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ShadyTradesman ran The Fundraiser

This Contract took place in The Illumination on Mar 07, 2021 at 7:05PM

The Illumination House Rules

  • This Playgroup is for two kinds of Players: new Players who are learning about The Contract and invested, skilled roleplayers who would like to play in The Illumination setting. 
    • If after a few Contracts we feel that you are not playing in good faith, not respecting other Players' time and energy, or otherwise aren't a good fit for the group, we will remove you from the group. Your Contractors will be returned to you as Free Agents, and you are of course always welcome to join other Playgroups or start your own Playgroup. 
  • Citizenship: Active Players are expected to GM Contracts from time to time. If you have played as a Contractor in your most recent six Illumination Contracts, you are barred from playing in The Illumination again until you GM a contract in The Illumination. (In other words the first six Contracts are free, but after that you must GM). 
  • GMing: All members of The Illumination are encouraged to GM, and no approval is required. Custom Scenarios likewise do not require pre-approval, though you should feel free to ask a Playgroup Judge if you have concerns about your Scenario’s content.
  • Supernatural Powers All non-mastery, non-concealed Gifts must be obviously supernatural when activated or grant a mutation that marks the wielder as supernatural or bizarre if discovered.
  • Live Play Only: Contracts and Side Games that require a GM must be conducted over voice, not play-by-post. This rule is intended to keep active Players roughly in-sync as far as the passage of time and to ensure Downtime activities are resolved in a reasonable timeframe. 
  • Consistency: Scenarios that have an impact on the setting can be run a maximum of one time, canonically. Further runs must occur in parallel dimensions that have no impact on the primary setting. 
  • Conflicts: Contractors who make it past four victories must have some conflict. Whether it be an enemy, acting on an ambition that puts them in conflict with the setting’s status quo, or something else. The Playgroup’s GMs will convene private meetings to plot conflicts and complications for Contractors. No GM (including the Playgroup judges and Leaders) are immune.


Bill Brenner - Loss
Played by BobDylan530

A zombie took a bite of his neck, and he lived to tell the tale!

Grace Cyanide - Loss
Played by lumiq

Ghost Girls are a little too exciting for this small town.

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Edgar Stokes - Loss
Played by Strazhari

Left as soon as the shit hit the fan. . . which was immediately.

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Alexis Veir - Victory
Played by coco

Sometimes it's a good thing to be likable and innocent!

Mary Alice - Loss
Played by Moonwing

Won in number of contestants eliminated, but didn't win the gift. :(

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Chamael - Loss
Played by Redchigh

Killed a worm, nearly died from a gunshot to the face.