Completed Game

ShadyTradesman ran The Fundraiser

This Game took place in The Illumination on Mar 07, 2021 at 7:05PM


Bill Brenner - Loss
Played by BobDylan530

A zombie took a bite of his neck, and he lived to tell the tale!

Grace Cyanide - Loss
Played by lumiq

Ghost Girls are a little too exciting for this small town.

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Edgar Stokes - Loss
Played by Strazhari

Left as soon as the shit hit the fan. . . which was immediately.

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Alexis Veir - Victory
Played by coco

Sometimes it's a good thing to be likable and innocent!

Mary Alice - Loss
Played by Moonwing

Won in number of contestants eliminated, but didn't win the gift. :(

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Chamael - Loss
Played by Redchigh

Killed a worm, nearly died from a gunshot to the face.