherwise, they must be the result of curses, faith or other forms of occult worship/circumstance, not by happenstance.
  • Invoke the Contract!: Each player may, once per Contract, reduce the Difficulty of a roll by 2 by specifying an aspect or term of their contract narratively to the GM which would grant them authority in this case and gain their Djinn or Handler's assistance. However, if this is not convincing to the GM, they may increase the Difficulty of a subsequent roll by a number befitting the severity of their failed invocation.
  • More Bonuses!: Bonuses to the same dice pool do stack, unless granted by the same Effect. 


Rosolio - Victory
Played by GreyCrownedKi

Rosolio has not yet spent their Gift for this Contract.

Met Hecate and has signed away something

Frazier O’Neal - Victory
Played by mmmsquid

Frazier O’Neal has not yet spent their Gift for this Contract.

Socalised with some of the witches

Nikki Sparks - Victory
Played by geniebottle

Managed to knock out Rudolf

Benoit Beaumont - Victory
Played by lunaticwhale

Managed to read about Hecate and Wisney. Is liked by Invidia

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