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2 years, 10 months ago: Grace Cyanide wrote a Downtime Journal for Scenario for The Circus

Feels Like a Hero Montage, Except, uh...

Dear Diary, 

We're getting better at this. Not necessarily the "games", like the liar in the top hat said, but living in the woods. Remember the beetle thing? We learned to grab bigger animals with it, and our normal traps get things more often instead of falling apart. I'm learning how the animals work, like what squirrels are from deeper in the forest and all jumpy, and which ones have been living closer to the city, more used to humans. We've gotten more books from Miss Gallagher, and we can read them faster... I figured out how to use an index and an appendix. It would feel a lot better, but...

I'm running out of the money I had when I was walking home from school a few months ago. I don't want to steal from people, even though my friend says she knows a bit about it, cause she knows a bit about everything after being around here for so long. I stopped risking getting candy in busy stores, but I can still pass outside the vending machines on the street, and pick up funyuns or snickers. I miss Mr. Goodbars, they aren't popular enough to put in the machines... 

What else? We decided to catch a raccoon and try to keep it. One of the ones that digs in the garbage and lives in the city. It hissed at us a few times, but we had Cheetos and I guess it really liked Cheetos, cause we got him to follow us back to a place we set up some blankets and bags where we keep our food. We got him to stay for awhile, but when we woke up, he was gone. I should have given him a yarn collar.

2 years, 11 months ago: Victor Green wrote a Downtime Journal for "Orange You Glad Your Alive"

Notes Log 2

Sam: Human, Male, Asian, approximately 8 years old, capable of hypnotic arts, owner of Snom.

Snom: Snom, Gender Unknown, approximately the size of a rugby ball, capable of detecting and being detected by Sam at any distance, squishy.

Sahir Haj: Human, Male, Middle-Eastern, War Correspondent, poor decision-making skills, reasonably fast.

Jose Contraras: Human Male, Hispanic, Strong Moral Compass, owns and is proficient in the use of a low-powered lightning rifle.

2 years, 11 months ago: Victor Green wrote a Downtime Journal for "Orange You Glad Your Alive"

Chapter 2b: Spellcraft Unlocked

Finished with yet another of the contracts, and moderately infuriated by the nonsensical nature of the magic butterscotch involved, Victor finally managed to return home. His bargaining with the elderly mystic known as 'Momma Ettu' had been going well, and their combined resources should be able to secure them the dog tags, finally allowing another avenue of research into the supernatural aside from simply reading his Grimoire and speculation, and even more beneficial would be the business relationship established with a much more experienced occultist, undoubtedly useful for when he moved on to the more complex, dangerous rituals described in the Dark Grimore. By far the best thing to come of his circumstances, however, was the fact that the state of accelerated learning had returned, Victor picking up on new skills far faster than he ever had before. Not wanting to waste any of what he now knew to be a temporary period, Victor swiftly began to follow through on pre-made plans, increasing his amount of exercise and studies of the occult, going so far as to reduce the time he spent sleeping to fit more learning in. Finally, Victor began the coup de grace of his studies, a new spell from the Grimoire. Calling upon the dark energies inherent to the Dark Grimoire, passed down through its many wielders along with the knowledge contained within, Victor shaped a needle-thin thread of the energies, and used it to draw upon the dark realm beyond that of the living. In a matter of seconds, the connection formed between Victor, the Dark Grimoire, and this plane of unlimited power, and a ball of Hellfire flared to life above his hand. Success had never tasted so sweet.

2 years, 11 months ago: Amarjeet Inderpal wrote a Downtime Journal for Scenario for A Date to Remember

Not Evicted Yet

My parents want me to move back to India.

I could, you know. It's not as if I have a great deal keeping me in London. And the Mob paid well for that unruly action in Tokyo...wonderful. I work for the Criminal Element now.

I left that part out of the weekly phone call with my parents. They're to good for that. have so much faith, in me, in God...I was like them once. It drove me to be the best, to outperform my (white male) colleagues...& what did it earn me?

The video of me failing to protect the Prime Minister has 400 Million views now. I'm sure it's making someone a lot of money.

Just don't read the Comments.


The Comments!

If I was a better person I'd let it just slide away...I wanted to be a better person. You know, as a Sikh girl growing up in England. It will make you hard, which it did, but I also wanted to be good.

Reading the Comments from the cesspool of Humanity makes me want to bash all their fucking brains out.

Britain is wise to not allow Civillians (even C.P.S's) to own weapons. I am proud to be British. God save the Queen & all that rubbish. The men here are only equally as stupid, piggish, & infantile as men everywhere else. I don't want to leave! Making a mistake should't end your career, right?

I say that, but the same mistake ended a man's life, didn't it?


2 years, 11 months ago: Edgar Stokes wrote a Downtime Journal for Scenario for The Circus

Fashion Sense

So, you might be wondering: How does one continue holding a job & the like when your face looks like a badger crossed with a hairless mole-rat?

Well, Union Strong, Baby! As a card carrying member of the Pittsburgh Sanitation Engineers Union, I only have to worry about a performance review once per year. I run my truck alone (which is kinda how I got into this mess, but still), & with my gloves & respirator on, I can just barely pass.

Helps that no one looks at the humble Garbage Man.

"Just taking out the trash, ma'am. Nothing to see here."

Also, I live alone (always have), & my lease is good. I pay my bills, never miss a payment, don't really go to the Saloon anymore...yeah.

That's how you do it. Movies on demand, Pornhub, Groceries delivered...

It's not exactly the High Life, but I'll take it.

I can go riding at night with a motorcycle helmet. Thick gloves help a bit, but the damn talons poke through...bought some oversized Welders Gloves & popped some Wine Corks on the tips...looks weird, but it works.

Other than that? A long grey scarf, hat, & my riding leathers.

As long as no one looks hard enough, it'll pass. Won't get me any dates, but nothing new there.

At least, till around this time next year. Can't show up in Pete's office wearing a respirator. On the deadline then...have that long to find a cure or at least some answers...but where do I look?

Wish I knew...

2 years, 12 months ago: Sam Yukimura wrote a Downtime Journal for Scenario for A Date to Remember

Loss of a Sword, Gaining of Family

(To outside readers, this is in Japanese. Any grammatical errors, spelling errors, or anything else is because the writer is 7 years old)

Dear Diary,

I just got a diary today! Mommy told me its something I can write in for practicing my Japanese. Mommy also said it can be used to write down cool things that happened. I still want to tell her all about the things I did before I met her but I don't want her to think I'm a bad guy like the scary man with the flower. I also don't know if I should go back to that place where I lost my sword. It could be so far away and I might never get it back! But the sword isn't important. What's important is Snom, who I love very much and always keep by my side. Mommy and Daddy also say that I have to start skool soon. I don't know what that is but it sounds fun!

Also I finally have a place to call home now. I live with my new Mommy and Daddy who seem to argue quite a bit. I want them to stop arguing and start focusing on the good things in life like I told them to! All they did at that place was argue and argue and argue! I hope they stop soon and dont go back to what they were like before I met them. But their my Mommy and Daddy now and I love them very much.

This ends my first ever diary entry. Maybe Snom can read it!

(After that, there's a little happy face)

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Full Setting Description

A modern day Earth where supernatural phenomenons are not uncommon but not seen in the publics eye. Jeremy Wesley has performed a contract and he has decided to prepare more thouroughly for the next one and that means gathering a crew. .............................................................................. If you have ever been to this cell it is easy to get back upon completion of your hiring process all Contractor gain access to The Buisness's assets per their status. Noobs and Novices are able to access the companies gyms, bars, nifty teleportation devices and living spaces if living among civilians proves impossible. Contracts are non-negoitible for employees. Veterans can attempts to climb the ladder into upper management which rumor has it is where you want to be. But nobody remembers ever meeting upper managment even during the hiring process. Any unauthorized contractors operating inside the cell not under employment of the buisness are to be eradicated at all costs to maintain the secrecy of the buisness.